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Michillins maintenance diary (of sorts)

Hi Everyone,

At the moment this is where I am

Did 7 weeks on Lipotrim .... lost 2st 6lb
Did 2 weeks refeed............. + 2lb :cry:
Did 2 weeks calorie counting ... STS

Went off the rails for 2 weeks :whoopass:

Last four weeks Healthy eating/low sugar
Am still maintaining around 12st 1 lb

I am now going to start a new healthy eating diary to at least maintain but would love to loose a little more :D

Monday 6th July

Breakfast : Boiled egg, 2 slices wholemeal bread

Lunch : Roast chicken Thigh (Removed skin) Salad, Diet Yogurt

Snack : Pink Lady apple/ tea

Dinner : 3 small new potatoes
Carrots , Peas
Small piece sirloin steak
Spoonful pepper sauce

Snack : Diet yogurt/strawberries
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Well done for getting back to it, takes a little while to find what is right for you and what doesn't work. You will do it hun.
Thanks Joy and Mary.

I am kinda waiting to see how this glucose tolerance test i did on Friday turns out. I think it will be negative as my fasting blood sugar was not high when my doctor checked it. The main reason she sent me is I have a family history of diabetes. (Father and Brother are Type 2). Also had a bout of gestational diabetes with my second.

Anyway whatever it says I have now decided I cant eat it and thats it. I cant afford to go on 2 week relapses and put on 5 lb each time.. (No problem when i binge)

I know for my height I should be at the most 10 stone but would be really happy to get to 11 or ecstatic to get to 10st 7 (Wedding weight). I am hoping if i can stay eating healthily and exercising i will loose it naturally .
Not in any big hurry.


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Good luck for the test and a great attitude to losing the rest of the weight, just take it slowly and as it comes. I think the stress comes when we try to lose it too quickly (following a diet - not lipotrim) thats when we get impatient.
Tuesday 7th July

Strange day today foodwise -lots happening

Breakkfast : 2tbsp all bran and skim milk
1 boiled egg
2 slices wholemeal bread

Snack : diet yogurt

Lunch : 2 slices roast chicken /tomatoes/ Tbsp lf coleslaw on one slice Wholemeal Bread
1 apple

Dinner : Hubby wants Pizza but I will just have a chicken stirfry. (No carbs)

Not being too watchfull of portions this week as I go through sugar withdrawal (again!!!!) . Wont be having all bran again either I could really taste the sugar (Believe it or not). My brother told me this ages ago and I laughed at him but its true .


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yes you have to be careful with cereal, we have a nutritionist where I work and they recommended porridge and shredded wheat i think, I always check the sugar content on cereal now as my hubby is type 2 diabetic, and I know if I have sugary stuff I want more.
Ya . I actually like shredded wheat, must get some . For some reason I told myself id like cerial this morning and it was the "best " I had in the press!!!. Its amazing when you start to read labels how much sugar is in foods. I felt like S..T warmed up this morning (forgive the french) . I think its withdrawals. Should be over it in a few days PG.

Howlong has your husband been diagnoised . Its hard going . My Brother was diagnosed only 3 years ago , lost five stone and is maintaining but goes for all his checkups etc. It has really changed his outlook on life .


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It definitely is surprising at all the hidden sugars in foods when you read the labels. I try to eat as much natural food as possible now and I do stick to porridge when I want cereal for breakfast, with the exception of weetabix which I had twice last week. I also use honey to sweeten things too, but sometimes I just add a sweetex to my porridge while its cooking.

Good luck in getting over your sugar withdrawal. Its always a case of give an inch and you can easily take a mile. Its so hard once you do have something sweet, as with me 1 leads to 10 or more!
Wednesday 8th July 2009

Breakfast : boiled egg and 2 slices wholmeal bread

Lunch : 3 slices of roast chicken breast and mixed salad(rocket mix,beetroot,tomatoes,red pepper, coleslaw Low fat)

Binge of low sugar snacks !!!!!!!!
3 oatcakes and cottage cheese
2 apples
2 diet yogurts
handful almonds and some seeds
Picked daughters roast chicken

