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Meal ideas

Hi all,

I'm starting to get a little frustrated now. I've been doing this for only 2 weeks, but I'm starting to find it hard. I'm using all my points but I'm still feeling hungry. I'm hoping maybe you can help me with some filling meal ideas.

I'm on 26 points per day and my typical menu looks like this:

Breakfast - Shreddies or shredded wheat with a WW yoghurt

Lunch - 0 point soup and bread or a WW meal, veggies and bread

Dinner - WW meal, veggies and maybe a few potatos or chicken breast potatos and veg

I tend to have a WW dessert too.
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try oatsosimple for breakfast - you can buy the packets with the sachets in and they're so handy - i've recently swapped from normal cereal to them and they're really tasty and dead filling for only 3 points for your oats and milk.

why not try and move away from WW meals? I think they are lovely, but they are tiny portions.. do you like / have you tried quorn mince? You can make a lovely, low pointed chilli con carne or spaghetti bolognese with that - its only £1 a frozen packet at asda atm, and half a pack is only 2.5 points, and you get double what you would of normal mince for less points.

from looking at your menu, i cant see that coming to 26 points? you seem to be having a lot of the same though, so variety will probably help - instead of 0pt soup for lunch, why not try a different soup - batchelors do low fat mushroom / chicken soup at 2 points a tin, and it gives you a really decent amount, or some of the Heinz big soups are lovely - my favourite is the beef and mushroom at 3 points a tin - its gorgeous and much more filling i find than any soup i can make at home..

hope that helps xxx

Like Rach, I can't see that lot coming to 26 pts per day. I only had 18 and I seemed to eat way more than that!!

Typical day for me would have been:

Original oatsosimple made with water (1.5) with 15g raisins, 5g cashews and 5g sunflower seeds (1.5) then big dollop of greek 0% fat total yogurt (0.5).

An orange (0.5)

Alpen light bar (1)

Lunch: 0 pt soup, WW meal (4) loads of free veg

Dinner: Quorn curry with veg (4) with WW naan bread (1.5)

Dark choc bar (2.5)

1/2pt skimmed milk (1) for coffee

You could then have another 8 points on top of that!!! Thats 32 satsumas if you wanted.....xx
I'm definitely pointing my food correctly, I'm using the calculator....

Maybe I need to cut down on my orange juice and apple juice and save the points for food....xxx


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I gave up drinking juices when started ww. On 18 points a day I cannot afford to have a glass of orange which wont fill me up. I think you got a good idea to stop drinking up your points.


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I am too, but when I think what I could have for the same points value which will fill my tummy for longer:) But it doesnt mean you need to give up. Try maybe cut down or mix juice with water to cut down on points. x
maybe dont give up you juice if you really like it-cut down or just have it once or twice a week, nothing should be banned on ww. I like egg on toast for breakfast some days, cereal others fruit and yogurt others, variety is definatley the key

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