Meal On Saturday


I ate my willpower!
Hi All

I have lost 4lb's this week!! I am pleased with it and thought that if I started on the bars, that I would have a slow week. I was reading the back of the bars and they are quite high in carbs which could contribute towards water retention but not enough to kick you out of ketosis. My CDC says she always has better results when clients just stick to the shakes and soups. I have got all soups this week cos I love them. Anyways......

I am off out on Sat for a b'day dinner. I have looked at the menu and have decided on plain girlled chicken breast with a small side salad. I think that neither should take me out of ketosis so I should be ok. I may even not bother yet - it depends on the day but I won't be tempted to have any chips!

I also had another tattoo today - just a little one on the inside of my wrist!
Hi Sarah - I hate to see posts unanswered!!

That is so fantastic that you lost 4lbs - and I never even thought about sticking to shakes and soups to lose more weight, makes sense really doesnt it? I might try that next week.

You are going to do better than me this weekend - salad and chicken sounds delicious.

Its my birthday on Sunday and I am having a day off, Im going to an indian restaurant!

I dont have much to lose so am not worrying really. Back on it on Tuesday.

Congrats again on the loss, its the best feeling isn't it!

Hi Sarah

4lbs is a great loss and it sounds too like it has given you a boost you sound so upbeat. I stuck to soups and shakes for the first about 10 weeks on CD I love them too. I introduced bars after that just for a change and for something to chew from time to time but I only like the peanut and cranberry ones and still prefer the soups and shakes. I think it's good to stick to them if you can.

You are good to be planning the meal out in advance as spontaneous eating is a slippery slope for myself and many others. i hope you have a good evening and enjoy your new tatoo too.

Dizzy x