I couldnt seem to stop eating around four o clock this evening:mad:
Am stuffed now and not going to have any more for the night .(Ihope:wave_cry:)

I really had bad cravings for biscuits today but i didnt. Know I overate but ...I am withdrawing and thats my excuse....Also had six children from age 9-13 here all day


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my hubby has been diagnosed about four years, he got told that he would be on injections if he did not change his diet, but we knuckled down together after christmas, and we dont have sweet stuff in the house, he keeps a couple of sweets in the car in case his sugar goes low. He has lost nearly two stone, I must admit it is really helping me as we both eat healthy now.
I find it strange that we can binge at odd times, with nothing to spark it off, up to now its not happened to me, since coming off lipotrim but I know will, I think we just have to recognise it and try to control the damage. good luck for the rest of the night.:D:D


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Hey that binge wasnt that bad, when you look at it, its only a little more than you would have had for a dinner anyway, so call it dinner and snacks - dont worry, all good healthy binges like that wont do you any harm hun xx
Mary ,you always know how to say the right thing:D .

I actually didnt have anything since because I wasnt hungry (First for me) . Will just have a cuppa now before bed. I tore into some (Mountain:cry:) of ironing and it took my mind off food completely.As you say I will call all those snacks dinner and not beat myself up. maybe i am actually learning to listen to my body at last . cant do that when i eat sugar.

Thanks again ,Breda


maintaining since June'09
Hi Breda!

Sorry I haven't been around to offer any support! That sugar's a b*****d isn't it!!!!

Keep your chin up girl and keep in control! You KNOW you can xxx
Great to see you back Jan ..forgot you were away on course sorry. Did you learn any tips that could help us all. ? . Been very quiet here with Summer, Bev and Yas all off on holidays.

Still think I am on a learning curve but have learnt a lot in the last few weeks about the way i eat. Today gave me another little bit of confidence in that iknow i overate but at least i compensated by not having a dinner as such and I kept away from the Bickies :D


maintaining since June'09
I think you're doing great! I'm only now beginning to relax a little and 'allow' myself to have a bit more and a bit more variety.

I learnt absolutely LOADS on the course but not things you could call 'tips' exactly. It's more about helping people on a 1 to 1 basis to understand why they do what they do and finding better ways to achieve what they're trying to achieve. (IYSWIM ;))
Well its official . I am not diabetic (Thank God) . I still cant control sugar though and it makes me unwell when i overeat(Fatigue, depression, cravings, low self esteem, brain slows down) so
I am just going to tell myself now i am allergic to it and get on with my life. Ordered 3 books today off amazon on the subject!!!!!....

Thursday 9th July 2009

Breakfast: 1 weetabix and LF milk
1 boiled egg
2 slices wholemeal bread

Lunch (OUT) medium slice of quiche
Mixed salad
Thought this was the best option but didnt like the quiche ...still ate it !!!!!!!!!!!

Snack (4-5pm) 3 oatcakes and cottage cheese 2 diet Yogurts

Dinner (7.30pm) Spagetti bolognese
(small portion of wholemeal spagetti )

Realised today that I either need to eat my dinner at around 4pm or havea good snack prepared for then because I seem to do my worst craving then . Usually wait for hubby to come home to have dinner with him but I think its too late for me to be eating my biggest meal of the day.He will probably whinge ,he has this thing about eating alone but he has to realise how important this is to me.
Friday 10 july 2009

Breakfast 1 shredded wheat /low fat milk
1 boiled egg

Lunch : 3 slices chicken breast
Mixed salad
slice of wholemeal bread

snack : red apple, diet yogurt.

dinner : chicken breast
stir fry veg

snack : strawberries /diet yogurt
Yippie !!!!!!!! weighed myself this morning and have lost 2 lbs . Thrilled with that . also back in to the 11st bracket .

Whole foods/ low sugar works !!!!!!!!!!!(for me anyway)

Saturday 11th July 2009

Breakfast : 1 shredded wheat and LF milk
1 boiled egg
2 slices wholemeal bread
light scrape flora light

Lunch : Tuna and mixed salad
diet Yogurt

snack : 2 oatcakes and cottage cheese

Dinner : Chicken fahitas with salad

snack : strawberries and diet yogurt

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