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Mia's Diary - 3rd Time Lucky!!


Skinny girl in a fat body
Righto - I am going to do it this time. I lost about 3 1/2 stone last year on CD but put some back on. CD is great, but impossible to live on (well done to those who do). So, I want a diet that I can 'enjoy', as much as a diet can be enjoyed if you get my drift. Anyway, I've done WW twice before and put weight ON - yes ON:confused:. After thinking I am the only person in the world who can't lose on WW, I decided to give it another go.

Third week and I have lost a grand total of (drum roll)............ wait for it ................. 2 1/2 lbs:cry::cry:. Whats that all about??????? I have joined on a weekly pass to make me go and I will stick with it for a couple of months to see how it goes. What I don't want to do is waste my time. If this isn't going to work I need to find something that does. Tomorrow is the beginning of week 4. I don't care how many people say "oh come on, have you seen half a pound of fat", or "well, the slower you lose it the slower you will put it back on" - it is still a disgraceful weight loss. I know you can't stay on kickstart for more that 2 weeks, so what I am going to do is kickstart for two weeks then for a week have normal points (20), then back to kickstart. See how that goes.

Sorry to prattle on, I'm talking to myself more than anything - but hey, it's my diary, I can do what I want:giggle:
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do you do much exercise? if you do, do you eat your activity points as well?

also, have you tried Core? I weigh a lot more than you and I've dieted before, and i found that my weight loss is still a lot slower than it has been in the past, so i have tried Core for the first time and my weight loss has increased for changing what I'm eating and in particular I think because I've chosen not to use my points allowance for bread.


Skinny girl in a fat body
No I haven't tried core, the reason being I like to pick all day :) I don't fancy just filling myself up at meal times. I think I will try to cut back on the bread, although I only eat WW bread so that shouldn't be too bad. No, I don't do any exercise at the minute, but I am going to start. We'll see
you can pick on Core, but it has to be fruit or veg unless its at mealtimes. its worth thinking about if you want to maybe kickstart your weightloss :) i'm a picker too, but i tend to find my weightlosses are smaller on points and i reckon this must be because of the food choices i am making.

aquafit is a good place to start with exercise. Really fun as well which is rare when it comes to exercise i think! :p
Good luck with your weightloss journey Mia! x
Are you definitely calculating your points correctly, for instance 1 slice of WW bread is .5 pts but 2 slices is 1.5 pts. Just a thought, good luck on your weightloss journey.
Hi Mia. I have replied on your other thread as well but thought I'd post on here too.

If you do struggle on WW you may be insulin resistant so might want to think about making low-GI choices which should help.

Also, make sure you are keeping hydrated.

I also tend to keep a point or two below my allowance most days so that if I have a chocolate (or vodka!) need, I have some 'spare'.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks for all your replies ladies. I have decided to start this new week on Core - give that a shot. 2 years ago I was literally an excersie freak - gym before work, gym after work, maybe a class then come home and do a keep fit video or some weights. But you know the top and bottom of it now - I can't be bothered.

I have done OK today, all core foods so far. I am going to try and not eat any points so I can have a chicken kebab over the weekend. I think that's only about 8. I hope this plan works becasue I am beginning to be disheartened :(
Fingers crossed for you, Mia. I think it's worth you giving Core a try for a week - I'm a dedicated snacker myself but I find that as long as I eat enough at my mealtimes when I'm on Core I don't get too hungry in between.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Second day on core - and I like it:). I am a big fruit eater anyway so really it is not too big a hardship to snack on that only. Had my porridge as usual, my baxters soup as usual and for my tea had a two egg omlette with mushrooms, 2 slices of lean bacon and tomatoes and salad. Then I had 2 ww yogurts - ALL FREE!!! Didn't use any points yesterday but I have taken a ww chocolate eclair (1.5) out of the freezer to have with my cup of tea later. So 1.5 points in two days will leave me enough points to maybe have that chicken kebab at the weekend. So, don't want to say too much in case it doesn't work, but I think I prefer core and will follow the core plan.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Another good day. Porridge for breakfast, jacket potato and ww beans for lunch with a ww yogurt, salmon and veg for tea with another ww yogurt. My sister is coming over for a cuppa soon so have taken a couple of ww chocolate eclairs out of the freezer for my treat (1.5).So again, only used 1.5 points which still leaves me 18 until my wi on Tuesday night. If I am honest, I am missing snacking on other things apart from fruit but I don't really want to use all of my points allowance. Don't think I'll have the chicken kebab over the weekend either and see how much I lose on Tuesday. I am hoping and praying I lose though - don't know what I'll do if I don't :(


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks ladies. Still sticking at it but really want to pig out tonight - don't know why. Today I've had 2 shredded wheat with skimmer milk, ww soup and for my tea had 2 chicken breasts cooked in the oven with half a tin of ratatouille with brown rice and a ww yogurt. Half the tin of ratatouille was 2 points but the rest was free. Also going to have a ww chocolate wafer tonight so today used 3.5 points. Just want to eat loads of sweets and crisps tonight. Thanks for all your encouragement x
Hey hun, I could have written your post at the beginning! I lost most of my weight with CD too and am now doing WW as imo it is more sustainable.

If you look at my losses on my signature you will see that by week four, I too had been disappointed by my losses, and was getting quite down about it. But my body is now catching up and I lost a whole 3lbs this week. Try not to see it as 'if this week i don't lose....' as its not about THIS week, its about NEXT week, and the week after that, and the week after that. If you stick with it you WILL lose. OK there's no denying its not a speedy way to lose but it IS guaranteed and it DOES allow us to have a life!

Stick with it hun, I hope you see a good loss this week! Don't forget the 10-day cycle too... it takes 10 days for your eating choices to show on the scales.

Wishing you well for your WI this week hun :) xxx
I have days like that too. I just NEED junk. SO far I have avoided the binge that I used to have everyday and I am 8 weeks in now. If things are really bad i go to bed lol!

Goodluck for WI this week. I am only losing around 1lb per week but I am happy with that! It might be slow but it is working. Plus like wannabslim said, it is sustainable! No good losing all the weight for it to pile back on. Your are doing the right thing and it will work if you have the willpower. Goodluck for WI x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Yes, I am going to stick at it, but it does make you feel a bit unmotivated doesn't it? I did have a binge last night, but with nothing fattening and all within my points allowance. Maybe I am being a bit too hard on myself becasue I had about 8 of my 21 points last night and I didn't want to, I wanted to use as few points as possible to see how I progressed on core. Anyway, done now. Also, can anyone advise me? I think I am eating too much fruit. I love fruit and I eat it throughout the day and evening as snacks. I know I am not supposed to compare, but I keep a little notebook and write down everything I eat and add up the points at the end of the day (even though I am following core). I have never gone over 20 points anyway, but just wondered if on core you are only supposed to eat when you are hungry or you can snack on fruit just becasue you fancy it???

I may change my class too. I go on a Tuesday night but may change to a Monday night. My teacher has never given me one word of encouragement, just weights me and gives me my card back and smiles!!!! I will go on Tuesday night this week just to I have given core an exact week for my first week then see about changing.

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