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Michelles Atkins Diary -Let the Fun Begin

Hello everyone. I've enjoyed reading the threads and diaries over the last few days and have decided Atkins is definitely for me. I brought the book yesterday and have made a start reading that, and have done lots of research on the net.

I'm going to start Atkins a fortnight today, to give me time to prepare and know exactly what I'm doing, my daughter is also going to do Atkins with me so we can support each other.

I've tried WW twice now but find it boring and time consuming. I work shifts sometimes doing 60hrs a week and don't want to be faffing about counting points.

I have also brought I book that shows carb values of loads of food, can't remember what it's called, It's downstairs and I'm still in bed as on nights tonight, will post name later.

I have some questions/queries if anyone can help.

1) do I need to buy ketostiks or can I do without them?

2) i really love my cups of tea, I'm ok to go decaf I like my tea strong with just a dash of milk, I understand I can't have milk on Atkins is there an alternative i,e lacto free or anything similar?

3)I am planing to do my shopping online as will be less tempted to buy rubbish and can take my time, because of my shifts what grab & go, store cupboard ingredients would you recommend?

I'm sorry my first post is so long as I want to be prepared before I start as I'm not going to fail this time. I expect the book may answer some of these questions too but I've just not got that far yet.

Thank you for your help in advance
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Hi Michelle, welcome:)

Great to see your diary and the fact that you are planning carefully ahead - that will really help:) i'll try answer a few questions

1 i have never used keto sticks and happy to have one less thing to worry about! I would suggest you save the money and focus on getting to know your own body's signs of ketosis

2 cant help on the milk as i love my tea black - someone else will comment on alternatives you dont have to give up caffiene usless you want although i used as a way to cut down and have about half caf and half decaf now

3 store cupboard is actually quite tricky - thinking about it most of my is now in freezer and fridge - healthier fresher food! Having said that ideas:
- pork crackling and mini pepperami are both very useful packaged snacks that are easy to have to hand.
- Also take a look at the mim sticky (muffin in a minute) - if you buy some ground flaxseed then you can make cake/muffin/bread type things when you want
- some granulated splenda might be useful
- sugar free jelly (i buy the tubs but you can also get mix) for when you are desperate!

Have fun and good luck for your start!
Thank you Katie thats very helpful. I'm on night shifts this week which can get soooooo boring so will be doing lots of research as I'm positive this is the way to go.


P.S just taken a look at the MIM sticky - yum will def try those.
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Welcome Michelle ... We're such a friendly lot and I couldn't have got this far without everyone's help, advice and support! I find this place invaluable...

There are many stars and high achievers on here as well as folk at every stage of their journey ...

Good luck ... It's a great diet... I never feel deprived as I can eat so many foods that are 'illegal' on other diets!

Enjoy and post often :)


Rebel without a calorie
Hi and welcome. You could try a little soya milk in tea. I like builders tea but have black earl grey. For your store cupboard look on the low carb shopping list sticky for great ideas. Can't remember what your other questions were as I'm on iPhone at mo so can't scroll to them lol.
Edit: ah yes ketosticks. My opinion is don't waste your time or money. Some people get really hung up when they don't change colour. If you're in keto you'll have plenty of indicators but the sticks don't always work fir everyone. This is not what they're designed for. Good luck
Morning everyone - well it is for me as night shifts at the moment. Lots of reading again yesterday and have been playing with the Fat secret App - wow it's good even got low carb recipes so will use that to assist me. I'm really impatient to start Atkins but have got to be strong and start on my planned date so I have all the right foods in my cupboards.

The MIMs look great thanks for the tip, and thankyou everyone for your support.

Hope you are all having a nice day.

Ps most of the time I'll be using my phone to check in and read posts etc so if I don't respond to something I'm not being rude just hard to see stuff

Hi Michelle
Welcome to Atkins. :)
I have some baybell's or whatevers on offer and ready cooked chicken strips. You could also get some mattersons sausage, the 0 carb one.
I have a drop of cream in my coffee but dont know about tea!
Have a read through peoples menus and you'll get a good idea.
Good luck xx
Thanks DD, I'm going to try over next few days to get used to black tea, so I'm not doing everything all at once when I start Atkins next week. I know for certain I can't stomach it with cream makes it too sweet. Will be doing an Early turn shift for the first 2 days when I start then have a couple of days off before I start nights again on the Weds so if I get the "Atkins Flu" should be over it by then. Hope everyone has had a good day xx
Great planning Michelle! :)


This is for life
Excellent planning michelle - that's half the battle done;)
Morning Michelle :)
Going well please DD thanks. Finished nights now for a couple of weeks just got lates and earlies in the way - groan!!! - will be chilling and looking at recipes today - and planning my meals for the next 9 days to clear out the cupboards of the old crap xx
Thank you Wendy

I have managed to find some flavoured water I like that is nil carb - It is Perfectly Clear sugar free still water - crisp red apple flavour - found it in Morrisons. Also found some unsweetened soya milk that was about 0.1 carb per 100ml so i'm going to give that a try too in my tea. I realised today that there is one food I'm going to miss to begin with and that's cheese scones (i love them with tons of butter) but I'm going to play with the MIM's and see if I can make myself a replacement, especially as I'm still allowed to have the butter.

Hope everyone has had a good day.

Morning Michelle... You've got some great ideas :)
Hi there,

Doing really well so far on the planning stage - its really useful to get as much out of the house as poss. I ended up taking everything out of my cupboards that I couldn't eat & putting it in the loft!!!

Don't bother with Ketosticks - waste of money. You'll know when your in ketosis - you'll have the 'Atkins flu' for a couple of days, then will bound out of bed with more energy than you are used to.

I love milk in my tea to, have been limiting tea because of this as your right there are loads of carbs - so I'll be looking at the soya stuff ext time I'm shopping.

my top tips for Atkins are:
1. Drink, Drink, Drink - at least 2 litres a day - if you feel crappy you arn't drinking enough
2. Deli meats, cheese & hard boiled eggs in the fridge for when you just have to snack
3. Loads of allowed veg & salad - make sure you eat most of your carbs from veg & salad
4. Buy some Atkins RTD shakes & bars. There will be times when you just can't be arsed to make breakfast, or are out & about & hungry. Make sure you have a bar on you at all times.

In case it helps......

My sainsburys list always includes.....

Bag of frozen fish fillets
Salad - lettuce, cucumber, celery, mushrooms & peppers
Veg - Broccoli, greens, cabbage, red chillis, garlic (stir fry anything green in chilli, garlic, ginger & sesame oil), swede
Phillidelphia - the sweet chilli stuff is fantastic
Lazy ginger

Loads of deli meats - make a philli roll with these meats when peckish
some kind of joint of meat - roast it & have with mashed swede & greens. Then eat the rest as snacks through the week

Double cream
(blend the mascapone & cream together with 1tsp vanilla & have with raspberries)

Atkins daybreak bars & milkshakes - either breakfast or keep in bag for when out & about

Tinned tuna
- i have with salad & gherkins
Oh I really should get up - can't shake of the night shifts lol - this time tomorrow I'll be going to work.

Thanks for the above Kat very helpful.

Sorry finger tired poking IPhone screen - will post more later Lolz.

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