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Me bit food diary...


I joined this site a few days ago as I was googling syn values for various things and this site kept coming up, its great! The inspirational stories and pictures are AMAZING and they are definitely keeping me motivated and in the

I thought I would make best use of it and upload my food diary to keep me focussed. I am a bit of a stationery geek so I have a lovely new notebook that I record everything I eat, it fits in my bag too so I have no excuses!

Right here goes then! I am doing SW from home and I am allowing myself 10 syns a day.

Tuesday 19th July - Green
B: Cup of tea (didn’t have time to eat!)

D: Baked potato with a tspn of butter (2), cauliflower, broccoli and cottage cheese.

Snack: Iced Gems (5), plum.

T: Lean mince chilli (HEBx2), brown rice, cottage cheese.

Supper: Options hot choc (2) made with milk (HEA).

Total Syns:
9 (1 carried forward)

Wednesday 20th July - Red
B: Scrambled egg with bacon and asparagus, 1 slice of Nimble (½ HEB) and a cup of tea.

D: Leftover chilli with cottage cheese

T: Chicken breast and veg cooked in a chicken stock and crème fraiche (2) with 1 slice of Nimbe (½ HEB) and pasta (HEB)

Supper: Options hot choc (2), made with milk (HEA).

Total Syns:
4 (6 carried forward)

Thursday 21st July - Green
B: 2 weetabix (HEB) with milk (HEA)

D: Jacket potato with beans and cottage cheese

Snack: 2 mini party rings (2), small choc brownie (12), 3 cocktail sausage rolls (7.5)… was at my friends daughters first birthday party, this might look bad but there was pizza there and everything that I resisted!

T: Chicken (HEB) with pasta in homemade garlic butter (2)

Total Syns:
23.5 (minus 7 carried forward, actual sins is: 16.5)

Friday 22nd July - Red
B: Bacon, scrambled egg, mushroom and asparagus with 2 slices nimble bread toasted (HEB)

D: Banana and plum

T: Lean beef staks with veg sprinkled with mozzarella (HEA) and cottage cheese on the side.

Supper: Options hot choc (2) made with milk (HEA)

Total Syns:
2 (add on 6.5 that I went over yesterday, total syns is 8.5. Carry forward 1.5)

Saturday 23rd July - Red
B: 2 weetabix (HEB) and milk (HEA)

D: Apple and Banana

T: Homemade pork sausages with new potatoes (HEB) and vegetables sprinkled with mozzarella (HEA) and cottage cheese on the side.

4 Treble vodka and diet cokes (18)…(our son was sleeping at his grandma’s so we decided to have a few drinks in the house! Paying for it now though!)

Total Syns:
18 (Minus 1.5 sins carried forward from yesterday, total syns is 16.5)

Well, that’s it so far! I will update tomorrow with what I have had today and so on.

My weigh day is a Tuesday but I had a sneaky peak at the scales on Saturday morning and I’d lost 2lbs already! Lets hope by the time Tuesday comes round I haven’t put it back on again!

Thanks for reading and any tips or recipes you want to share with me please feel free!x
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hey jojo you have come to the right place its great here everyone so friendly :D do you find carrying syns over works for you?my consultant told me not to do that but if it works i myt try it cause some days i want more then others im not bothered :) xx
Hi Clair,

Thanks for the welcome! :) Yes I deffo find carrying forward works for me! I've done SW quite a few times over the years and I've always done it! Especially saving points up for nights out and stuff. There's quite a few people use their syn allowance weekly! Why not give it a try and see how it works for you! How long have you been doing SW for?x
i have been doing it on and off for cuple of months but only on my second week of been 100% well kinda :p lol xx
have to say your food diary sounds lovely! Ive 'stolen' a couple of things from it for next week lol

Good luck for your weigh in x
Thanks Missy, you too! I'm really chuffed you've 'stolen' a few things! :) just incase it's the chicken cooked in stock with veg I've just noticed that I forgot to write down I also have smokey bacon in that! Anyways I hope you enjoy! These food diaries are good for keeping things varied as I often find I start eating the same stuff all the time!

