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me in my 18 clothes (for Lauren)




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Looking good!

Well done Moleymole:happy096:
couple more

couple more


Looking good!

Well done Moleymole:happy096:
thank you - hard to believe those clothes used to be tight !!
Wow!! Time to chuck those clothes out methinks! You are no longer that person xx
they are in the charity bag :) trouble is I have nothing left in my wardrobe hardly lol - taking hubs shopping when he is home :) x
we should start a clothes rotate on here - everyone work out who is just ahead(or below) and post them onto them...that said a size 18 for me is still a distant dream
I am quite happy to send any of my clothes to anyone - a lot of them are nearly new so would rather see them go to someone I know x
Set up a "clothes swop" thread and ask one of the mods to put it as a "sticky"?
clothers swop brillent idea me thinks!!! goo idea goreygirl!!
I'll start a thread then and ask a Mod to sticky it.


My husband = My hero
Hahaha u look like your in a clown outfit!!!

My god lady you've changed!!! Amazing

So so proud of u xxxxx
Yes clothes swap will be good... Girl you look amazing. Congratulations x