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Meal Ideas. Please help


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Decemberbride Im the same. I keep getting stuck on what to have!

For lunch today Im having:
wafer thin ham 1pt
2 slices brown bread 3pts
LF mayo 2pts
Salad (carrot, peppers, lettuce, onion) 0pt
LF Yoghurt 1pt
150g strawberries chopped into the yoghurt 0.5

I did have this yesterday too so Im looking for something new for tomorrow!
That's what I tend to do Louise, stick to the same thing all the time.

I think I just need to plan my meals properly. I suppose with the raise in the cost of everything, we wont be able to afford to eat soon, and we'll all be slim!

Couscous is a good thing to make, and is really filling.

How about crumpets for breakfast only 1.5 each.
lunch time i have hovis wholemeal bread 1.5 each slice with have and piclke and ww yog!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Im no healthy umm type menu person but here what i normally have lol
cereal 2.5
two bread 3.0
wafer think ham 1
mayo 0.5
mushrooms 0
all done in the george ! a toastie mmmm

jacket 2.5
prawns 2.5
mayo .5
salad 0

ww crisps 1
ww bar 1.5
apple .5

this is probably what sort of menu i eat the most altho ive found that tesco healthy living fresh tom and basil soup is 3 for the whole pot! which is huge so that and ww bread would make a cheap meal!


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I nearly ALWAYS have mushrooms on toast with cherry tomatoes for brekkie, its the only thing that fills me up until lunchtime, otherwise im picking by 10am.

Lunch i dont really plan, sometimes if im busy i will just have a bag of crisps and some fruit and if im busy i dont notice its not much, if im sitting down to eat i try and have sandwhich or some pasta with WW tuna mayo because dinner is where i spend loads of points. Tonight im hvainf pasta carbonara with mushrooms, new potatoes and salad. ( its yummy )


Me on the right! x
I always have the same lunches but they are yummy... try to go carb free at lunch too as I end up sleepy in the afternoon.
These are my favourites:
* Houmous (3) with carrot, pepper, celery sticks - maybe an oat cake (1) if I need some carbs - only 3/4 points if you get low fat one and have a third of the tub
* Greek salad - feta cheese (3), few olives (2), salad (0), seeds (.5) and beetroot(0) - and its huge so keeps you full til dinner!
* Wraps - houmous and sliced pepper with salad (not sure what points a wrap is as I only started yesterday and haven't had it yet!) :)


Me on the right! x
Muller light - 2 points apparently... xx


Me on the right! x
I just had a dilemma.... went to gym before work and did 20 min run then hour of weights - so I gained 4 points for the day... then I get into work and there's Krispy Kremes in the kitchen!!
So I googled 'Krispy Kreme Weight Watchers' and they're 4 points each!!!
So do I have the doughnut and waste my efforts of having to get up at 5am to go to the gym or do I be good...... hmmmm..... be good and save the points for a G&T tonight! Ha! x


Me on the right! x
yeah I'm def gonna.... just tucking into my muesli now to keep the temptation at bay! :) x
Thanks for the wraps points - quite high but VERY yummy and they do keep you going for a while. Especially the amount of filling I stuff into mine! :)


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I use the frylite for my mushrooms, its only about £1.50 ish and tbh i dont point that cos you only need a few sprays to stop them sticking in the pan and then a few sprays midway through if you want to.
Thank you - will def get some LF spray.

Can I ask which museli people have and how many points. I really fancy some but it all seems really high points to me.

thank you

I did make a great 2 point sandwich! I use crusts away (kingsmill) bread which is only .5 and a time of ww tuna mayo which is 1 point and loads of cucumber in it. Was delicious and I can't believe only 2 points... I am loving ww



Going From Flab to FAB!
mmm i quite fancy trying museli but not sure which sort to go for! as i have a sweet tooth and dont fancy eating rabbit droppings lol

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