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Anyone else finding the 'allowable snacks' a bit boring, there isn't enough info on what we can have for my liking. I did the Cambridge diet 2 years ago & leaflet was so much more detailed & comprehensive.
Still I suppose we can swap tips etc on here, low carb AND low calorie, what about fat?:confused: I see a SMALL piece of cheese is allowed.
ps who thought of the name 'celebrity' slim, it put me off actually!
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you can mix and match your snacks voodoo. so you could have 1/2 an apple with 30g of cheese. I ususally have it chopped up with either applewood smoked or mexicana cheese.. it's a lovely snack.

Or you could have your berries with natual yoghurt .. delicious but tart. I' ve also had carrot sticks with guacamole, hoummous etc. but I 've seen you can also have 80g tuna with mayonnaise mixed and wrapped in lettuce leaves. it actually doesnt seem too bad.

I dont think the point of this diet is to be too low fat, the focus seems to be low carb and eating good fats, nuts. advocado, olive oit etc. The fat/protein comination should leave you fuller for longer.


Thanks, I saw about SMALL cans of tuna for snacks & I've got low fat hummous too, hope red pepeers aren't too carby as they are going to be my dippers. It is good that every time I feel 'nibly' it's time for a shake/soup or snack, think I can stick this out as long as I can stomach the flavours. I had beef soup & REALLY liked it, can't wait for my trial pack of new flavours to arrive, it includes some snack bars as well I think.

sharon xxxxxxx
red peppers are perfect Sharon. From the CS books peppers ( or capsicum as they call them) are a super food.. so eat to your heart's content.

I have to say. I love the fact that when I'm feeling nibbly its time for a something to eat too... and I dont feel deprived cos the shakes are so sweet and the snacks are quite savoury - a good combination don't you think?
are we allowed ryvita??? just i've a cupboard full of them 6 packs to be precise
no Sam. Ryvita have carbs. the purpose of CS is a low carb diet. .. there are some carbs in the shakes as far as I know but your snacks are focused on low carb foods. .. a handful of nuts (not salted)... certain fruit, some lean meat, cheese and veggies. so I'd say ryvita are out.

TBH. I dont know how you eat ryvita - they're rotten, tasteless.
i put humus on it. its the crisp bread i eat not at all like proper ryvita will get info from them hold on a tick
here we are

Nutrition info

Typical Values Per slice

Protein 0.5g
Carbohydrate 3.8g
(of which sugars)
1.5g Fat
(of which saturates) 0.2g
Sam, I think less than 10g of carbohydrates per 100g is what we're supposed to be looking for rather than the carbs per slice... what does the label say on that?
well thats me screwed then... blast... oh well nextdoors guinue pigs can have them
I'm sure you'll get used to it. To be honest - I find now that looking for bread or a sandwich is just a habit. If I make a big deal of my snacks... (chopping the apple and cheese etc). then I enjoy them just as much.
to be honest i am off bread, had toast today for the first time in months.... i'd bake soda bread once a week and have to or three slices (oven baked not griddle) through out the week.......

roll on the morning til i get to rowlands
Hi, I'm new on here and really enjoying reading the posts & taking all this "Info" on board. My problem with snacking is that in the past never snacked between meals much anyways. My prob was of meal size - anything I liked even dinner was piled way to much on my plate. Hence if I did buy any (for example) any biscuits/choc's, could'nt just eat one or two at a time, have to eat the whole lot. Now I'm dieting I notice they give you way to many snacks to eat each day. I'd prefer to loose the weight then readd appropriate amounts of snacks to my daily menue to keep the weight stable. I'm not into sweets that much (so don't really miss them) my prob is prefer meals with gravy, sauces etc. Now they I miss Lol. Any suggestions for me?? Thanks Jacquie


Sam hope you made it to the chemists, I ordered mine online as it's bad snow & ice here + I hurt my back & am struggling to walk very far and scared of falling over coz I'm walking like an old lady, lol!
ohhhhh Sharon. you hate ice too. i've got a bad back anyway so come the ice i shuffle like a penguin. think david suchet (or how ever you spell him, Piroit!!)

went to the chemist and got sutff yes. beef soup is nice
well got my first shake coming up in the morning so will advise you on how i go. why don't you email me your mob no and we can text
Sam, how did you get on with your first shake this morning? Which flavour did you choose?
i had strawberry, it wasn't too bad!! had chicken soup or lunch and it was delish. but i love cuppa soups as a rule of thumb

dinner was stir fry with "rice"

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