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Menopause ???


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Well I celebrated my 46th birthday yesterday, and have spent some time today researching menopause - I know how to live lol

Anyhow, I have recently been experiencing hot flushes and night sweats, and since reading about it possibly have a few other light symptoms.

My mum had a hysterectomy but my gran and great gran apparently were mid to late 50s when there time came.

I am hoping for help on the following -

Should I make a Drs appt? I am coping, it's not that severe, but there appeared to be a general theme to go get checked out

Is there a good meno forum? I came across a couple but posts seemed quite old and in the USA

Anyone with hints and tips on surviving this please post, as mum never went through it she is not sure. I will be bugging some work colleagues, but at this time I don't know anyone who is going through this, so all help appreciated

Thanx in advance
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is getting better at it
cant really answer any questions for you im afraid but some people think i am going through it at the moment, i dont get the hot flushes but i do get very hot at night time and during the day i am perminently hot so have the air con in the car and at home am sat in front of the fan all the time but the worse thing is the mood swings i go from not caring about anything/not doing anything or wanting to top meself or basically wanting to rip someones head off i just never seem to be happy, dont get me wrong i am never the happy bubbly person i just used to feel happy inside but not anymore.
when i spoke to the nurse about it she told me im best to see a doctor so have an appointment next week so hopefully can be sorted out.
i think you would be best going to the docs as the nurse said you can only reallly tell by having a blood test.
good luck
I'm sure I'm going through the menopause, I definately have a lot of symptoms, but non of which cause me any concern.

Personally I'm not making an appt with the doctor at the mo as there isn't anything I feel I need help with. When the mood swings, hot sweats, cramps.................. become a problem then I'll go.

As for a forum there was a good menopause one mentioned on here some time ago, but for the life of me I can't find it.

I thought it was called something like menopause uk, but when I've searched on google I can't find it :mad:


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Metrognome sounds like your having a hell of a time, the Dr should be able to help, as I researched I came across loads of successful therapies, for a number of symptoms, hadn't realised but kept coming across '34 symptoms of menopause' I was shocked at it all, even tho we don't get all of them it was an eye opener! Good luck for next week, help is on the horizon x

Gettingfit :) I think I will look into some natural supplements to ease any symptoms But going to start making notes, I haven't a clue what my menstrual cycle is, never have!

Happy holidays thanks for the help, when every article says go see your gp, it got me thinking! I fortunately don't think it's a big problem at the moment so won't book an appt yet.

Very interested in the natural remedies and food types that can help some symptoms, altho it looks like trial and error - what do we have to go thru! Lol
i have been and talked to my doctor who was really great-we discussed HRT but for now I prefer to try natural therapies.
I get hot sweats which are sometimes really bad at night but they seem to come and go in cycles-ie I get them for a few weeks then none for a few weeks. I'm also getting the moodswings and a variety of ahces and pains.
Best treatments I have found so far as High strength star flower oil ( and it needs to be the high strength) and when the sweats are really bad I take sage cpsules which also seem to help.
I guess this is one of those journeys that will be the same but different for all of us !!
My doc thinks I may be perimenopausal as I have serious mood swings and although they left my ovaries last year when I had my hyster I'm still more likely to have a menopause early.
The doc pit me on high dose vitamin b6 time will tell if it works!


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Great advice here, thank you :) will have a look at everyone's suggestions
Not sure if I have mood swings, work is pretty bad so might be something to do with why i am feeling quite stressed and tired, but the flushes seem to be quite frequent, I think the night sweats are the worse as not getting a full sleep. Going to start a diary to try and see if there's a pattern, that's if I don't forget to make notes! I hear memory can be quite bad lol


is getting better at it
i dont technecally get night sweats as i have a large fan on me all night, also i never said before but i am on the depo injection and have been bleeding for 5 weeks now, had to come home from work today as i was in such a bad mood


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Martha great site, thank you, I have been having an evening of reasearching

There's a lot out there for different symptoms saw one remedy product that increased libido, but as not talking to hubby at the mo, didn't think there was much point lol

I already have a 'lady care' type product, I bought it off Avon years ago but it was for when on my period to ease the pain, is it possible this could be the same thing? Or did I just read it wrong and should have been wearing it all the time!

Metrognome good grief my last period was for two weeks and that was bad enough, you must be so drained. When's Drs appt?

I have just ordered sage as seemed best for night sweats, and am going to put my ladycare thingy on to see if symptoms ease while waiting delivery.
Do you have to wear it 24/7 or can you take it off for bed ?
the idea is 24/7 but I have taken mine off at times, it works at its best 24/7 and would defeat the object taking it off at night if you experience night sweats, but you could if you don't :)
That does of course make sense, but since I sleep 'au naturale' I'm just wondering where i should stick it LOL, maybe bluetak:8855:


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Mommy very saucy :)

I wore mine on my pjs which are a bit baggy last night so not sure if it would work, did have a better nights sleep, and had it on today, so will see if it helps. This is worse than slimming having to find out what works!

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