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Meal Plans whilst on Xenical


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I think its a good idea i struggle sometimes to come up with different ideas and end up having the same stuff alot! I dont wanna get bored so ideas from everyone else will help loads

Yesterday i had

Breakfast- Bovril on toast
Lunch- Ham salad sandwich
Dinner- Huge prawn and ham salad with some extra light mayo

I drank tons of water too had an ice lolly and also snacked on fruit plums and grapes, was a good day for me but need to cut out some bread i loose much better without it and 4 slices in one day is just too much!


gunna be a fatty for ever
well here goes

Breakfast - 1 egg + 1 white splash of skimmed milk, 2 turkey rashers, dry fry mushrooms

Dinner - Large portion of prawns, small chicken breast LOADs of salad

Tea - 100g quorn pieces, beansprouts, baby sweetcorn, peppers, carrot, cabbage, mushroms and medium portion of brown rice splashed with soy sauce

im struggling with the snackin part really. I also had a pack of french fries, a muller fat free yoghurt, and 3 go ahead biscuits!!

Must try harder today lol so far so good anyway!!

Love katie


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Mine is:

BREAKFAST - 50g of crunchy nut cornflakes with skimmed milk. (30g just will not keep me filled up I'm afraid).
Tea with skimmed milk.

Rest of day water or diet lemonade.

LUNCH - Heinz tomato soup (full tin) and 4 dry sesame seed ryvita.

DINNER - Couscous (no butter added), chicken breast, peppers, corgettes, cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic - all roasted with a spray of Frylight.

SNACK - Weight watchers ice cream pot.
breakfast, 3 mini pancakes, low fat yoghurt,

snack, 30g bran flakes eaten dry as a crisps substitute

lunch, garden salad (pre packed lol) spoonful low fat mayo, 2 slices of chicken, low fat yoghurt.

a plum

dinner, ham salad cob, low fat mayo and mustard and a packet of asda discos.

too bleddy hot to eat warm food.

drank juice and water throughout the day.

here we go, it seems like a good idea this way you control what you eat and you can track it down.
Breakfast- 1 bagel with low fat flora, small bowl of miniweetabix with fat free milk.
lunch- bagel with low fat butter and cup of tea
loads of water .........
it seems like a lot, I really have to cut out the bread, but these bagels are absolutely delicious, .....lol.........


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I think this is a really good idea, because I'm quite a picky eater and I'm always looking for suggestions for new meals.

I usually have:

Breakfast: Bowl of Special K with a sliced banana on top and skimmed milk

Normally have a Muller Light fat free yoghurt or some fruit between lunch and dinner if I'm feeling peckish.

Lunch: Either a ham or chicken or tuna salad.

Dinner: Whatever mum is cooking, normally! Lol. A chicken and vegetable stir-fry cooked with fry light, or a small baked potato with tuna and salad.

Snacks: Lots of fruit salad with natural yoghurt, strawberry jelly, and Muller Light fat free yoghurts, depending on how I feel.

I like this one;)

Breakfast - 2 x slices granary toast and low fat spread with 2 slices of wafer thin chicken.

Lunch - pasta bolognaise made with turkey mince

Tea - chicken and sweetcorn salad (no mayo)
grapes for pudding with lowfat yoghurt.

the first small goal

Crystalfaery xx :angel:

peice of toast, low fat yoghurt,

no snack (had to go to work and was major busy lol)

lunch, ham salad sandwich, 3 go ahead slices,

dinner, mushroom and ham omlette, beans. i do wonder if i have eaten too much fat with the 2 eggs though, ony time will tell,

1 bottle of cheap pink fizzy cause i wanted to lol


gunna be a fatty for ever
There is 7gs of fat in a medium egg hun have you seen my fittness pal? you ebtre everything that you have eaten and it adds it up for you. tells you allsorts, carbs protein fat etc

LOve kaie

breakfast - 2 shredded wheat and 500ml of semi skimmed milk 2 tsp sugar cup of coffee

lots of water through out the day.

lunch - chicken sweetcorn and cucumber sandwich on granary bread with scrape of low fat spread. grapes and low fat yoghurt 100ml

dinner - B-B-Q at mum and dads low fat stuffed mushrooms and courgettes salad.
fruit salad for pudding.

First goal to acheive by 21-08-09


The big goal
:17729: :copon:

Crystalfaery xx :angel:

carrot and coriander soup and 2 cobs/ciabatta rolls from morrisons..

yum dinner!

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