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  1. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    Hi there, a quick intro to me. I did the Cambridge Diet back in 2006, I lost 4.5 stone in around 4 months. Felt brilliant for 2 years, became a CD Consultant and with a Christmas and a holiday quite close together put on a little, and then as you can guess, a little more. Another Christmas another holiday, and more gained. I still used the products all that time, but seemed to be in and out of the diet and have now gained too much back and want to give in a proper. A no mucking about go again.

    PS I have never professed to know everything about VLCD, I think we are always learning and I'm always open to advice and suggestions from other dieters. I want to follow on here just like you and as a newbie :)

    I still work in the Diet Industry with the KeeDiet and years on still have my lovely !! 2 stone to drop. I have so much going on this year that I really want to do this. I tend to do most of my eating in the evening, when tired, during the day I am perfect, always struggle with water but can control. I do believe however that my calorie intake is low and that I should lose weight, but because I'm not, I've decided to join a plan. After CD and now still using some KeeDiet products through the day I am not hungry and my calorie intake is low, possibly around 1000 - 1200 at most.

    Working in the dieting environment is both helpful and difficult. I have chosen to come on here as I really want this to be about me and separate from my job. With VLCD diets I see and speak to people everyday that are experiencing great results and are really happy, and although I loved CD products, the KeeDiet ones are just as nice and I know I can do it if I only give myself the same support and advice :). So please don't judge me, I believe we all know what we should do, sometimes it's just difficult to carry that through :)

    I have decided to follow the KeeDiet 800kcal Social Plan, 3 VLCD Total products and an evening meal of eg chicken and selection of permitted veggies. I decided on this one rather than the full VLCD as I'm older now, kids have grown and I do eat out more often and don't want to give that up.

    So here's the start of my personal count down to drop 28lb, I'm happy to take it slower this time, happy to have a constant lose on my scales and realistic that with my low thyroid and age it makes it harder but not impossible ;)

    So hope it's ok for me to be on here, if not I'm sure I'll get booted off :) but hoping not xx

    15.5.2014 - On a mission to drop 28lb
    22.5.2014 - Dropped .......
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  3. martine125

    martine125 Full Member

    Good luck with your journey. x
  4. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    Thanks martine125, exceptional first week weight loss, are you on VLCD, you must be with that result :).

    I'm not expecting that, even when I did the Cambridge Diet Sole Source Plan my weekly weight loss was much lower than others. I seem to be one of the unlucky ones, that can gain quick - lose slow :(


    Well here's my first logging and I survived day one, think I'm gonna try and do this daily report, so I can keep track of myself, yesterday went well, food choices were spot on, but must drink more water. I find this is the thing I need to concentrate on and lack of water is what pulls me off.

    I'm not a lover of cold water, so today I'm gonna, Drink minimum of 1.5 by lunch, then tea break will have a large cup of hot lemon water flavouring, which will break the back and drink rest through afternoon and evening. That's my plan :)

    Breakfast - KeeDiet Total Strawberry Shake
    Lunch - Total Pasta Carbonara
    Dinner - Piri Piri Chicken, Broccoli, Roasted Green. Peppers & Courgettes,
    Snack - Lifestyle HP Peanut Caramel Bar
    Skimmed Miik in 2 Tea - 1 Black Coffee
    1.75l of water (note to me .... Must do better)

    Bring on DAY 2 :)
  5. martine125

    martine125 Full Member

    Congrats on good first day. yeah I,m doing shake that weight for 12 weeks then will refeed then see if i can carry on maybe 4 week goes at a time until just above target weight. Thinking then may go to a club like weightwatchers to get to target then maintain and ensure that i eat healthily as i dont want to pile it back on xx
  6. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    Hi Martine125, great plan, sounds like you've got it sorted :) you'll lose loads in that time, what's your fav flavour, I think they use the same manufacturer as us, and your idea of going to WW club is great idea for refeeding, just don't get caught up on the WW products, generally high in sugar or carbs but recipes are generally really lovely and will keep you head in the right place :) I found after VLCD I went low carb lifestyle and still now if ever I overload and have a carb high day, I get cramps.

    MY DAY 2
    Water was so much better, well done me... Although I think the warm weather helped :) Feel less bloated already, which is a great motivation early on, but promised not to weigh until next week

    Had my snack at around 3ish today with a large coffee, was delicious and one of my favs, meant to eat just one square, but couldn't resist the second one as usual and enjoyed it just as much as the first :). Just felt a little tired and need of something sweet. Stopped me going home and nibbling whilst cooking, though so worked.

