Meeting CDC 6/1/09


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As the title says, I am meeting with my local CDC on Tues 6th Jan. I am really excited and have been doing a lot of research, coming across this website has been of great help. I am really looking forward to beginning my CD journey and hopefully seeing the weight fall off.

I did lose 3 stone earlier this yr by calorie counting etc, then circumstances changed and I used food to deal with it, I have since put it all back on plus a few lbs :cry:I want to see results quickly and this seems to be the way to do it. I think my mum may even be considering starting it too in due course.

As my name suggests I get married 29th August 2009 so I have to do this, I have to get into my wedding dress. I tried it on yesterday and there are probably about 3 inches I need to lose to get into it, plus I'd love to have to have it downsized :rolleyes: time will tell!!

So anyways, I look forward to speaking with you more often and keeping you up to date. There are some really inspirational stories on here from users, they really do make it all seem possible.

All the best and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Kate :new_year:
Welcome to Minis Kate and congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, what a great incentive.

Good luck for 6th - let us know how you are getting on.

Yeah it is a brilliant incentive. Sadly I have messed about so much this past few months despite knowing I had this to aim for. Now is the time to really make a difference, I know I need to do it and want to.

Well done on your loss, you look fantastic!! x
Thanks hun, I know what you mean but the fact that you want to do it is half the battle.

Definately, I feel ready now, especially after all the food this xmas. If I never see another fattening piece of food again it won't matter, lol. I am beginning my prep week as of tomorrow, anyone any suggestions?
Kate x
Good luck Kate, what better incentive!
Just picture the look on guests faces when they see a smaller you in that dress - you'll do it!!
Good luck with it

Good luck with CD and what better incentive than your wedding!!! You'll look gorgeous in your dress - looking forward to hearing about your weight losses!!!

Welcome hun! The very best of luck - but you have the best incentive. I'm finding my wedding is a huge incentive too! Tips for prep week - cut down on the carbs steadily, especially the refined ones like white bread, pasta, rice, and if you must have it, go for the wholegrain versions. Cut out the sweet things and the alcohol too wherever possible, and up your water intake. Make the most of green and white veggies but avoid fruit as it's full of sugar. Good luck hun! xx
Good luck Kate, what better incentive!
Just picture the look on guests faces when they see a smaller you in that dress - you'll do it!!

I am thinking just that :) another good thing is that I have just moved down here from Derbyshire, so all our guests live up there and I won't be seeing them very often at all. I imagine the look on some of their faces will be even more worthwhile because of this!! :8855:
Thanks wannabslim for the tips. I usually drink water anyway and have had 2 litres today plus whatever I have tonight so that won't be a problemo.....I have had porridge for breakie, soup for lunch with 1 x slice white bread and I am having beef stir fry for tea as a new years treat as we're not going out. Alcohol is no problem for me as I am not a heavy drinker at all.....I have bought some salad bits today and shall have it tomorrow night for dinner with a veggie burger I bought in.....hopefully once I start next week I will have prepared myself enough. Like you say, if a wedding isn't incentive enough I do not know what is....! Good luck with your weightloss, Kate x