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Me Extra Easy Food Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Saz85, 29 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Saz85

    Saz85 Member

    Hi Ladies,

    Looking for some motivation so I am going to post my food diary and would love to hear your advice/ input - particularly if Im going wrong :O



    Breakfast: 2 x Boiled Eggs with 2 x slice of small wholemeal loaf (HEB) with 2 teaspoons of lurpak lighter (2 syns)

    Lunch: Pasta Sauce - Cheese, Leak & Ham (Milk = HEA) No butter. Tin of baby carrots.

    Dinner: Thai Yellow Curry - Completely free and had with white boiled rice.


    Lunch: Pasta Sauce chicken and mushroom and baby carrots (1 syn and HEA)

    Snack: Roast chicken Pasta Mugshot

    Dinner: Lamb curry - made with a little cream so I'll syn this at about 4 although I'd be surprised! everything else free :) 1 x wholemeal pitta bread (would this count as HEB?)


    1 x Boiled Egg & 1 slice of wholemeal toast (HEB 1/2) with lunch (1 syn)

    Lunch: Home made soup (free)
    1 x wholemeal toast with butter (HEB 1/2& 1 syn) with lean ham slice

    Snack : Muller light strawberry yoghurt

    Dinner: Smoked haddock, baby potatoes, marrowfat peas


    2 x baby bell light (HEA)


    Breakfast: Melon

    Lunch: Boiled Egg and Wholemeal Toast (HEB) with Lurpak (2 syns)

    I'd really appreciate any thoughts :) xxx
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  3. Saz85

    Saz85 Member

    Continuing dinner last night....

    Tuna Pasta: Tuna in Sunflower oil drained, 1 tbsp. light mayonnaise (1syn?) and pasta

    Followed by melon and 2 packs of skips - bad girl!!! (8 syns)

    And diet coke - lots of it to try stop my food cravings :(

    Anyway cheekily weighed myself this morning and Im 2.5 pounds down :) I know this is nothing really however this is the lightest Ive been in a looooonnnggg time!!

  4. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    Hi menu looks good but I do have a few tips....use all of your HEB as it's intended to provide you with enough fibre to boost your weightloss and it's part of the plan. Wholemeal pitta can be used but I think only the ww ones I'm not sure. Also only tuna in brine or spring water is free and tuna in oil is very highly synned so be careful there. Make sure your having plenty of SUPERFREE too for example when making your tuna pasta or when your having breakfast add more SUPERFREE to those as doesn't look like you've had much! Apart from that I think it looks fine good luck :)
  5. Saz85

    Saz85 Member

    aw thank you so much ACH :) Im just doing online - can you clarify the difference between superfree and free?
  6. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    Yeh free foods are pasta, rice potatoes, lean meats, eggs, beans etc and then SUPERFREE is fruit and veg minus tinned fruit and minus starchy veg such as sweetcorn peas and beans. You musty fill a third of your plate with SUPERFREE at each meal to stop you from over loading on free foods. For example if you have pasta, fill a third of your plate with veg or salad first. When you're using your HEB and HEA it doesn't matter too much as they are already portion controlled. Also try to snack on SUPERFREE first before opting for free food snacks hope this helps :)
  7. Saz85

    Saz85 Member

    You're a star thanks a lot :) :)

    So my diary for Thursday:

    Breakfast: Melon

    Lunch: Pasta sauce (HEA)

    Snacks: Strawberries

    Dinner: Sooooo bad - I was at the hairdressers super late and was starving..................

    So I had a Chinese :O :O :O

    Salt & Chilli Chicken with Extra Veg and boiled Rice.

  8. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    Have you synned it up...might not even be bad some things at the Chinese are reasonably synned!
  9. Saz85

    Saz85 Member

    I haven't synned it - I'm not too sure how to but I weighed myself this morning and was a wee other one off :O :O

  10. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    Are you doing it from home or at group? If you have access to online look it up I know some are less than ten syns for 350g serves!
  11. Saz85

    Saz85 Member

    Im doing it all from home at the minute, although I definitely hope to join a group down the line when I have a bit more free time!


    Breakfast Melon again

    Lunch Pasta Sauce (HEA)

    Dinner Home made burgers with SW Chips


    Breakfast: Boiled eggs and nimble toast with lurpak lighter (HEB & 2 syns)


    Lunch: Pasta sauce


    Dinner :

    I made healthy kebabs - only ended up having one pitta worth of one buit was really good :)

    Then I had an evening do at a wedding and was drinking vopdka and diet irn bru all night long................


    Breakfast: Eggs and toast (HEb & 2 syns)

    Lunch: Pasta sauce

    Dinner: Salt & Chilli Chicken with boiled rice - so hungover and needed it :(

    Monday - WEIGH IN!!!!!!

    11 stone 11 pounds :) :)

    I am very happy with this as I have not been perfect as you can see - and that was a bad weekend so I am now going to change my weigh in day to a Friday as this makes more sense.

  12. Saz85

    Saz85 Member


    Breakfast: Banana

    Diet Coke

    Lunch: Pasta sauce Macaroni - HEA

    Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup Homemade

    Stir Fried Chicken with rice, sesame oil and onions and peppers mmmmmmmmmmm :)


    Walkers Pickled Onion Crisps (8 syns??)
    2 x Flumps (3 syns)

    Diet Coke


    Joined the gym woohoo!! Going to my first class tonight - fatburn Extreme - how bad does that souns?!!! :O
  13. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    LOL good luck sounds like torture. But that's why I like gym classes, when I'm in the gym I'm like sod it I give up whereas in a class you can't walk out so you work harder
  14. Saz85

    Saz85 Member

    ACH that is my way of thinking too - I cant even motivate myself to go IN the gym haha!!!!

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