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Might not be on top of the world but hey, I'm on my way...

So suffice to say I've let things slide a bit. Not gained massive amounts, exercise has played a big part in that, but I've been starting every week with good intentions and then saying sod it and going off the rails.

tonight I'm going to face the music and see where I am and take it from there. My first mini goal is a wedding in 3 weeks time.

ive planned this weeks meals, ready for a fresh start tomorrown. Here goes!
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So weigh in was ok, I'm where I thought I was, as per my ticker. So tomorrow it begins, back to healthy eating and the gym. I'm treating myself to steak, jacket potato and a glass or 2 of wine now. Ready to get an early night to be full of beans tomorrow!
Day 2 of my new start and its going ok. Been to the gym twice and eating well, apart from about 4 chips off my sons plate last night (gave them tea out after swimming and the chips they do are soooo nice!).

Food wise today has been kale, banana, pear and kiwi blitzed in my Nurtibullet. Anyone got one? I love mine! Post gym was a muller yoghurt and a banana. Lunch was a WW quiche with salad, wholemeal pitta and hummous, and I'm having a sugar free jelly and WW choc bar with a mug of green tea at the moment. Can't wait for dinner as I've got a big beef and veg stew on the go in the slow cooker and the house smells delicious!
Ok I think I lost a pound this week!i say think because I've not been making a note of my weight for ages now and last week thought oh I'll remember that and then I didnt!

but anyway I know where I am now, all written down on a new card. Been to the gym twice this week, so a rest day is defo in order tomorrow. I'll still get lots of walking in tho, the school run sees to that.
Good work on the gym. It becomes more attractive to me as the nights draw and it gets colder outside.
Half off this week! Really chuffed with that as I've been full of a cold and comfort eating a bit.

next week will be a challenge as its half term so kids at home. Hopefully my mum will be able to help me out so I can get to the gym still and I'll need to keep my head food wise, not pick at the kids stuff, stress eat etc.
Soooo, it's been a while :eek: and I've not so much fallen off the wagon as taken a full on running jump off it!

but this cannot go on. I'm on holiday in 5.5 mths and I refuse to go looking and feeling like this. So I need to get a grip, starting now. I need to come back here, use this diary and get accountable. Whether anyone else reads this, I don't know and it's not the point, I need somewhere to ramble on, celebrate, rant, vent, etc.

I aim to post on here every day, at least every couple of days.

Right, here we go!
Wrote a big post and my iPad froze and lost it!

anyway, all going well so far this week. Didn't make the gym yesterday but had my hair cut, took loads off so that's got to be half a pound off, right? :p Still managed almost 8000steps so happy with that. Food wise I had porridge for breakfast, salmon and salad for lunch and chicken in Parma ham, jacket pot and salad for dinner.

ive been to the gym this morning, feeling good. Breakfast was porridge again, just having some fruit and yoghurt for a snack. Lunch is prawn salad I think and dinner is pork tenderloin with jacket and salad.

Im over 8000 steps already, aiming to be well over 12000 by the end of today.
Hi! We are off to Rhodes in July, to a really nice resort. Big all inclusive place and we are all dead excited!

13541 steps today and it's only 4pm!
Hi, not been too bad these last couple of days although I had such an argument with myself to get to the gym on Friday! Really didn't want to go, but gave myself a good talking too and dragged myself there.

last night was a treat night and we had an Indian takeaway. I had poppadoms and pickles, followed by chicken kahri. I was pretty full after the poppadoms so I had literally a couple of mouthfuls of the rice and a couple of pieces of the naan bread we shared.

next week is going to be a struggle to start with as I can't get it the gym Monday or Tuesday and I'll be spending most of those days in the car, so my steps will not be good either. Just going to have to do what I can when I can and go for it the rest of the week.

doing a big family Sunday dinner later, roast beef, roasties, Yorkshires and veg. So I'm going to keep lunch really light, and fill up on the meat and veg with just a couple of roasties and one Yorkshire pud for a treat!
So I didn't weigh in last night in the end. Firstly, my meeting was so busy I was weighing people nonstop and forgot about myself! But secondly on Monday I was eating on the run and grabbed 2 slices of bread and butter. Freshly made bread, really lovely. But omg my body is not used to eating stuff like that, I woke up in the night feeling sooo ill. And yesterday I was just totally bloated up all day.

on a positive note I've planned my food all week and going to the gym tomorrow. My competitive streak is starting to come out as well. One of my very good friends has been on an absolute roll in the last few months, she is totally on it and now she's weighing a lot less than me, whereas in the past I was lighter than her. I'm chuffed for her, she looks amazing and I want her success too!
Thanks, definitely feeling better today. My friend and I are the same height and build and she's now over a stone lighter than me, so I'm really motivated to catch her up! She's totally in the zone and her focus and enthusiasm is contagious. I told her this week whenever I'm struggling I'll be asking myself 'what would E do?', to try and stay on track.

just been to the gym this morning and worked really hard. That holiday is looming, only 163 days to go! I have the travel company's app on my phone and it calculates it for me, even down to hours minutes and seconds, lol.
1.5lb off! Very pleased.

It was my birthday yesterday and for some reason I decided I fancied a Chinese. But I should have known better because as usual the idea of it was a lot nicer than the actual meal. Yes it was nice but after I felt so bloated, the house smelt horrible and it really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. on the upside I did loads of walking yesterday, almost 17000 steps so hopefully that will limit some of the damage.

So today I'm back on it. Once this rain stops I'll get some walking done, in the meantime I'll be blitzing the house and drinking lots of water to flush my system out. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and Warbutons thins. Lunch is prawn salad, seafood sticks, hummous and carrot sticks and a WW bar. Dinner won't be till late as my eldest has a birthday party this evening. But I've just got a ww meal out the freezer so that's all ready to go.

wow, this rain is really hammering it down, might not get out after all! I'll have to do some running up and down the stairs to get my steps in. I'm in a fitbit challenge group this weeks and also in a one to one challenge with a good friend and I cannot let him beat me!
Soooo, what with one thing and another ive not been to the gym as much as I'd have liked in the last week. And last night I was really stupid and went and bought jam roly poly and custard for after dinner! Out if the 4 of us only my eldest wanted any, so we shared the whole thing between us! Even before I finished it, that voice in my head was saying what on earth are you doing you daft mare, but I ate it anyway.

anyway, I've drawn a line under it, and hit the gym with a vengeance this morning. It's 152 days till my holiday and I'm making very slow progress. Got to keep focussed or I'll end up going there in my baggy tops and maxi dresses that hide everything and wishing I'd done more.

cant make my meeting this week as tomorrow is my birthday treat. Me and hubby are off to see Phoenix Nights live, woohoo! Heading up there tomorrow, night away from the kids, can't wait.

i will have a sneaky weigh in on my own scales tomorrow, they usually weigh me about 2lb lighter than the ones in my meeting so I can get an idea of where I am.