Merry ChriSStmas!

Well, I blew it big time! Back on track now. Just have to decide what to do with all the choccies and mince pies left over!
Well done Gaijingirl, you can do it, you've got through Christmas which takes some doing, you can do your birthday easy-peasy.

Back on track now Cheekymare, that's brilliant that you're not dwelling on it & have got straight back on the wagon. Get rid of those choccies and mince pies, better to waste a few £s than gain a few lbs!!! Give them to your neighbours, family, friends anyone rather than eat them yourself.
To be honest Cheekymare I think it takes a WHOLE LOT MORE strengh to get back on the wagon - so I've great admiration for you. The thing that keeps me on the straight and narrow is basically fear - because if I fell off the wagon, I'd watch the bloody thing disappear into the sunset and be right back where I started before I knew it!

Well done you!!
Thanks MadamDotty.. my b'day is on New Year's Eve.. but I've booked myself into The Sanctuary in Covent Garden for the day and I'm having a facial and bust treatment thing!! I'll probably also get my nails (top and bottom) done and someone's given me free tickets for the London Eye. Then int he evening I've got loads of friends coming over for a little party. The boys are going clubbing but the girls will stay in as at least one is either trying to get pregnant (or may already be pregnant) and the others don't want to go clubbing - so it's going to be really lovely!
Thanks gaijing girl, and Madam Dotty, for the faith you have in me. Truth is the day started really well, had a milk shake, made some fresh salmon for lunch for my family and couldn't stop myself. I then had desert. The shame. You are right, its very difficult to get back on the wagon. I thought it would be easy but, boy, am I proved wrong. Now I wish I had SS'd all through xmas. What a fool I am. I have plenty of foodpacks and my family have all gone now so don't have to cook for anybody. I also made them take all the choccies and biscuits back with them. I am back on the wagon and I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!!! Good luck to everybody else.
Good luck CheekyMare, at least you've got rid of all those temptations. You can do it.
Hi Cheekymare!
You're not alone i promise you that! I ate Christmas dinner too (a fraction of my annual portion i might add) but I had planned it, I'm really OK with myself about it and although I enjoyed it and I'd loved to have followed it with pudding, Christmas cake and a couple of mince pies, I'm back on the wagon.
Don't beat yourself up about yesterday; it sounds as though you're completely grounded and as gaijingirl has said, you're doing a fantastic job to be back SS so quickly.
I see it like this:
When we're back in the 'real world' of temptation, there will be lapses. I have had my first lapse, I've dealt with it and I'm moving on, knowing that if it ever happens again, I've coped with it once before!
I've completely convinced myself! Anyone else buying it?

Happy Christmas to everyone!

hi girls
well done gettng though xmas lapse or no lapse you are here on the other end getting back on again , that takes willpower , stamina and a different mindset than we had before ( notice how none of us gave it the o begger i might as well pack it in now ive failed crack !!!that is something we all would probably have done not so long ago, i tried to have a back up plan of a a protein /veggie meal just incase i caved but i didnt , and like ganji girl i think it was pure fear :eek:
so whether you abstained or not well done !! youre here and thats what conts!!!
all the best in 007 we will do it because we can !!!
Like you, GaijinGirl I've kept on the straight and narrow through fear of not being able to get back to where I was. I used the experience of (other peoples') Christmas excesses to step back and analysis how I felt and why I felt it (thought records). It helped to bring things into perspective for me.
Well thank God that's all over! Made it through in one piece - hopefully a smaller one without any slip ups - apart from two days where I ate 5 packs - Christmas Eve and NYE (but only had 3 the following day). It has been harder - I can't pretend it hasn't - funnily enough the meals haven't bothered me - but we've had a lot of buffet evenings with loads of people round and a big table of quiche, crisps, mince pies etc.... even now there's a big tin of shortbread in the lounge... that's what I find hard - that coupled with the lack of routine. also as I have lots and lots of guests for at least 2 weeks over christmas i'm constantly playing hostess which is quite stressful.

but back to normality now - WI next Sunday after no WIs for 3 weeks - I really hope it's all paid off!!

happy new Year everyone!
Well done you! I'm so amazed at your strength! Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years AND Birthday! That's a few more special events than I could have handled being without for.

You should be so proud of yourself!

(the change in routine is a real crapper, isnt it? i was so used to doing LL at university and my weekly routine etc... then went home for Christmas and have found this whole period very unsettling!)
Yeh Meghan1409, lack of routine is a real problem to me too. In the past it has been the downfall of many diets.

This time I stood firm and put into practice everything I'd learned from LL - challenging the 'crooked thinking' with thought records. It was still difficult at times, but I succeeded in staying strong.

I am looking forward to getting back to work (yes really) and back into a busy routine again.:)
Tell me about it... I cant wait to get back to university, even though this term I have an incredibly big work load... the stress of essays and exams, plus having a part time job to think about, stop me from worrying about food... the weeks just go by so much faster there, which is a real blessing on LL!!!!

Well done on sticking with it through the routine change though! It's a real trial and we're all stronger for getting past it.