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mice :(


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I seem to keep having a recurring problem with mice. I live in a block of 6 flats, 2 per floor. I live on the top floor. Now the block is nice, isnt untidy or dirty. We all share a big communal garden out back which then backs onto a big field. In the past year and a half ive had around 6 of the wee beggers. I make sure my house is tidy and theres no nibblies lying around for them. Ive phoned the council previously to help and all they say is that with us backing onto a rural area theres always a high risk of such things. The 2 home owners downstairs have cats so dont know if these are chasing them in. Im at my wits end here, i hate this situation due to my wee girl. I dont have the funds for moving right now either. (we have traps permanently laid in the airing cupboard just in case)
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I will do this!!!
Theres not much you can do but catch them! i lived in a house and like you there was nothing lying around for them but because we lived with fields around us they just come into the warm to live. Its not because of mess or anything like that its just your flats are dry and warm for them and theres plenty of knooks and cranies for them to live in. We just had to set traps.


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Thanks for the replies.

I think the best thing would be to get new traps and fresh bait in the current ones. I dont really want to kill them but then i dont want pipes and wires chewed either!


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My parents live in the country, and have traps set permanently too. However, they use Mars Bar as bait - it's stickier for the clever little bu$$ers to pull, hence the trap goes off and they're caught. Mum & dad were finding the traps with cheese hadn't gone off and the cheese was gone :eek:

Be careful with poison - make sure it's inaccessible to the wee one - my friends labrador ate some rat poison which she had put down (where she thought Charlie couldn't get it - he is ok now :D )

Good luck.


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We used to have mice all the time in corfu....and i mean ALL the time!! the best thing for attracting mice to traps is chocolate...cheese doesnt work as it can fall of the trap and choc lasts....beleive me we tried and tested everything possible!!

whoever said mars bar is spot on....we had 100% success rate with that.

Stephie77 xxx

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