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Melly's go for it diary - worried about cruise!!


Well this is it! My diary starts today, I seem to do better when I write everything down so decided to get on and do it, and then hopefully all you lovely people out there will be able to give me some pointers if I'm doing anything wrong! :D

I'm ploughing my way through the book at the moment, and think I've covered all the most important bits... so here goes!

I've quite possibly tried almost every diet out there, and so far the ones that work best for me (when I stick to them!) are the high protein ones.... this could be due to insulin resistance but cant say for certain as not currently registered with a dr (just moved back to the UK from Germany!)..... need more blood tests to say for certain when I get it sorted.

So today I have eaten....

B: FF yoghurt and slice turkey
L: Sliced roast beef and chicken breast
D: 2x Turkey steaks and 2 eggs

I haven't managed to get hold of the oatbran yet.... am hoping to get out tomorrow after work to get some as there was none in my Tesco yesterday......

I don't feel like I've eaten a great deal today, but am not currently hungry so must be doing something right??!!

I've managed 1.5l of water and about 750ml pepsi max, am aiming to up the water intake slowly, as can't be rushing off to the loo every 5 minutes when I'm working!! Exercise wise, I'm walking around a classroom all day, so I figure that more than makes up my 20 minutes?? I want to increase my exercise levels too, and will look to do this when I'm not quite so tired!! Havent worked for 8 months, and having only just gone back it's really knackering me out!!!

Anyway, ramble over for now - feel free to comment whenever you want to!! :D

Melanie x
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Not very good at this!
Hi Melanie, and welcome. You will find lots of help and support on here.

You don't look as though you have eaten that much today, but keep on posting and people will steer you in the right direction.

Be careful that your yoghurts don't contain any hidden sugar or fruit.

The oatbran is important to keep you regular - you can get it in Tesco.

Have you been to the official site to see how long you need to do Attack for?


grammar police
Hi Melanie, and welcome. There's loads of really useful information on the forum so have a good look round and shout if you have any questions.

It's a bit of a shock to the system when you first start and I definitely didn't eat as much as I was expecting - had to shove a load of the meat I'd bought in the freezer, so don't worry about the amounts, as long as you're not feeling hungry at all I think you're fine.

Oatbran is really good, so if it's not in Tesco where you are (should be on the cereal isle) then have a look in asda or waitrose for the Mornflake brand, but make sure it's the plain oatbran and not flakes or sprinkles.


** Chief WITCH **
Hello there - lovely to "meet" you Melly...

(Is that three cans of diet pepsi max you're having a day? Just nosey really cos I used to be a bit of a diet coke fiend... but have now cut down!)
Oatbran is often buy one get one half off in holland and barrett if your supermarket dosent have it. You will need it during attack.

Dont worry about the walking until you are on cruise.

Best of luck
Aw thanks all!! :D

M-mouse.... my yoghurt is the ww toffee or vanilla ones.... I'm hoping they're ok as they're pretty much the only ones I like!!

I've managed to pick up some oatbran in holland and barratt today, so will try and do something with that now - it doesn't look all that appealing but I'm sure I will manage!!

I went on to the Dukan website to find out my true weight and it was 10'11... so I was hoping for 10'7 so not too far off, and hopefully easier to maintain!! And i need to do attack for 5 days so 2 down and 3 to go!! Today's not been too bad, it's quite nice that I'm so busy at the moment as it definitely stops me eating from boredom etc!!

Emmma - that's good to know! I was getting a little worried about not eating very much, as I have bought lots of fresh meat, and am wondering if I will actually get through it all - but there is space in the freezer if needs be!

Maintainer - it's just over 2 cans of pepsi max... it came out of a 2 litre bottle so bit of a guesstimate really.... i also need to cut down on this but one step at a time huh?!?! Nice to "meet" you too!!

Jaqys, thanks for that, was a bit worried but hopefully will have some more energy by the weekend so can up the exercise then! On the plus side have done about a million laps of the classroom today.... so that must all add up to more than 20 minutes right??!!

