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Mel's Dukan Diary

Hello to anyone reading this;)

I thought I would start my own diary as a place to record thoughts and losses throughout my weightloss journey.

Having tried Slimming World, Slimfast and Calorie counting, I have finally found a diet that both works and doesn't leave me hungry.

I am now on day 4 of attack and have found it surprisingly easy, so far I have lost 5lbs and am planning to do 5 days of attack, so come this saturday I will be moving on to cruise, I still haven't decided which combination of pp and pv days I will do yet, but I suppose I should make my mind up soon:)

I am excited about losing this weight that I put on with both my first and second pregnancies:mad:..thankfully i didn't add to that with pregnancies 3 and 4:p

Must go, need to change a nappy for one and sort a bottle for the other:sigh: before dragging everyone out for a walk;)
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Good idea Mel... you're doing brilliantly already!


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Well done, I started the same day as you and I havent decided either what combination to do.
well done hun ...im trying to decide still aswell maybe a bit hit and miss this month as ive a wedding a festival and a hen night to contend with


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There's always something though... it's always someone's birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, whatever... a holiday... something to celebrate...

I take my own food with me, or eat before, if I'm totally in the zone and there's an occasion coming up which I don't want to miss. No one minds! But it can be hard getting back on track after a meal/day/week off!
yep im going to be good the wedding the festival I cant take food as its a weekend camping so no way of keeping it but if i eat off the stalls and its a chilli i will not have rice ect
the hen night i will have a drink but wont eat or go overboard ..
My exercise will shoot up in september too as me littlest goes to school fulltime so i will be hitting the swimming pool 3 or 4 mornings a week


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You are doing realy well Mel. I think I am going to start off doing 2/2 at first. I have my dads 70th birthday on the 20th , we will be doing something for it, not sure when or where, it may mean a chinese, but I will find out what the best thing to have will be, I wont be having rice or noodles though but I will have a glass or 2 of wine but no more, dh will be driving and I dont like drinking if hes no, I always feel bad lol. Then there is a class reunion on the 28th August so need to loose for that but again its a meal out so I would choose what ever is more protein and not covered in a sauce and not have pud. But there is always something.
Ah some obviously have far more of a social life than me;)

I have my two littlies christening on the 15th of this month, but we have decided to forego doing buffet food etc and are all going to the pub for sunday lunch after the ceremony instead, so that shouldn't bee too bad...I will leave the roasties and yorkshire pud, just eat the meat, veg and spuds. I also won't be drinking (tbh I barely drink anyway) as looking after a baby and a tot is hard enough sober, and there is NO WAY I am doing night feeds half-cut!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, today I have 'cheated' I had a teaspoon of gravy on my beef:( I am sure it won't do any harm but I really want to be 100% on this and get as much as possible out of it. I did drag the whole family out on a nice long walk 1.5hrs haha, can you imagine the whinging off them, I did stop at a shop on the way home to pacify them;)

The beef...Me and dh virtually polished off a whole beef joint between us, and yes I am stuffed now, but it was fantastic and I am such a beef lover...I could literally eat it till, well, till the cows come home:rolleyes: I have a small amount left which I will save for lunch tomorrow.

I also have some chicken legs and thighs in the fridge marinading away in a lovely tikka marinade ready for tomorrows dinner. Dh will get the thighs and the kids will have something else....probably fish fingers or something else as equally easy to cook:eek:

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One tip when dealing with social occasions and potential wavering willpower is to tell someone in advance what you want (useful in a carvery situation) and let them serve you or order for you! I did that last week when I went to lunch with a friend - perused the menu before going, wrote down what I "wanted" and had my friend order. I didn't even glance at the menu on the day!

oooh another person who likes marinade... remember to post your recipes on the thread so that we can all copy!
Dear diary;)

I am on day 5 of Attack, my last day (possibly) before I move onto cruise. I am most likely going to do either a 2/2 combo or a 4/3 combo of some sort....still not 100% yet.

I messed up a wee bit today, I had run out of meat and eggs....so had 2 mullers between getting up at 6am and 5pm when we eventually got back from shopping, by which time I was ravenous and ended up scoffing a big handful of chippy chips:( I did then have a bit of sliced ham, once I found it among the huge mass of shopping bags! I could very, very easily have fallen off the wagon, but I didn't I closed the kitchen door and sat down with a big glass of icy cold water and thought about things for 10mins, before returning to the kitchen and putting on my marinaded chicken to cook...which I have just eaten and it was fantastic:D

I jumped on the scales this morning and was dissapointed to see that they were the same as yesterday:( I know I should still be happy as 5lbs is a great loss in just a few days and a great starting block for the rest of my weight loss journey.

