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Meal Layout


I am new to this forum and I am seeking advice.

I used to be into workouts but not so much diets but now I want to get back into workouts and also combine it with a proper diet.

I have worked out my Calorie Maintenance level and how much of that should be protien, carbs, fat.

I also have some foods in mind I want to try but thing is....I am a very crappy cook :p

I am not a variety man, I can eat the same thing everyday :)

So my plan is to have:

Breakfast: Bran flakes with banana every morning at 7

Gym :) 8/9-1030

Brunch?: Oatmeal/porridge at 11

WORK :'( 1200-1800

Actual Lunch: Sandwich of some sort? Chicked breast with lettuce cucumber tamato around 2ish

HOME!!! :D :D 1815

Dinner: The hard part, I cant cook!!!! I dislike fish but willing to try. I also can eat chicken and do not mind pasta/rices.

My main concern is are things like jar pasta sauces good for you? basic tomato/basic, is packet chicke mixes bad for you? is packet curry mixes bad?!

If they arent bad for you i can easily cook some chicken in a wok and fire it into a pasta mix right out of a jar :p

If not I am stumped.

What simple yet fulfilling dinner can I have thats simple to make and relevent to my diet =

2600 Calories/day
58 grams of fat (522 cal)
96 grams of protien (364 cal)
Remainder of calories should be carbs

Correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

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sorry i know this thread is a few weeks old but thought i might aswell post for anyone new looking...

This website has some lovely pasta recipes and sooo east to make, the cheats pasta sauce is my fave..
Pasta | Recipes | Jamie Oliver (UK)
alot of recipes can still be cooked just use alternatives for certain ingredients.

It is always good to mix up your food when dieting so try to have at least one different meal every week! x
I think stir fry is the way forward here! Choose ur meat add some garlic chilli ginger or pinch of Chinese 5 spice chuck in loads of fresh veg and a splash of water. You can add rice/noodles if you want the carbs. the pre packed stir fry veg packs are in every supermarket and portion control is really simple!!
Get a steamer and steam your veg, fish/chicken. Or else boil hot water into a pot, put a collander over it, stick your veg in the colander and that steams them. Put a lid over the collander though.
Steaming's better than boiling-with boiling, all the nutrients go into the water!

Ratatouille is easy to make-put cooking spray on your cooking tray, then put chopped aubergine, red and yellow peppers, chopped courgette, red onion into it. Put cooking spray over the veg so they dont stick to the tray or go dry. I had a recipe that said put 1tbsp balsalmic vinegar and 1tbsp wine over that but you don't necessarily have to! They will take about 30 mins to do, depending on your oven.

You can then boil pasta (takes 15min) or bake potato in microwave (2min) or serve with salad. Drain the pasta, then put cooking spray on a pan, then add 40g dried pasta, half can of canned tomatoes, your roast veg, 1tsp tomato puree, 1tsp dried basil and stir together for about 5min. Season with black pepper and salt.

If you like fish, squeeze lemon and dill (dried or fresh are fine) over it, put it in tin foil, wrap the tin foil around it and leave in the oven for 30 mins. Serve with steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower etc. Whatever veg you like really. :)

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