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mightymonocle's up and coming food log

hey guys, some of you may recognise my username, long time lurker of your atkins diaries, firstly I want to thank each and everyone of you! It was browsing the other forums on minimins, checking out various diets that got me interested in low carb. I decided to order the atkins book, read it all back in July and it makes perfect sense. I now have a better understanding as to why I gained all the weight in the first place. All of your diaries have been a great source of inspiration in getting me interested in low carb as a lifestyle choice, so thank you all!

So - here's my long winded story, I have been on lipotrim since april and have gotten the majority of the weight I want to loose off, and whilst I am still losing steadily I would really like to transition to a LCHF (low carb high fat) diet as I think losing the next couple stones with this woe will give me a better shot at maintaining my goal weight for life, than if I were to just simply go straight from lipotrim > low carb at my goal weight, without any practice or knowledge of what works for my body.

Abstinence from food has been great thinking and research time! I have looked into many options and researched a lot into nutrition and have decided not to follow the atkins plan specifically, but to use many of the atkins principles. My main aim is to reduce carbs to 20-30g, and have my macro-nutrient break down to be around 65% fat, 30% protein and 5% carb - to eliminate processed food, get plenty of veg, meat and natural fats and to only eat when hungry.

(sounds like atkins, right?)

Basically, over the past week I have been slowly starting to stock my previously empty cupboard (I only have one cupboard, I am a student :rolleyes: ) with various low carb cooking supplies. I really want to jump in very soon, but I am struggling.. I am scared to switch!! I have done all the research, I understand LCHF diets, I know they're healthy and that they work. BUT I haven't eaten anything whatsoever in over 6 months and the prospect of solid food entering my mouth is an alien one. :eek:

I wanted to start my diary early as I haven't switched yet, I still have lipotrim supplies that will last me until wednesday but I am in flux. I am still undecided as to HOW i transition and if I should start this way of eating next wednesday or carry on lipotrim for a few more weeks.. words of encouragement and advice are very much so welcomed!

also I hope you don't mind me starting this diary and cluttering up your forum when I am technically not yet a low carber yet! :p
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Wow you have really been thinking about things - I have just finished my first day on Atkins and have not felt hungry today - when I've done WW in the past I felt hungry all the time - oh and ive enjoyed all the lovely fresh food today too - good luck x
Hello and welcome mighty monocle

I'm no expert but I guess there are 2 options and don't really know which one would be the best for you... First would be to slowly convert by replacing one meal with Atkins for about a week and then increase Atkins slowly... The other way would be to make the switch in one fell swoop... There are others on here who have moved from VLCDs to Atkins and they will advise you better than me!

Good luck ... You've done SO well your goal is within your grasp! :)
First would be to slowly convert by replacing one meal with Atkins for about a week and then increase Atkins slowly... The other way would be to make the switch in one fell swoop... :)
I think this is why I am struggling, I just can't decide.

I don't think lipotrim and eating atkins style are compatible or interchangeable - the lipotrim shakes are fairly high in carb, but low in cals, which puts me into ketosis...

and low carb also puts you into ketosis, but for completely different reasons. Which makes me think eating low carb, higher fat on top of the shakes would be counter productive.

but at the same time I don't know how to ease myself back in to solids without a transitional period. Perhaps I should try making my own low carb, lowish cal shakes for the first couple of days to use for breakfasts, whilst I begin to introduce the new foods for other meals.

i'll give it a think - although, it's all I seem to be thinking about lately, and i'm not coming into conclusions! I wish Dr atkins was here to advise me :rolleyes: :p
okay! I have decided to do it, I have just ordered some low carb, low cal whey protein isolate powder and I will make these up with some cream and water or some unsweetened almond, soy or coconut milk I think! I am going to use these to help me transition to real food for a week or so from next wednesday and see how it goes. AHHHHH I am so excited and nervous!


This is for life
Good to see your diary. Cant really help on the transition but think you are right moving to a woe that will help make it a lifetime result:)
Good luck with the transfer:)
thanks katie, roll on thursday!!

gonna get my induction at the gym and buy some trainers this week so I can start working out again! :character00116: (which I haven't really felt like doing on lipotrim, always getting light headed when I push myself physically :( can't wait to have some more energy :fingerscrossed: )
Morning MM ... Which protein powder did you buy? Good luck on the transition :)
I got this one from amazon, Nutrisport Whey Protein Isolate 1kg: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Leisure

the straberry was 17.99 when I got it the other day, looks like they've put the price up a little bit, ooo cheeky. I read in the reviews that it's pretty low cal and 2.4g carb pers 40g serving, so not bad on that front.