    Bought this great little kitchen gadget from The Range, a Pod basket, brilliant and cooked fish perfectly and so easy to clean

    KeeDiet Total Banana Shake
    Total Thai Soup, really spices so hit the spot
    Lifestyle Hp Vanilla Wafer
    Poached Cod, spinach and paprika cauliflower
    1 tea / 3 coffee
    2.25 litre of water ... Yippee

    Not on support duty this weekend so really hoping the warm weather we have been promised keeps me on the right track. Hubby is working lates, and always find those the worst as too much time on my own in the evening near the kitchen :) early to bd and gonna plan a pamper night for me I think :)

    (Note to me..... Plan my evening meal in the morning and don't buy anything that I don't want to eat at the supermarket, that way I can't cheat. :). Sugar free jelly Totally good idea. remember to buy some and then make it :)

    After that feeling positive for Saturday :)
  7. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    DAY 3
    Well I survived, ham salad & lots of cucumber, my let down was 2 new potatoes and about 4 carrot sticks, 2 strawberries instead of the dessert I still thinking that was good and counting it is a success ;)

    I had water and throughout the day drank 3 bottles of 75cl water and more at home, had my bar in the evening with a large coffee ;)

    Today I'm out again, this time with hubby so my test is gonna be a glass of wine in the sunshine ! Always something to give up for something we want :). Gonna say that to myself as I order water. Ha hope it works ;)
  8. martine125

    martine125 Full Member

    Well done so far. xx I dont really have a favourite flavour at the moment like them all which is good as givesme variety. xx
  9. -Rhino-

    -Rhino- Member

    Hey dontjudgeme, just popping by to subscribe. I will be starting a mainly shake based diet once it arrives in the post :)

    I look forward to seeing your progress keep up the good work! the first few days are always the worst! so you've made real progress already x
  10. colleen19

    colleen19 Member

    Good luck x
  11. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    Thanks. Guys, I am struggling these last couple of days and this seems to be my routine for last couple of attempts, so a bit frustrated at the moment, I think it's very difficult when you've done it so well the first time and then a couple of times thereafter. I just need to get in the groove, I'm considering going all Meal Replacements for a week and see if I can just get this shifted ASAP.

    Luckily I don't need too lose as much this time, never put it all back on, just struggle with a stone. When I lost first time I was in tears quite regularly after slimming club and was so down about my weight I had the drive to do 100% no food and didn't eat for just over 3 months. Not one bite. Now it's just a stone really or two stone, would be ace, and I'm I finding it hard. Stomach seems to win the battle over brain.

    I have my favourite flavours and use The KeeDiet products, generally Banana, Strawberry are my two favs, I loved the Cambs Choco Mint, but it was the only one I used to have, apart from the tetra briks chocolate one one. I think I overdosed and since stopped using Cambs can't seem to get to grips with that flavour now because of that I think. I defo prefer Keediet soup so though, didn't like the cambs ones and the new pasta meal I really like, had that last night. So I'm really doing it half hearted at the moment and alongside other foods.

    So stayed the same up to yet, what I deserve for being inconsistent. Another fresh start for me today, don't mind saying 'another' because I've not failed as not given up, I'm on a journey at the moment waiting for the train Ha :). then I'll be off :). it's Got to arrive soon, feels like I've been waiting ages :))))

    Thanks for your support, and hoping you are all getting the result you want, you can be my inspiration xx
  12. martine125

    martine125 Full Member

    Well done for not giving up. Its so easy to let one weak moment become the norm and for the weight to all pile on. The fact that you have managed to keep weight off is great and because you now have less to lose it will be harder. I am the same when I think about it when something is completely new you go for it all guns blazing and I do think it is harder 2nd or third time around. You defo have not failed, you are on a scenic route at the moment and the express will be on its way soon:girlpower:x
  13. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    Hi Martine, defo like that "Scenic Route" ha !!

    Am defo struggling and maintain mode it seems, was doing great yesterday until my teenage son decided he didn't want to revise on Study Break !! But take a break ! After a lengthy text war I grabbed a HP Lifestyle Van Wafer and gobbled much earlier than I should of. Which then left me short for the rest of day and my plan sort of went out the window.

    Try again today, not giving up, I know it will happen, fingers crossed :)

    Hope you are keeping on track, on the KeeDiet forum a newbie just halved a Choco and straw shake, which are same as STW, so if you like mixing things up have a go, said was delicious, so gonna see if someone wants to share with me today :).
  14. martine125

    martine125 Full Member

    Ha Teenagers!