So todays food has been:

B: Yoghurt and turkey (not together - that would be horrid!)
L: Salmon mixed with vinegar (this is ok isn't it??)
D: Beef luc lac (i think!) and a 3 egg omelette

Oatbran - can i just mix it with yoghurt or something tonight??

1.5l of water and 500ml pepsi max..... going to try and up that water tomorrow evening and see what happens....

I got on the scales this morning (as advised in the book!) and they definitely seem to be going downwards..... definitely makes me feel more motivated thats for sure.

Hope everyone else is having a good day - no time to catch up on posts today, but will try very hard tomorrow!!

Melanie xx :D


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Melanie and welcome from me too! Your start sounds good but you should try to eat well (in terms of quantity), and not deprive yourself.

Vinegar is absolutely ok, maybe take care with the balsamic as it's got more sugar /carbs in it but in general it's allowed, even encouraged by Dr Dukan.

A nice 'mayo replacement' sauce (esp for fish) to make from Fromage Frais is by adding a bit of mustard and maybe some herbs. There is defo one version of that in the book's recipe part.

Oatbran: yes stir into yoghurt etc. You may need to add a fair bit of moisture to make it palatable, some people find it a bit like sawdust. I like to make it into porridge (add lots of skim milk and microwave for 2 mins, stir, add more milk if necessary, MW for another 2 or so). Some people stir it into yoghurt the night before.
I never got the hang of / into the habit of making the 'Galette' but did the 'bread' vrsion a lot of the time: there are a couple of recipes for making it in the recipe thread. It's quite nice when you're not allowed any real bread, you can actually slice it, and have a ham or 'egg & dukan mayo' sandwich...


Not very good at this!
Oatbran is the best! It is scrummy stirred into yoghurt or you can make it into little muffins (which always feel quite decadent to me), or there is the galette. You can also add it to meat loaf or as a coating on chicken. I coulod use my daily allowance about 10 times over every day!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Oatbran is the best! It is scrummy stirred into yoghurt or you can make it into little muffins (which always feel quite decadent to me), or there is the galette. You can also add it to meat loaf or as a coating on chicken. I coulod use my daily allowance about 10 times over every day!
Oh definitely me too! Some people have also managed to make crisp biscuits by mixing with egg white and spreading thinly on a baking sheet before baking.
I, too, could easily have extra oatbran each day. I love it - porridge, galette, muffins, cake (not bothered about bread, because I need cheese if I have bread).

Hi and welcome!

Good luck - everyone is great on here for advice so shout if you need help.


** Chief WITCH **
I could actually have three meals a day with oatbran... bread, cake, muffins, no problems! So... spooning it into yoghurt, while good in a hurry, isn't using it to its best advantage.

I see that everyone's been too polite (hee hee) to speak of "transit" but if you find you're not errr going as often as before, that is normal... and there are remedies. Think of using some rhubarb and plenty of greenery in PV once in Cruise...

Yoghurt and turkey is excellent! Just not with Muller Lites! Natural yoghurt + spices/curry powder/herbs makes a great marinade...


Not very good at this!
You know me Jo, once someone starts talking about 'transit' issues.....:D I was talking to my GP about it the other week and he was very funny talking very delicately about my 'bottom end' - made me laugh - I guess you had to be there:D


** Chief WITCH **
Poor Melly... now she will think we're crazy!
So funny ref your GP... you'd have thought HE'd be able to talk about such things without embarrassment!


Not very good at this!
Poor Melly... now she will think we're crazy!
So funny ref your GP... you'd have thought HE'd be able to talk about such things without embarrassment!
It really tickled me :D I don't think he was embarrassed - maybe he thought I was, but I have had my stomach (and my 'bottom end'' etc) poked around so much in the last couple of years that I think I am beyond getting embarrassed about that kind of thing. I used to worry about what they thought about how I look but now I just tell myself that I surely can't be the most horrific sight they have ever seen, and I don't honestly think they pay an awful lot of notice really - we are all like pieces of meat and once you've seen one, you've seen them all!
tee hee :D you're funny!! I don't think you're all crazy at all!!