Off to feed my grumbling baby now:)
oh well done you didnt crumble ...I seem to lose every other day so i think im just going to weigh once a week now to save dissapointment ....i try not to shop with the kids not happening during the holidays as it mum this mum that mum and i have got home had a yogurt then unpacked find that can help


** Chief WITCH **
Hey Melissa - I think that's brilliant how you say down and "thought" for 10 minutes... excellent!

Running out of meat and eggs wasn't bright though! And try to always have something "grabable and immediately eatable" in the fridge (crabsticks are good for these moments... I always have a few boiled eggs around... and cooked chicken, always a day ahead "just in case").

Alternate day weighing is better to be honest after attack... but some of us become too addicted by then!

GOOD LUCK today... plan plan and plan a bit more, and then no room for slip ups... particularly at the weekend when there's more room for leeway when not at work with more time on our hands
Well done for carrying on!

Keep going - we're all in this together.:)
Good afternoon Diary:)

I have woken up poorly today, my throat is sooo sore I have no voice, well I do have a kind of croak:( I suppose the huge row I had with dh yesterday hasn't helped....

I was up at 6am to feed Téa so had brekkie afterwards of boiled eggs and an oatbran muller. Once dh got up I went back to bed and slept like a log for 3hrs, I have not long ago had a gorgeous lunch of meatballs (first time i've ever had them!) Just need to find a nice sauce to pour over them next time, just so they are a bit different:)

I am still finding this diet pretty easy going, and despite missing certain foods, i know I will be allowed them in the future, in small amounts;) I am going to try and get out to the park in a bit with the dog and all the kids, so that should be a bit of exercise for today...I will just dose myself up on painkillers before going.

Thanks for all your well wishes and we can do this:)

Hope you're feeling better today, Melissa.
Dear Diary (and Laura;)) I am feeling much better today, although still have a bit of a sore throat and not much of a voice:(

After another huge row with dh yesterday I ended up being in a sulk most of the evening and therefore refused to cook, so ended up going and getting a shower at 9pm then went straight of to bed....not that I got much sleep as the neighbours have decided to go away and leave their dog outside to bark constantly all weekend, so between feeds I barely managed a wink of sleep!!!

I think I might be due my first totm after the baby as I feel bloated and have a heavy tummy low down, I have also gained over 1lb but that might also be due to starting back on the pill this week too....

Not a great motivator for the diet as I feel ready to chuck it in, if i'm not losing there is no point. When I think about it rationally I know I should give it another week or two and see if the weight starts to come off once the pill and my totm have settled.....

Hope everyone else is having a better time than me xx


** Chief WITCH **
Hey Mel... I hope you're feeling more cheery today...

Hopefully Cheryl will be along later with some medical advice but I think you've explained your weight gain with clarity.

Potential first TOTM after baby... and going back on the pill...

Either/or could well cause some weight fluctuation...

Please ignore the scales and keep going... I'm sure there are medical reasons for a weight fluctuation and, as you explained to us when we tried to dissuade you from starting this diet, what you were eating before was far worse!

Post... talk to us...
aww hun the first few months after having a baby our as you know so up and down ....youve already started to lose and a 1lb gain if its totm or not is not massive my first week on this diet I went up 2 lb before I lost any that was a major upset for me
If your tired everything will seem so much worse ...take a few deep breaths come on here and rant !!! I bet it will make you feel a bit better im sure we dont mine listening to your ups and downs . I know i talk waffle in my diary but it makes me feel better as my OH isnt in to too much support side of life and spending all day with kiddies is great but they are not the best for having a conversation with
Hello Diary, sorry for neglecting you:)

Yesterday wasn't great, I ate a handful of haribo sweets, a 2finger kitkat and we had fajitas for dinner...I didn't have the wraps but it had to be cooked with a little bit of oil for the benefit of the spices!! I did drain mine as much as possible and basically had a big bowl of chicken breast, peppers and onions, it was delish:D

Went swimming yesterday for over an hour, admittedly I wasn't swimming the whole time as I was helping the kids with their strokes, but was bobbing about etc, so hopefully that has burnt a few calories. Also mowed the lawn when I got home, in preperation for Sunday.

I have decided on the 5/5 pv/pp combo, so this week will be tuesday - Saturday, then day off on Sunday (well not completely off, but will be naughty) then Monday - Friday next week will be PP, so hopefully that will sort out the naughty Sunday;)

I am trying not to weigh myself until Sunday morning, just to check what 5 days of pv has done (although the visit from AF probably won't do the scales any favours!) then I will weigh again on monday morning so I will get a nice drop next saturday morning.....'hopefully'

I am enjoying having salad/veg again, although it sort of feels like I am eating normally iykwim? I know I am not having rice/pots/wraps etc, but am pretty much eating the same as the rest of the family, which is nice.

Hope everyone else is doing well xx


** Chief WITCH **
Lovely to read your update. You sound very chirpy which is great! As for Sunday, who knows, you might find you're now more careful with your food intake than you might previously have been. Don't be a stranger!

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