Mich's Diary - Getting my life back on track but still away to go - back soon!!!

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  1. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    OK as today is the start of a new era I have decided to start a new diary thread....and will endeavour to post on it on a daily basis...cos that's what your supposed to do with a diary isn't it?.....LOL:D

    Just a quick bit of background for any new readers....I am happily married to my OH and have been for 13 years......have three gorgeous kids - see aviator (Jennie....you know what I mean...LMAO!!!) Harry is 11, Charlie is 6 and Lucy is 4......I am currently not working but looking...hoping to find a fulfilling job in 2007.......

    OK last night I had the 'last supper'.....again:rolleyes: and ended it by eating lots of chocolate.....:eek:

    Hubby had to go to work this morning - he's helping out my bro who works for himself.....so his alarm went off at 7am....OMG way, way too early for a festive holiday period:eek: poor thing so didn't want to get up......shame...LOL!! I promptly turned over and went back to sleep.....for a while till the rug rats came a knocking and brought me pictures they have been creating...bless....haven't a clue what they are but the thoughts there....LOL!!! Eventually dragged myself out of the pit at about 9.30am.....it's gonna kill me when the kids go back to school and I have to be up at 7am.....:(

    Made the beds, fed the kids and have just tidied up downstairs....looked like a bomb site:rolleyes: got a load of washing on and got a load of stuff to iron.....yuck....gonna have a quick shower and then get ironing....it shouldn't take too long once I start....although I keep getting waylaid by the computer....mmmmm I wonder why:eek: :rolleyes:

    I have already been on the scales and it doesn't look good.....I estimated my ticker 2 days ago that I would be 16.10lbs and yup I estimated right......this morning I was 16.10lbs:eek: I am not going to dwell on what I was down to or how much I've put on....there is no point....I can't change it instantly.....damage is done now to get on with the job of rectifying it......:D PMA is what I'm going to develop.....PMA!!!

    I am on my first litre of water and am struggling because I feel so stuffed from all the excess of the last few weeks:eek: I had my first hunger pang earlier....forgotten what they were like....LOL .....so glugging the water......looking forward to that unbloated empty feeling......:D weirdo I hear you cry!!!

    Anyway, I'm off to measure myself and will get hubby to take pics later......this really is my day 1 on CD so I'm going back to basics and doing everything I would do on a proper day 1....this means - weighing myself (I will attempt to only do this once a week but cannot guarantee it....bit of a scales obsessive:rolleyes: ), I will measure all my body bits:eek: and I will take photos once a month......starting today....as Thursday is today then Thursday mornings will be my official weigh in day so this makes the next on 4 January 2007!!!

    Will ramble more later......:D

    Hope everyone is having a good day.......:D

    Lots of love
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  3. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Good to have you back honey. That'll be the last time you see 16 st 10 :D
  4. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Thanks DQ - you are right 16.10 is history after today:D

    Meant to say had some lush knee length boots come this morning from Evans......and I can do them up....woo hoo....!!!

    OK - I really must get in the shower....I smell....LOLOLOL!:eek: :D :D
  5. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Coolio!!! I love Evans Boots :cool:
  6. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Quick update......:D

    Ironing mountain is slowly moving.....but then will be rapidly added to as the wash basket is almost full again:rolleyes: Someone tell me why I had so many kids....LOl (only kiddin...honest.....they are all being good today so my vocal chords haven't been stretched....LOL!!)

    Have had 2 1/2 litres of water so far and just having a hot choc mint shake......it feels nice....just feeling a bit hungry but by the time I've drunk the shake and some more water this will be gone....no headache yet....will start on the solphedine later to try and keep it at bay....:D

    Managed to make the kids some sarnies for lunch and not lick my fingers......they've just all had chocolate and it's just sooooo tempting but I know if I have one that'll be the slippery slope....;) Every time I open the cupboard it's there looking at me along with the biscuits and an opened packet of shortbread....I think I'm gonna have to move them so I can't see them....one of the tins of bics and the box of chocs left have v v long shelf life on them (October 07 time) so I'm gonna put them away for another time....:D

    Feeling positive and focused.....I can do this, I can...... OK back to the mountain.......and Rikki Lake.......such dross on the TV at the moment:rolleyes:

  7. MandyB2

    MandyB2 Moderator/CD Counsellor

    Hi Hun.. sounds like you're off to a good start today.. those lbs will soon be melting away!!!!!:eek:
    I got on the scales today and was where I expected to be!! not happy but only myself to blame.. I've been totally off the rails since the CD confrence at the begginning of the month!!! I haven't got back on track yet but will be figuring out a plan of action over the next couple of days!!!!!..2007 will see us both to where we want to be.. I'm sure of it:):D:)

