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has anyone been prescribed metformin to specifically help them lose weight?
my weight loss has been pretty much non existant for a long time now, so im looking into medication to possibley help kick start again and if I can get my excess hair and spots sorted at the same time I'll be happy.

Anyone have any experience with met. Ive been on it before, but I was a lot heavier then I am now, so im hoping that it may have a different effect on me this time round.
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I take this and yes it was prescribed to me to help boost my weight loss, I find slow release works so much better ... it doesn't generally help with the excess hair but I have noticed that I don't have so many spots now :)
Thankyou for your reply mel. Im going to ask for slow release metformin tomorrow on the hope i get somwhere!! ... wish me luck!
When I was first put on it they gave me the normal ones but I was forever in the bathroom so pretty quickly stopped taking them. I then moved and started seeing a new gp who suggested I try the slow release and I must say am so much happier just taking one a day. If you have too much grease you know it { for example having kebab meat } but it does boost my weight loss which i'm happy with as have alot to lose.
I was prescribed this a couple of years ago, but it made me sooooo ill. I didn't have a single day when I felt well, was always lethargic, headachey and nauseous :(
Was you taking it 3 times a day?
Gosh, I can't remember it was that long ago :eek:
I remember being referred to a guy at the hospital after crying to my gp. In the past I've lost 3 stone with WW, then gradually it crept back on. Got my act together but weight would NOT come off. Tried allsorts. I'd go to class and be told I'd gained 4lb in a week - whilst counting points and knowing I was counting right because I'd lost 3 stone doing the same!
The guy I saw at hospital looked about 12 (or I'm getting old :)) and he said "Mrs Smith, it is a fact that if you eat less and exercise more, you WILL lose weight" :mad: Then he left the room while I cried. At least the nurse and I had a good ***** about him whilst he was gone.
No doctor should make you feel like that, grrr!!!! Maybe if you wanted to try again you could talk to your doctor about the slow release tablets, they have helped me loads and I notice a difference in my weight if I haven't taken them for a week {experimental to see if it would have an effect and it does - i usually put on or stay the same those weeks}
my doctor was great today, i have been prescribed metformin, and told to come back in a month :)
Thankyou, I did ask for slow realease but my doctor is putting me on 'normal' met for the first month, see the effects and if I cant tolerate it, ill be put on the slow release, as aparently thats usually used for diabetics more.
Is metformin similar to xenical in its effects then?
I have PCOS, I'm not doing too badly on SW at the moment but the excess hair etc is still a major worry.
It doesn't really affect the hair growth ...

Kirsty I couldn't tolerate the normal metformin which is why I am on slow release
Ooh, I used to take...

500mg 3 times a day :D I had nasty nauseous/upset stomach side effects for.. about 2 weeks?

I now take...

5ml 3 times a day (liquid due to gastric band + big pills = bad :p)

Same side effects for a few weeks, nothing else other than the NASTY TASTE!

Hmm, good side effects..

1) Weight actually drops!
2) Not so much LESS hair... just no INCREASE :) - TMI I know, but after removal, return is less rapid :p
3) May be in my head, but may be due to the insulin regulation but - I am satisfied with 3 meals. No more constant picky-hunger :)
4) I feel more energetic too

Shame it tastes so darn nasty :p
After reading that, I have my fingers crossed somthing happens with me :) im on day 2 of taking the met. i have definatley felt fuller after not a lot of food, but thats been it so far. :)
Yay, well I hope it works :)
Thankyou, me too! :)
I lost nearly 4lbs in my first week, but i dont know if that has anything to do with the met. ive ha no side effects or anything, but i fainted/blacked out on Saturday when i came out the bath. ive been to my GP and he thinks its nothing to do with the Metformin thankfully.
Glad to hear it's not affecting you the way it did me, also that your blackout was nothing to do with it either. Well done on the 4lb loss :)

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