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might have to give up but really don't wanna

As money so tight lately , I mite have to stop this, recession is really pissing me off , I was enjoying the steady weight loss , now I dunno wat I'm gonna do !! Which diet plan to do , I don't wanna cum off it yet but looks like I'm gonna ave to , unless I win something in d lotto t nite :'(
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On a mission!
That's a pity Loopy Lou when you're doing so brilliantly. I know...this recession sucks big-time! But I honestly spent more on food before I started this, funnily enough!
Best of luck with whatever you decide hun.

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I'm with Shivie as in i spent more money on food. Not just the food shop but the take outs, eating out and drink too. I've actually more money now i'm on LT.

You are doing so well i really hope you can budget around it. Could you try planning a healthy menu cost then comparing it? Is there any other area you could tighten the belt? xx
Hi, Maybe make an appointment with your GP and ask if you can have them on prescription, I remember reading over the last couple of months that some folk understood that some doctors did prescribe lipotrim but not sure how accurate that information is.
I have to agree. It is a lot to find each week for me too but, since starting, when I go to the Tesco over the road from me I only buy what I went in for. I used to go in almost every day on the way to or from school and treat the kidz (and myself) to something. I must have cut my Tesco 'pop in shop' budget down by at least £20 a week!!!!!
Try doing a refeed week and see how you get on, costs may be lower.
Even if you do have to switch plans, you have had 1 great start to your weight loss journey!!
Best of luck with what you decide
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When I started this I thought money wise I be ok , ill be so saddened if I have to leave , I don't wanna I had my day picked for refeed and that was Jan 11 , my oh lost his job , and with so many nieces and nephews to buy for money so tight coming to Xmas , I have asked my angels to come to my side and help me thru this as I've never done so well in such a short time on this diet ,
Can I get exante in Ireland
That would be such a shame when you are loosing so well. Like others I have found that I am spending less on Lipotrim than the food I ate before and there is no wasted food! If there are cheaper alternatives go for them. Best of luck
its a real pity if you have to stop lipotrim but i no where your coming from , money is tight , that said i agree with girls as i am spending less on lipotrim too, gone are takeaways wine etc , only buy food for my hubbie and kids, maybe your gp might help , ..x


Determind dieter :D
Hope you can sort something out lou...as for Xmas ...I've already told my sisters that were not buying for each other this year as everyone is finding it tough. My friends and I have the same thing...we only do birthday's not Xmas as the kids get enough from parents n grandparents buying for them. Surely its worth limiting that cost so you can carry on with the LT. If your family love you they will understand how things are...if not ...makes for a cheaper Xmas anyway! x x x
Hey all , looks like I be sticking with it , my angels ave cum to look after me :) got overtime in work too so happy out , so its tfr till Jan 11th :)