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Might not be on top of the world but hey, I'm on my way...

Phoenix Nights was awesome!!!

We had such a great night, laughed so much. And yes there may have been a couple of beers involved and a cooked breakfast this morning, but we did walk a heck of a lot round Manchester yesterday, over 13000 steps so hopefully it'll help balance things out.

so I'm back home now, all unpacked and since I'm still full from breakfast and won't need any lunch I think I'll take advantage of the time I've got and get to the gym!
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So chuffed with myself at going to the gym yesterday, it would have been so easy to just sit and chill or do stuff round the house until school pickup time. Finished the day off with a healthy meal of steak and salad.

my legs are killing today after squats yesterday tho! No gym today, got lots of stuff to do work wise. But I'm still getting plenty of walking in. Just had a yummy omelette for breakfast, not had one for ages. Lunch is prawn salad and dinner is probably chicken.
Not feeling in the zone at the moment. I've not been able to get to the gym or walk much in the last few days and it's bugging me! I've defo not drunk enough water and a few naughty treats have crept in yesterday and Friday.

time to get a grip. I'm on my second big mug of green tea to flush my system out. Got a healthy lunch planned and after a nice lazy morning I'll try and get a walk in this afternoon. It's half term this week so the kids are off school. But they have an activity club at the leisure centre which they are going to a couple of times so I'll be able to go to the gym still. Hopefully the weather will be ok so I can get plenty of walking with them to the park etc.

aside from ww I've also decided this year to look after myself a bit more. So I've been having a pedicure and my eyelashes tinted at my local salon. She's just about to go on a course to do eyelash extensions as well, so I'm going to be first in line for that! I've also been looking after my nails, I use Nail Envy on my them all the time to stop them peeling and breaking and I've been giving myself a mini manicure a couple of times a week. It's really paying off, my nails are growing well and I've got a gorgeous red nail polish on.

and finally I went for a consultation to get my teeth whitened. They've always been discoloured partly due to fluoride content in the area I was born in (weird but true!). Went to a dentist recommended by a friend who specialises in cosmetic stuff and he said I should get a really good result. Can't wait!
Stayed the same this week, gah. Never mind, new day, start of a new week.

breakfast was ham and mushroom omelette
snack of yoghurt and a banana before going to the gym
lunch will be prawn and crab sticks with salad, carrot and hummous to dip.
snack fruit and WW bar
dinner salmon fillet done in the over with lime juice and chilli flakes, jacket pot and salad.
So I appear to have gone a tad off the rails recently. Luckily I've not gained anything, but I'm not doing myself any favours.

so I'm going to try my best starting today. There's nothing stopping me from going to the gym 4 times this week, so I'm going to be doing that. I've planned my meals for the week just need to stick to it and not let my hands wander to the kids sweetie jar or the vino in the fridge...
Stayed the same again this week, but im ok with that. Gym is going well and I'm improving loads there. So I'm trying not to get too hung up on what the scales say at the moment. I love lifting weights and am getting some fab muscle tone!
Really good week this week. I've been to the gym every week day apart from weds, when I went for a long walk instead. The weekend wasn't too bad either, I really tried my hardest to stay on track. Been to the gym this morning and I'll be there again tomorrow. Just hope it pays off!
Ok, back again. Over Easter I have not so much fallen off the wagon, more took a running jump off it! Result, 2.5lb on. I've just been eating and eating and guzzling wine like no tomorrow. Todayis a fresh start. I can't carry on or none of my holiday clothes will fit!

So, no gym today, and food is as follows:
2 boiled eggs and a Warbutons thin with scraping of butter, green tea.
salmon and seafood sticks with salad
goulash done in the slow cooker poss with a bit of rice.

in between I aim to get a good litre of water in, plus another couple of huge mugs of green tea. I'll probably also have a WW bar at some point in the afternoon and a glass of red wine with dinner.

and I'll be keeping on the go all day coz this house is a tip with the kids being off school, need to sort it out!
1.5lb off! ☺️

Really pleased with that, specially as we went out with friends at the weekend for a curry. But while I ate and drank, I must have danced for about 2 hours so that must have cancelled it out, lol.

kids are back at school which means I've been able to get to the gym twice this week so far. DH is working away this week too, so I can be really boring and just chuck a chicken breast and jacket in the oven for dinner, I hate having to think of what to cook!

i don't normally go to the gym on a Wednesday, but I might tomorrow. Just because I'm on top of work and housework, and also because I'm skint so won't be tempted to have a mooch round the shops, lol.
Well, I've just been away for the weekend and managed to stay the same! Really pleased with that. I've struggled to get to the gym in recent weeks but I went yesterday and loved it, aching a bit today tho.

just about to head to town to get DS1 some last bits for his upcoming school trip away and 2 cub camps he's also got coming up. I'm not going to see him this month, he's either at school or away!

anyway, food for today is 40g overnight oats with banana and strawberries ( new to overnight oats and they are soooo filling, I can't finish the bowl!). Lunch is possibly an omelette or chicken salad, depends what time it is and how hungry I am. Dinner will be beef goulash in the slow cooker with rice.
1.5 off!

Happy with that, now I want to get another 1.5 off to get into the next stone bracket. Wonder if I can do that this week?