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Michelle's food tracker

As I have only lost 1lb over the past few weeks due to poor choices, I have decided to complete a food diary online. Hope that this will motivate me further to stick to it and shift some more pounds ;)

Today -
Breakfast: 28g Jordans muesli (HEXB)with mullerlight yoghurt.
Lunch: Very naughty - had a massive meal last night so skipped as not hungry :sigh:
Dinner: Quorn cumberland sausages and mixed roasted veg.
HEXA - milk in tea and coffee, HEXB - Babybel lights.

Will probably snack on some fruit later and use my syns for wine. ;)

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One year on from the start (and abrupt finish) of my diary, I have still never reached my target. :sigh:

I came within 3 lbs of doing so in May, but have become very complaicent since then putting 1/2 stone back on.

I have just rejoined SW class today and plan to keep my diary from now on.

Todays food:

Breakfast: Jordans muesli, mullerlight yoghurt

Lunch: Skipped - I have got into the bad habit of skipping occasionally to save the 'calories' for other stuff.

Tea: SW veg pilau style rice with Mayflower curry sauce (6 syns)

Thanks for your support :)

I am really struggling to be 'good' and get back onto making the right food choices.

Had a bad day yesterday. Started off well with 28g of muesli and milk for breakfast.

Then went to the Nando's for dinner and had a chicken breast fillet wrap with chips.

Didn't have tea as such, but drank lots of wine and then nibbled on 6 fish fingers at supper time. :sigh:

I really need to sort myself out!

Have started off this morning with muesli and milk again. Fingers crossed I can stay off the junk and booze throughout the day.

Yesterday eldest son had a bbq for his mates.

I was good with the food, but the amount of wine I necked let me down greatly :cry:

Yesterday I ate - quorn sausage and tomato sandwich for breakfast (HEB and 2 syns for sausages).

Quorn peppered steaks, SW chips and mushy peas.

My wine probably amounted to 30 syns (if not more....)

Today I have started off bad straight away - we had sausages in the fridge that had defrosted and needed cooking, so I have had 2 sausages in a white roll at about 11am.

I will endeavour to be good for the remainder of the day......

Yesterday didn't continue in the same negative vein as the morning started.

Following my sausage sandwich for brunch, I later had Quorn peppered steaks with roasted veg. I had 1 1/2 small glasses of wine and that was it for yesterday.

Today, so far I have had:-

Late up, so had a very strange brunch - mushy peas and sauted tinned potatoes (frylight used).

For tea I am planning to have a quorn and mixed bean casserole that hubby has made.

Feeling generally more optimistic about getting back on track, but not holding my breath for any weight loss/maintain at weigh in tomorrow.

Have weighed in today and delighted to have lost 1 1/2 lbs!

I haven't been mega good with the food and booze, but there must have been some improvement for me to have lost at all.

So far today I have eaten:-

28g Jordans muesli with grapes, strawberries, pineapple and mullerlight yoghurt.

For tea I am planning on having roasted veg, primula extra light HEXA and Co-op Pitta Bread HEXB.

Did well with the food yesterday, but then blew it by polishing of the best part of a bottle of white wine. :sigh:

New day, new start, so planning to just get on with today and not have any syns at all to try and make up for the wine.

For breakfast I had 28g shreddies with strawberries and milk.

Lunch was a strange cauliflower, broad bean, aubergine curry concoction.

I have more cauliflower to cook - splurge of them on allotment that need eating before they all open up. I am planning to just boil and mash the cauliflower with some seasoning and then make into patties. I will then either bake them or fry in frylight.

Not sure what I will have with them yet - maybe a veggie SW quiche.

Thank you :)

Stayed well on track yesterday, although I did have one small glass of wine in the evening.

So far today have been good - very strange concoction, but I had tinned tomatoes and Co-op pitta for breakfast.

Lunch is now, as I have been out this morning. I am having Quorn peppered steaks with left over cauliflower patties and mushy peas (Yum - not! :rolleyes:)

For tea I have got some salmon, which I will have with new potatoes roasted with black pepper and rosemary. I haven't decided on whether it will be salad or roasted tomatoes as yet to accompany it.

Although I did very well with the food yesterday, I am afraid that I succumbed to the demon wine in the evening..... I calculate that I had about 30 syns worth.. :break_diet:

I am supposed to be going to a friends house this evening, but am trying to get out of it as I can't trust myself not to eat the full fat curry or drink copious amounts of irish coffee.

So far today I have had 28g muesli, grapes, strawberries and mullerlight yoghurt.

