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Milk in tea?


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I have 1-2 cups of coffee a day with ss milk, I drink redbush too but am not a fan. I don't think it has affected my losses though.

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It is not recommended on TS but many of us do and have been fine. If you do use milk you will most likely find yourself being really stingy with it anyway as the diet will be in the back of your mind.


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I drink coffee from a machine in work which has dried milk. They are only those small little plastic cups so not a lot and not very often do I drink the whole cup, but I definately THINK it affects my loss. Could be coincidence, but I think I deserve at least one cup of nice coffee a day :)


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I don't think I could manage without a little skimmed milk in tea a couple (all right, a few) times a day. I've only been going 10 days so don't know if it affects my losses. All I know is, without my lovely Costa coffee, tea now and again gets me through this and if it keeps me on the diet then hey, it's worth it :)


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I have a splash of skimed milk in my tea in the morning but then drink green tea. I really like the green tea now. Its better than water all the time. I don't think that a spalsh of milk much makes any difference. But its your choice. Costa's lattes are a different matter and best avoided.
I have found since starting this that coffee seems to make me very hungry - so now I avoid it.



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Tis probably Costa's latte's that helped put me here :)
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Like others, I have ss milk in my tea, and drink buckets of it (I have one of those HUGE starbucks mugs at home, probably about the size of 4 normal mugs?), but have my tea really strong, so not a huge amount of milk in each one, but I get through probably 6 mugs in the evening and a few travel mugs of tea throughout the day at work, alongside my water.

I'm loosing at a rate I'm happy with - I think you have to do what suits you best. I couldn't do without my tea, so if it *is* slowing me down, I would rather go slower, but be happier in the long term, than loose quicker but not have any tea. And at the end of the day, its not going to make me loose 1 stone a week, so I'm going to be on this for a while, so have to make it as bearable as possbile :)

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