turns out I only have enough lipotrim to last me until wednesday, not thursday so I'm gonna be eating a day early, I am not complaining ;)
Good luck Mighty! As I read through your diary I was thinking "Protein Shake!!!!", then you got to the same conclusion, haha - a good idea to ease the stomach back into receiving food! All the best :)
Let me know what you think of the taste MM ... Some aren't so nice... Hope it works out for you :)
so started eating earlier than expected, quite accidently. I never ever broken my lipotrim diet since I started but I had my lipotrim at 7am, was out since 8 this morning, and it was getting to 5pm and seen as I was hungry and planning on eating on wednesday anyway I decided to go ahead and buy some precooked roasted chicken thighs from the co-op.

Now before today, I hadn't eaten anything whatsoever since 11th april, and oh my god, did that chicken taste good! I ended up scoffing 3 over the past 2 hours (is that bad :/ ) I am stuffed now !!

so today it was

b-lipotrim shake
l- none
d- 3 chicken thighs

not exactly ideal, but hey!!

Think I'll have 2 lipotrim and a meal tomorrow and then by wednesday my protein shakes should have arrived so I can do the genuine shift over to low carbing then.
I think I'd have done the same ... I can do easily get a bee in my bonnet and then I can't shift it out! :)
today was another lipotrim/lchf mixer - I enjoyed it though!

B- lipotrim
L- 1 chicken thigh with broccoli cooked up with garlic + butter
D- 1 + a half roasted chicken thigh w/ cheese on top w/spinach, red pepper and a little broccoli sauteed in butter

S- garlic sausage, 1 tsp phili

I made up a tiny plate for lunch, but for dinner used a regular plate, and I couldn't even eat half of it, wow I was full, it's odd it was a different kind of full I don't usually experience, I felt satiated (like the good dr. talks about)

Tomorrow I will be straight forward eating LCHF all day, woo hoo :)
Morning MM ... Nice menu ... I feel much more satisfied with the fat content in what we eat ... I remember the days when I just had salads and always felt empty! Lol :)
Hiya MM...... I changed over from Exante just over two weeks ago now and have lost 5lbs, but that's with having Wine too on quite a few nights!!

So it does work, and I never, ever feel hungry or bored with food!

You'll really appreciate it after a VLCD :0)

Good luck!!! xx

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thanks guys,

so todays been a busy day, had to go to a seminar at uni which took up most of the day, but then I decided to go to boots and check the scales (to mark the 1st day on my journey) my weight on their scales was 13stone 4lbs, and my body fat.... 39.4% :eek:

I dread to think of what it was before I lost 6 + a 1/2 stone!!

I am going to go back once a month to try and record my progress that way. I have my induction at the gym 2 weeks on Friday, so hopefully this will help me build muscle and shed the flab!

todays been pretty good so far, been logging what I eat into fatsecret (although, don't think it's the most accurate calculation, but good to get a rough idea of carbs n cals consumed) around 13g carbs today.. the night is young hehe!

so today is as follows

B 7am- ham + gouda slice wrap x3
1/2 an avacado (1st time i've ever tried - loved it!)
1 tbsp double cream
a home made low carb choc shake (it must be under 2.5gcarb/50cals - plain gelatin, vanilla essence, tbsp cocoa, water + ice)

/using this recipe -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZgDs74UfSM&list=FL2IJhYziCEY_NAEjk0GfbvQ&index=30

L 1pm- left over chicken thigh (1/2 a thigh)
tiny bit of spinach, red pepper and sprinkle of cheddar

D/tea 4pm- 1/4 of a mattessons smoked garlic sausage
portabello mushroom (1st time i've had mushroom too, I have been missing out!)
grilled with 2 tsp green pesto, sprinkle of cheddar
1/2 cup spinach

S- tiny bag pork crackling

starting to get peckish again so I think I might grab something from the kitchen soon..

cheesy tuna cabbage wrap perhaps..

does this seem like a lot of food? I think I have been picking lots of different things today, just in smaller quantities..

part of the reason being that I have a new and renewed attitude towards food, there is so much I haven't tried (which I think, is part of the reason I gained weight in the first place, just stuck to the foods I KNEW I liked, namely bread, pasta, cake... rubbish mostly) now I am so excited to try new flavours. tomorrow I am trying smoked salmon + eggs for breakfast - never had that before either!! can you believe it.
Well done MM... Hope you continue to enjoy and experiment ... I must try the milkshake! Sounds interesting :)

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