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OK, so been out and bought the flaxseed today and couldn't believe how expensive it was!

Ended up coming home with bicarbonate of soda so had to go back out and get baking soda :sigh:

Gonna give it a go now, what's the betting it doesn't come out anything like it should haha
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I'm sooooooo not having a good day, bought flaxseed instead of flaxmeal lmao, not muffin or toasty for me tonight :( Proper blonde moment (s) going on haha


Clean green leafy machine
Yes Claire it has already been ground so get into that kitchen and make yourself a Mim, you'll love 'em :)
OMG i can't believe how cool this is! I spread it out on top of a plastic takeaway lid then cut it in half. Not sure what to have with it now, the list is endless lol. If i only had half could i keep other half in fridge for tomorrow or would it go funny? How many carbs are in each mim? It just looks so carby, hard to believe we can eat them, especially on induction x


Clean green leafy machine
Great eh? Really cuts out my bread cravings :)

They usually keep in the fridge for about 3 days. I think the standard recipe is about 3 carbs, I've got mine down to 2 (I only make a savoury one without Splenda and a bit of water, so it makes 2 slices) - and someone mentioned that Flex flaxseed (google it) has NO carbs in it!
Get it down yer neck gal! :) Enjoy it! Depends whether you made it sweet with sweetner, cinnamon etc or plain? Yes ok to keep half in fridge but i reckon once you start it you'll wanna finish it. Can't really tell ya your exact carb count as the different types of flax can vary quite a lot and also i dunno what else you put in it or what filling you intend on having. I like the sweet ones best with cream. Or strawbs n cream if i have enough carbs leftover.
Well the only one tesco had was organic premium milled flaxseed by Linusit, says per 15g is 5.3grams of carbs. Can anybody compare with theirs please? Dont want to be eating the wrong stuff :)


Clean green leafy machine
I use Neal's Yard from Holland and Barrett, 0.7 carbs per 100g


Clean green leafy machine
Don't worry, use your stuff up and enjoy :)
Thank you :) Bit worried it might knock me out of ketosis, gonna check out Holland tomorrow and see what they have
Oh wow, think i'll get some tomorrow from there with such a good deal. I think maybe on this packet the fibre hasn't been deducted but i'm not willing to risk it knocking me out. Really enjoyed it though, has an unusual taste but not had anything that comes close to bread since before New Year so that's probably why lol
i had the one youve bought and liked the taste but the linwoods is lower carb....so didnt argue lol

your gonna go through a LOT of it ;)

my fav is mim made with cinnamon....sliced and eaten with double whipped cream....im going to try some of quaks biscuits/crackers though....i miss crackers and cheese mmmmmm
Ooooh so we're allowed whipped cream too? I bet it just melts on the top! Already looking forward to being able to have another one tomorrow ha, are we only supposed to have one a day? Somebody mentioned being allowed full fat philly too? That would be yummy :)

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