Clair I think this site has really helped me stay on track this week! I've been reading a success story every morning before breakfast and looking at the before and after pics sets me up with an "I can do it" attitude. Have you slipped up this week or is it your lack of syns if you don't use them all up?
iv not been well this week :( had tooth out went a bit wrong so ended up in agony so had a bit of what i fancied when if u no what i mean iv got a diary on ere had it month or so its kept me on track but then i went on hol and fell of the wagon lol but im bk on again now :)
Ooooh I feel your pain there chick! I had my wisdom tooth out not long ago then just had a really bad abscess the other week! No wonder you treat yourself! And I think it's really hard to follow any diet on holiday and I don't believe in stressing over what to eat when on holiday cos it's meant to be just that, a holiday! Hope your tooth is better soon luv!x
Monday 25th July - Green Day
B: Cup of tea

D: Jacket Potato with tspn butter (2), broccoli and sweetcorn sprinkled with mozzarella (HEA)

T: Beef mince chilli (HEBx2) with brown rice.

Total Syns: 2

End of week 1 and if you add up my syns for the week I am 1.5 syns over my allowance! Must try harder next week and deffo no alcohol! Oops! ;-)
Weigh Day... end of first week!
Lost 2lbs! :) Really pleased with that BUT i do think it could have been more had i not had so much to drink on saturday night! And also filled up on carbs on my green day yesterday so i do feel a bit bloated today.

Took my measurements this morning though so i am going to check those each weigh in day.

Plan for next week... More red days and less Syns and NO alcohol! x
Well, today was the first weigh day i've EVER had where I haven't had a treat/cheat! I've had a red day and only had 2 syns! Yey me!

I've just figured out how to upload pics using the iPhone app so for anyone who's interested here is one of my fave breakfasts... Scrambled egg, bacon, 1 slice nimble and asparagus! I think I might take more pics of my meals to remind myself just how yummy they are when I'm feeling like am gonna eat some rubbish!x


hi :wavey: jojo well done on ur loss have a good week x :)
Considering EE but never done it before!

Tuesday 26th July - Red Day
B: 2 poached eggs with bacon and 1 slice of toasted nimble (1/2 HEB)

D: Dentist! I totally forgot I was going so didnt get a chance to eat my dinner beforehand and half my mouth got numbed so i wasnt able to eat it afterwards either! So kept it for tea instead!

T: Leftover chilli

Snack: 1 Rich Tea (2)

Supper: 2 weetabix (HEB) with Milk (HEA), 2 babybel lights (HEA) and 1 slice nimble (1/2 HEB)

Total Syns: 2

I'm going to try and stick with red this week but i am thinking of giving extra easy a go next week so if anyone has any tips or can see anywhere i might struggle from my eating habits then please let me know! I'm an old Slimming Worlder so never done EE before! x
hi jojo i only ever done original days and found it hard at first following ee just didn't seem right if u know what i mean, i do a few of them now but sometimes struggle to have the 1/3rd superfree with each meal and i do like to have 4 h/e 's so i have been sticking to mostly red and green, am going to do more red days this week to see if it boosts my loss this week ( put 1/2lb on this week was totally unexpected) :cry:as you have a mix of meat and rice i think ee would suit u well xx
Yes! I know exactly what you mean! To mix free green food with free red food just doesn't make sense to me! The only thing I can think is that portion sizes might be smaller if you have to do 1/3 of superfree foods but I think I could probably manage that! I might give it a go next week. Good luck with your next weigh in, I know half a pound isnt much but it's still guttening all the same!

I'm currently in the process of making this... http://goodgobble.blogspot.com/2011/07/virtually-fat-free-cake.html?m=1
Eeeeeeek! Will post a pic of what it turns out like! Smells lovely if nothing else! Hehe!

Jo x
dmboanas said:
Hi jojo . Well done on the loss .. I started a week ago too..first W.I. tomorrow. That was an interesting idea about carrying syns over . If you cant do that , then there are masses of foods you would never be able to have . Im finding that filling up on free foods makes it easier to resist the less nutritional foods . Hope you have a good second week.
Hi dmboanas! Yes I do the same with free foods and usually save my sins for treats! Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow, do come back and let me know how you got on! I'm having a good 2nd week so far! Sticking to red as planned but I am def gonna try extra easy next week!x