    Much love as always xxxx:)
  8. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Still doing OK......3 1/2 litres of water and still only one pack - gonna have another in a minute while watching Hollyoaks - I'm hooked at the mo.....nasty Clare hope she get's her comuppance.....don't die Max....Tom needs you and OB too....LOLOLOLOL:eek: I really should get out more....or not....that's where alot of my excesses have come from over the festive seasons too much going out....tooo much food and way way tooo much voddie.....:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Have just served up a quickie tea (not alot in the cupboards only chocolate and as much as my lot would love to just eat it all it is so not good for them.....just look at their mother....LOL:eek: ) - they've had cheesy mash, bacon and beans...mmmmmmm I've had to retreat to the computer to stop myself disappearing head first into it....I could start on the 1st couldn't I?????? - er how about NO WAY JOSE!!!!!! LOL

    They've all demolished it now and I can hear the dulcet tones of 'what's for pudding'.....:rolleyes: :rolleyes: - just gonna go and force feed them huge slabs of choc log - when it's gone it's gone.....have also but away the other stuff I was on about earlier - I know where it is at the mo but what's the betting I'll forget cos it's in a place I don't go very often - the cupboard where the best plates etc are.....no visitors here for a while not whilst I'm SSing anyway....yeah I know.....shelfish - well if I can't eat nor can they!!!

    All the family going to my sisters tomorrow - she is cooking all the dishes we did during our cookery course - about 10:rolleyes: I having tasted them all before will not be par-taking...I will take a soup and have that and water......I may even be daring and make them into crisps......LOL!!

    Anyway, hubby is hovvering over my shoulder....:( being a bit of a pain so gonna go....need to make a soup - give the kids their choc log and chuck them out the lounge so I can sit and watch Hollyoaks - in peace...... I shall, no doubt, return later....:D :D

  9. FatFairNForty(ish)

    FatFairNForty(ish) Gold Member

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    Hey hon! Yep.. go the aviator ref.. lol Dead proud of you for making this fresh start :D You gonna be even MORE drop dead gorgeousness before ya know it!!!

    Can't wait to see you in the Toon! :D Will def be up for coming out with you on the Friday (matchsticks to keep eyes open though!)..lol

    Love to all.. and so impressed at you being able to get back on there and knuckle down! :D
  10. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

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    Hi Mich, hope our day is still going well. Looking forward to meeting you next week!

    Keep up the good work!
  11. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Thanks Mandy......it's been a struggle.....I was OK till around 2 hours ago and now all I can think about is food.....Aaargh:eek:

    Don't stress about your weight....this is such a difficult time of year...and you are so busy/stressed out....set yourself a date and then just get back on track.....2007 will be the year we both achieve our goals hun....no doubt about it....

    Lots of love
  12. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Thank you kind lady for your compliments...one likes to make an effort to look gorgeous....loosing this excess blubber should help.....:D

    You'll be fine on Friday night....not sure what time me and my sis are getting there....we'll keep in touch by text hun....I have a feeling it's going to be a good laugh.....:D

    Well done on your almost 7lbs again this week....you really are going for it.....so, so proud of you......I'd better keep on track else you'll be lighter than me soon.....;)

    lots of love
  13. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for dropping in.....I am hanging on by a thread determined to make it through day one.....I have one shake left to go.....god it's so hard......

    I'm really looking forward to meeting you next week too....so glad your coming....I've heard lots about you.....all good I hasten to add.....I read your diary and know you've been having a hard time....think this weekend will do you good....:D

    Lots of love
  14. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Well as just mentioned I am going demented thinking of food....:mad: I am glugging the water like a good un and ironing like a loon.....still not finished it.....:rolleyes: Have lost count of the amount of water I've drunk....got another pack to go and then a reasonable night.....I can't believe I've managed a whole day....it has been hard........but remembering them feelings of slimness is keeping me going.....:D

    I will be back again tomorrow......but for now today I have had:

    4 -5 litres water approx
    1 x hot choc mint
    1 x veg soup
    just about to have 1 x vanilla and coffee

    Night night all.