For lunch I will be having some left over veggie curry and then for tea I am planning on rice stuffed peppers.

Hi Michelle - I had a peep at your diary and couldn't break away - I am fascinated by your weird concoctions! Eeek - mushy peas and tinned tatties, multiveg curries etc. You are very inventive and I may have to stop thinking along the ryvita, jacket potato, salad kind of line.

You have done so well, something is clearly working. I am a sucker for the wine as well and that leads me to scoff more. Well, it's too wet without it isn't it?

All the best

Pomooky XXX
Thanks for all your support.

My weird concoctions are down to pure laziness at times Pomooky. That and the fact that I am trying to eat as much speed food as possible to boost my loss.

In the end I didn't go to my friends house last night. I felt a bit ropey all day yesterday (probably down to Friday nights wine).

Was very good yesterday - stuck to the plan of stuffed peppers which were delicious. I stuffed them with Batchelors golden savoury rice, a chopped boiled egg and then finished off with a topping of HEXA mozzerella.

I didn't have any syns at all yesterday to try and make up for the wine on Friday - plus I felt too ropey to have anything else anyway :D

So far today I have had 2 quorn sausages ( 2 syns), mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and egg 'fried' in frylight.

Hubby has brought yet more cauliflower from allotment, so this evenings tea will probably involve roasted cauliflower and something!



Better to Drink your Syns
My Dad has an allotment, and we get overrun with a particular type of vergetable, and have to eat them till they come out of our ears, but then, when you want one, there is none there:eek:

We've had the run of cauliflowers, and my favourite is Cauliflower cheese, followed by the brocolli run, again brocolli cheese, now the Kidney Bean run is starting!:eek:
Hi Michelle! Just had a wee look at your diary, loving the concoctions! Must give some of them a go :p I love my wine as well, have you ever tried the First Cape low alcohol wine from the Café Collection? Apparently the whole bottle is 12 syns. The red wine wasn't to my taste at all (too sweet) but the white wine is quite nice and you can convince yourself that it's "REAL" wine :p
My Dad has an allotment, and we get overrun with a particular type of vergetable, and have to eat them till they come out of our ears, but then, when you want one, there is none there:eek:

We've had the run of cauliflowers, and my favourite is Cauliflower cheese, followed by the brocolli run, again brocolli cheese, now the Kidney Bean run is starting!:eek:
We are also over run by cherry tomatoes at the moment, which I don't mind as I eat them like 'sweets' if I fancy a quick nibble.

Trouble is, hubby sometimes goes over the top with green beans and broad beans - we have them in the freezer from last year and still haven't harvested this years!

Teddysgoldengirl - I bought a bottle of the rose low alcohol wine yesterday and tried a glass last night. It may of been because I had it after a glass of normal red, but it was very, very sweet. Still, for 12 syns I suppose I could persevere and pretend it is 'normal' wine. :)

Food intake been okay diet wise today, if a little boring. It has been my first day back at work following 6 weeks holidays and I couldn't think what to take for lunch.

So far I have had:

Breakfast: 28g Muesli, grapes, strawberries and mullerlight yoghurt.

Lunch: Low Fat supernoodles (YUCK), 2 bananas and a mandarin.

For dinner I am going to trawl through some of the other diaries and see if I can get inspiration on what to make.

Oh I haven't tried the Rosé, is it the First Cape wine you got? Haven't seen the Rosé in that. Would like to give it a go! It's hard to get used to the sweetness of the wine but it's better than nothing I suppose :)
Sorry for the delay in replying - my head hasn't really been in a 'diet' mode lately, so felt too embarrassed to post :cry:

Yes, it was First Cape Rose. I can't remember which supermarket I got it from though and haven't bought it since.

Finding it very hard to get back on track. I am feeling 'deprived' of 'normal' food like a quick Chinese Takeaway or pate and crusty bread.

I know I need to get over this hurdle before I can get back on track properly and cook my own Chinese food or SW pate and bread allowance.

My work trouser waist bands are feeling a bit tighter and I haven't dared to even go to class and get weighed, as though avoidance is the way to sort myself out....

I fully know what I need to do, but just have to sort be in the 'zone' so to speak to succeed.

Just look at what you have achieved already, you know that you can definitely do this! I know it's hard to satisfy the cravings you get, especially for Chinese food, but you could still get a takeaway that's low in syns, like chicken chow mein or something like that? Do you use all of your syns everyday? I find that by having a curly wurly / crisps everyday that I don't end up feeling too deprived. I save it til night time just before bed so I can look forward to it all day. Best of luck, remember that tomorrow is a new day :) x

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