    I feel as if i am constantly asking my son, have you studied? What have you done? How long for lol x Physics Higher today and Computing tomorrow then he is done thank goodness(Till next Year) lol xx

    Mm sounds like a plan to mix things up xx

    Good luck for today sending you positive thoughts :superwoman:xx
  15. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    Wow, you have a bright boy. Mine is resiting GCSE, a really bright, cheerful and endearing person, with bags of confidence and common sense but really struggled at school, not interested at all, found it boring and switched off. Teachers sort of just gave up really. So another year at sixth form to get his main GCSE for an engineering apprenticeship he wants to do. He just gets sidetracked so easily, he is studying, but I don't think enough and ooh you could shake them sometimes as say "You'll be sorry" problem is I just don't want him to be sorry, so like you say its constant at the moment and an air of tension.

    3 weeks and all over for me. :553:

    Well diet based, maintaining, no gain no loss. Still wake up each morning and have my shake, never lost this and still enjoy. Think you get so bored with cereal and as bread is a trigger food for me, I avoid like the plague :). Lunch time at weekends I generally have a bar, I love the peanut and caramel ones keediet do and as from their HP Range have got about 18g protein so really filling. And then my dinner, which does have carbs and bits on it.

    Im out at a 50th next week, meeting up with lots I haven't seen for years, So my mission is to do Monday to Friday and feel less bloated and just loose an inch to make my stomach a bit flatter in my dress :)

    PS another mix up you could try is Banana and Caramel for a Banoffee, not sure if STW do caramel but this one gets lots of thumbs up to :)

    Keep up the good work, and watch this space with me, hope peeps don't mind that I'm not doing as intended, but I've not given up, just need that Golden Moment and I'll be off xx
  16. martine125

    martine125 Full Member

    I think its hard for the kids at school, there is so much pressure on exams and studying. I hope your son gets his apprenticeship as that would be a really good career to be in.
    I think i am lucky that my son quite likes the school and hopefully he is going to university to do computing, but :)sometimes i think he has brains but no common sense!! lol xx. He has a weekend job now as well so he is enjoying earning some money of his own.

    Maintaining is much better than gaining and i am sure you will start losing when you are ready.
    Good luck for the week to come and enjoy your 50th, you can do it!:)
  17. martine125

    martine125 Full Member

    I was having a look at the keediet and have ordered some samples of soups and prepared meals to try. It should be okay to mix with the shakes from shake that weight? Thought they looked nice and would give me another option if i am struggling with the shakes. I dont think my will power is strong enough yet to make my own low carb meal whilst staying within limits so maybe prepared meal be easier? x Will give it a go x
  18. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    Hi Martine125 sorry didn't answer quicker, been so busy at work with the Bank Hols, got home and collapsed :). Yeah totally fine, most of the shakes are from the same manufacturer I believe and our soups are delicious, the curry noodle soup is new, it's selling well but not one of my personal favourites, although I love the pasta carbonara? Nom Nom.

    It's strange how we think we have a sweet tooth and then when you only have sweet you crave savoury LOL. Hope you enjoy them, and if you have any question just shout.

    I've actually just weighed myself and lost 3lb this week, so really pleased, I think I focus so much on what I think I've overrate that I forget to realise I'm still using 3 products each day and really only eating one meal and a few little bits, but even those aren't really bad, ie cream cakes, biscuits and sausage rolls that I could easily of eaten, instead cucumber and humous this week was my vice, but that's gone now.... Hehe xx
  19. martine125

    martine125 Full Member

    thats great 3lb off x. havent had a good few days, been off plan:( but products should be here today. So going to suck it up have a good read at the info , refocus and start afresh tomorrow. x
  20. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    Being a good KeeBee

    Sorry not been on, life took over, my youngest son has started revising on study leave for his exams and have been helping. God it's brain tiring :)

    Well my good news is that I sought fell into the KeeDiet Rapid Burn Plan on Monday, daughter was going for it as fed up with her weight and a girly holiday looming so I said do it together. I think it gave me the kick up the backside I needed, so since Monday I have been a perfect KeeBee :)

    Had a naughty weigh yesterday and lost 7lb and that was in just 3 days. I'm not taking all the credit for that and think its most prob more around 4-5lb because I had a last meal on Sunday which was a Chinese so weighed heavier Monday morning. But can't deny it's lovely seeing the scales go down so much and really motivated me to continue :)

    So chuffed with myself, and if not bring bad luck on myself and I don't know why......But I am really finding it easy this time. it has just clicked and Have sailed through these past days :bounce:

    Long may it continue and my first week weigh is Monday :)

    Write soon xx
  21. Dontjudgeme

    Dontjudgeme Member

    Wow, I should know that the Kee rapid Burn VLCD is brilliant, but just got on scales this morning, and have lost another 1lb so now in total dropped 8lb since Monday 2nd June. Really clicked this time and know I am gonna be so much happier on holiday a stone or two lighter. Feeling Chuffed

    How you getting on Martine125, hope products arrived and you are back on track :)

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