Milk on 790


Focused & goin for goal!
Hi. I've just moved onto 790 and was wondering, if I couldn't get hold of red (skimmed) milk (e.g. if I was out at a cafe or visiting someone) would it matter too much if I had semi once in a while? I must stress that this isnt just because I'd rather have semi, it's just because it came up a few days ago where I was offered a cup of tea but I was in a bit of a panic because there was only semi milk. I was freezing and had a real debate with myself over whether I should just have the semi and enjoy a warm cuppa but worry about the milk or to go without and stay cold.
Going without the milk isn't an option as I really hate it without and would rather not bother!!
I just had it and worried about it. Should I worry or as it is only in an 'emergency' then feel fine about it???:confused: