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me again!!

Im here again! Still the same question regarding pregnancy, as u no i came of my pill in January, for the past 5-6 days i have been feeling sick (more so morning up until around lunch) and i have been so tired..also eatin everythin in sight.. i have took 3 pregnancy tests (sun, tues n yesterday) i no thats to many but was driving me mad why i feel like this and they r all negative. Today i feelin the same, my question is when should i test again, my period in jan came 27-30 feb came on 23- 27 and march 17-20 so going by these my period is due this week/next week i think, when do u think i shud test again? Im sorry for so many posts but i haven’t a clue!
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thank u xxx
I cant post on it it wont allow me :(
I had loads of false negatives with the 1st pregnancy. I was 9 weeks pregnant when I got my last false negative. Get to your Dr. Their tests are more accurate
thank u im gona wait to fri to see if my period cums and if it doesnt i will make an appointment, by sun it will be 28days from my last period x
There's usually little point in testing before your period is actually due. Yes, some women get positive early tests, but many more don't until later.

I'd say waiting until Friday before testing again is a good idea if your period hasn't arrived before then.

Good luck.


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first response offer early tests that can be accurate before your period is due.
You cant get a false positive but you can get a false negative :)
Just try relax and wait it out, trust me, I know its hard but the more you obsess, the more you focus on anything that could be a symptom.
I had a scare last year and drove myself crazy. I wasn't tho :) A lot of symptoms can be just pre period symptoms as well as pregnancy ones.
I was gonna say about you cant get a false positive, but you can get a false negative. Also going to the dr's and having a test there will be a lot more accurate! But yeah wait it out and see what happens :)

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