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Hi RTM Friends,

I just wanted to check something. I am in Week 2, Day 3 of RTM.

Yesterday U had my 3 foodpacks (2 TC soups + 1 peanut bar). For dinner I ate my Tofu, will raw green peppers, cauliflower, celery and 1 table spoon on Salad Dressing!

I also had 1 whole tub (is a small tub) of the Fat Free 0g Greek Yogurt. Was this all ok to eat? I just wanted to check as I am confused, it only says 1 meal a day, however when can we eat the yogurt and how often e.t.c.

Also are we supposed to be weighing our food?
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Hi Slim,
The one meal a day is just the protein meal you had, i.e. the tofu. I counted my yoghurt as a snack as it didn't have any protein, which means you can have a yoghurt any time of day. If you're worried though, do check with your LLC. If unsure, you can have one at the same time as your meal if you prefer. Don't forget you can turn it into a dip using the RtM recipes and then the yoghurt is great with some cut up vegetable snacks.

When I started off, I did weigh my food but only because I had no idea what 225g worth of snacks would be! After the first week or so I had a pretty good idea of what that amount looked like so was able to estimate more accurately without the use of scales. I also weighed out my protein choices and initially stuck to 100g for meat and 125g for fish/tofu. I now eat a little more meat and don't weigh so obsessively but I do check every now and then to ensure my portion sizes are not getting bigger without my noticing.

I think LL don't get too caught up with exact portion sizes as they want you to work out what's right for you. Hope this helps! How are things going otherwise?
Thanks Linze for your advice. My LLC isn't that good at all, so sorry if I have to keep asking you!

I feel that I am having quite a lot of salad with my protein! For instance, i have Celery (2 sticks), cauloflower (about 6-7 florets), half pepper each sliced of green, red and maybe yellow and maybe have spring onion, salad leaves! This is for my 1 meal with my protein!

Then after that I would eat 1 tub 150g (i think 75cls) of Total 0% Greek Yogurt, fat free! Is that ok to have this, are we allowed the snack (yogurt) like that!

My LLC hasn't explained anything to me really, so only been getting help from a people on here!
I don't really limit myself on veg and I think as long as you aren't feeling bloated then that should be fine. You can have the yoghurt whenever you like, as far as I understand it but I would definitely stick to just the one yoghurt per day (that's just my opinion though!). Sounds like you are getting the idea of things and making the adaptations that fit your lifestyle. I think you shouldn't worry unless you start to gain. Hope that helps, my lovely!


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Hi Slim
My LLC advised 2-3 portions of yog per day is about right. and as much jelly as you like. I would start slow for week 2 though maybe one of the 0% pots, then add more in week 3.
You can have both when you like, not just with meals.

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