    Lots of love and thanks for your support you guys rock:D :D
  15. FatFairNForty(ish)

    FatFairNForty(ish) Gold Member

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    :D here's to day 2 tomorrow for ya! (Raising my mug of chicken and mushroom soup!) ;)
  16. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Phew......made it through day one by the skin of my teeth:eek: .....I'm starving:eek: .....so I'm going to bed.....see you all tomorrow.....already taking the old headache tablets just in case.....:D

    Night night.....:)

  17. FatFairNForty(ish)

    FatFairNForty(ish) Gold Member

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    night night hon, sweet dreams (of the non-food variety! ;) ) well done on getting through today!! xx
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  19. Lottie-kins

    Lottie-kins Nice and Normal

    Cambridge diet
    Hi Michelle,

    Have just caught up on your diary from yesterday (was out doing weddingy things) and I will now be subscribing. Am really proud of your PMA and just to let you know, if you need any kind of support please let me know.

    Well done on resisting those feelings and well done for being soooo honest. I think it's the only way to go, look forward not back and from day 2, you'll be able to see the difference already on your scales. Just take each day as it comes and stay as positive as you can. Let me know if you fancy a power walk around the park, I need all the exercise I can get.

    Thanks for that number, I'll ring her today.
    Mich likes this.
  20. FatFairNForty(ish)

    FatFairNForty(ish) Gold Member

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    Cambridge - Sole Source
    'mornin mate

    how's it going? hope you got to sleep ok and that today is a right belter for you! :D only a week to the 'toon' ! :D
  21. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Mornin all!!!

    Isn't the weather cr*p:( It is persisting it down outside and I am really not in the mood for taking the 3 'little darlings' (I use this expression loosely:rolleyes: ) to look for new trainers and school shoes.....me thinks I'll leave it till tomorrow when hubby can keep Lucy as it's only the boys that need new stuff.....I spent £36 on Startrite shoes for Charlie in Sept and the toes are all out of them already....:mad: He also goes through the knees of his trousers on a very regular basis too....thank the lord for Matalan and cheap school uniform....LOL:D

    Well hubby is working for bro again today but kindly set his alarm for 7.30 this morn.....again I promptly turned over and went back to sleep to be woken by the dulcet tones of Charlie screaming and crying.....:rolleyes: apparently Harry was making breakfast (I know bad mother should be doing it...but he is 11!!!);) and had put too much in the bowl so was taking some out - C objected to this and promptly kicked him:rolleyes: so H retaliated and kicked and punched him back....hence the tears and tantrums.....they were both back upstairs on their beds before you could say Cheerios..!!LOL - they have both along with hubby recently started karate and we have noticed with C that he has been kicking alot more since then:rolleyes: so he's on a warning that if it continues he will NOT be going anymore as the leader (or whaterver the official name is) will not allow him in the group because he is not allowed to do kicking etc outside the group.....:rolleyes: (hope it works).

    Anyway, I did jump on the scales.....I know, I know don't all shout at me I have a carb-withdrawal headache coming on....LOL - it says I'm 3lb down:D Just having my first litre of water and then must get a shower and dressed....I'm such a slob I'd be happy to stay in my nightie in the bedroom on the computer all day:eek: but kids to supervise and chores to do .....still got ironing and some washing to go with it now:rolleyes: - must clean the bathroom today too....one of my pet hates although once done I get territorial and don't like people using it cos it looks all lovely and sparkly.....:D

    Off to my sisters tonight - she's doing the 10 course banquet:rolleyes: - must have cost her a fortune....hope people eat it all up.....I certainly won't be touching it - I made it all myself over our 10 week course so know what it's like....:)

    Anyway, the banshees are screeching - again:rolleyes: - the two smaller ones are a mare - only 20 months between them and they have two modes - loved up or hate you mode - at the moment they are screaming at each other.....hate you mode is obviously kicked in...:rolleyes: I really feel I am to blame for their screamig and shouting as when I 'loose it' this is what I do....:eek: :eek: I am really making a concerted effort not to scream and shout when angry - it does me no good - I get upset and feel extremely guilty afterwards - and it doesn't seem to have a great deal of effect on them either.....I find being a parent extremely difficult.....:(

    OK - it's gone quiet - they are probably all hugged up on the sofa watching kids tv now:rolleyes: Off to top up my water, shower and put my slap on as I'm leaving the house today and don't want to scare the good people of Cov!!!......LOL:D

    Hope the sun is shining where you are....:cool:

    Lots of love
  22. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Slept OK - strange dreams though....cant remember now but seemed strange....I will enjoy sleep in a few days....one of the things I remembered from starting LL was how after about a week I slept really soundly and mostly dreamless (probably cos there was no cheese before bedtime....LOL!!) - and I also didn't need much sleep - reckon that was the ketosis high!!!

    This time next week girl I'll be driving up that M1 bound for the Toon and hopefully at least 1/2 stone lighter:D

    Have a good day!

    Lots of love
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