Have had an absolutely manic few days, but they have resulted in me getting a job for January at a private school in Oxford so am over the moon!!! I thought I'd completely messed up the interview, but it turns out that I hadn't!!

Anyway, have been sticking to the diet really well, and the scales are definitely going in the right direction, I'm actually going to do one more day on attack, purely because I never managed to get my bum in gear and get my shopping delivered.... it's coming tomorrow night, so I may change my mind and have some salad with my dinner, but we shall see!!

I am so impressed with how I've got on this week, it's seemed really easy, I've not been hungry and the scales are moving!! It all seems to good to be true!! But am keeping on going and actually enjoying it.... I am really pleased, because I felt terrible yesterday after my interview and could easily have eaten lots of cr*p, but I showed quite possibly the most restraint I've ever shown in my life and ate chicken and salmon when I came in instead!! That is absolutely amazing for me and I am actually quite proud of myself!!

I've been quite lucky so far, and not experienced any 'transit' issues, but thanks for the heads up!! Have been mixing the oatbran in with yoghurt and it seems to be doing the trick...... but I will get cracking on some of the recipes over the weekend and see what happens!!

I have just realised that I use far too many exclamation marks in my diary, but I guess that just shows how excited I am that this diet seems to be working so well!! There will probably be less as the time goes on, but at the moment all is good with me.

Thanks for all your comments, you do all seem like lovely people, so keep 'em coming! Hope all is well with you all.

Melanie xx


** Chief WITCH **
Lovely to read you, and congratulations on your new job!! And your enthusiasm... I remember that feeling soooo well and hope I can find it again after Christmas! You'll be the one encouraging us to find our diet mojo then!

Vicky is the marinade queen - and I'm sure she'll pop up... but I simply coated whatever pieces of meat with [fromage frais or natural yoghurt] and curry powder or lots of garlic or chilli powder... left it overnight and fried it up in a non stick pan... I've even frozen leftovers! Yeah I guess the consistency if you have extra sauce is a bit curdled but it's sauce nonetheless!

Well done on your restraint when you fancied rubbish - being able to eat salmon, prawns, chicken round the clock helps lots!

Good luck with your oatbran experiments... I love my muffins (p.1 of recipe thread...)
Thanks Jo!!! I may have a go with the yoghurt tomorrow.... got yoghurt and chilli powder - also got some five spice - wonder what that will taste like?!?! I am feeling very enthusiastic, and long may it last!!!:D

I am incredibly pleased to say that I have lost 5 pounds doing attack!!!!! That is the most I've ever lost in such a short time, so am feeling pretty astonished at the weight loss! I am currently my lowest weight since I was 21 doing a 'real food' diet!! I got to a pound lighter with the cambridge diet, but promptly piled it all back on again, so I can see myself getting a lot further with this one - yay!!

I feel like I've eaten loads today.... turkey and eggs for brekkie, tuna mixed with quark and cucumber for lunch, and a massive bowl of minced beef with tomatoes and chilli powder for dinner..... I was a bit concerned about the tomatoes though, as they seem to have a fair amount of sugar in them?? Tinned and chopped tomatoes, as I don't like 'real' ones - does anyone have any tips for a good chilli on this diet??

I'm glad I've had some veg today, although not a lot - it was nice to crunch on the cucumber at lunchtime!! Should I be eating more veg than this?? I've got some green beans and carrots for dinner on Monday, and probably some salad with my lunch.... does this sound enough... or too much??

And if anyone could let me know if I can eat butternut squash that would be very helpful!!!

Melanie xx:D


** Chief WITCH **
and the general rule of thumb on PV days is to think 2/3 protein, 1/3 veg/salad... try to get some green leafy ones where you can.

Oooh and a multivitamin is a good idea each day too...

Loving your enthusiasm... not much of a cook myself, so will let someone else pop up with chilli ideas.

Keep it up! (How are you planning dealing with Christmas, by the way...?)

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