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  1. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a total Dukan newbie making a fresh start for 2014. Slightly scared, but raring to go! I hope nobody minds me jotting down my thoughts here, but I find it quite helpful writing things down.

    About me - I'm 26, and to be honest, my weight has always been a bit of an issue. I've never been larger than a size 14, but have always felt like 'the big one' compared to my friends. As my mother has always struggled with her weight, I've grown up with an awareness of how to unsuccessfully yo-yo diet - and therefore, have done so many many times since hitting adulthood, although I have never actually hit my target weight. This year I've got married, and am now looking towards spending the rest of my life with my husband, but want to do so in a healthier way with a better attitude towards both food and myself. My husband doesn't need to lose an ounce of weight, but is incredibly supportive of me, which is great.

    Since the summer, my weight has crept up, and now I weigh more than I ever have in my life. To be honest, it's scared me into trying something different... Something that will help me turn things around for good.

    So... Rather than heading back onto SW or WW, which both work for me, but offer too much flexibility to cheat - I've decided to give the Dukan Diet a try. Over the last 10 days or so, I've read the book from cover to cover (reading some key parts twice or three times!), and am starting my 6 day attack phase today (30-12-13).

    Roll on the weight loss!

    Keep thinking thin everyone! :character00238:
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  3. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Attack - Day 1 (30.12.13)

    Well, today's been hard. Harder than I thought. Around lunchtime I started to have a massive headache along with cravings for sugar. I had a little nap, which helped quite a bit, but I've generally felt a bit rubbish since then.

    Did anyone else experience this with attack? I'm sure it's just my body's way of rebelling... But it won't win!

    Breakfast: Dukan Oat Bran Galette, FF Fromage Frais

    Snack: Wafer thin chicken, iced latte (espresso + skimmed milk)

    Lunch: Tinned salmon & cottage cheese (was disgusting - won't be combining these again!), followed by FF fromage frais with sweetner.

    Snack: Crab sticks, diet coke

    Dinner: Chicken breast with spices

    Water: 2L
  4. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Hey Mini

    Good start! Avoid 'wafer thin chicken' if you can as it's processed and full of nasties.

    Best to cook your own meat if you can.

    Your cravings and headache will soon pass. Take paracetamol and drink loadsa (technical term) water.

    Good luck with day 2!

    P x
  5. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Thanks P - particularly for the advice re the chicken! I don't like using too many processed things anyway, so it won't be a regular occurrence.

    I've woken up today feeling much perkier & less headachy, but will keep up the drinking.

    Bring on day 2!
  6. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Great start mini, defo cook from scratch and you know exactly what you eat xxx and my favourite is salmon mixed with cottage cheese and picked onions lol we all do have so different tastes xxx Good Luck
  7. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Thanks Sididd!

    Am still feeling strong (I know it's only my 2nd day, but I'm a serial dieter & I've NEVER felt this kind of willpower before) - OH grabbed a Burger King for an early lunch today when we were in town, & I had a diet coke. His words: 'If you can sit here & not pinch even one chip, you really can do anything!'

    Well, I remained chip free... :)
  8. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Attack - Day 2 (31.12.13)

    Today has been easier than yesterday. I feel perkier & a lot more 'with it'.

    Spending NYE in with my OH, so don't feel like I'm missing out too much. Still, am feeling far too positive to wish I was out having a glass of wine!

    Breakfast: Oat Bran Galette (much better than yesterday's - tweaked Dr D's method & much preferred it)

    Mid morning: Diet coke

    Lunch: Homemade smoked salmon dip with crab sticks for dipping (Yum - definitely doing this again as a treat!), followed by fromage frais & sweetener.

    Mid afternoon: Iced latte (espresso & skimmed milk)

    Dinner: Steak. Nom.

    Water: Lots! At least 2.5l

    Roll on tomorrow!
  9. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Attack - Day 3 (1.1.14)

    Halfway through attack! Yay! Today was a strange day - felt amazing in the morning, then terrible (light headed, headachy & tired) this afternoon, then great again tonight. Hoping tomorrow I experience the great feeling all day, and not just part of it!

    Breakfast: Oat Bran mixed with yogurt & sweetener.

    Mid morning: 2 slices of roast beef.

    Lunch: scrambled egg, some more roast beef & a couple of slices of chicken breast.

    Mid afternoon: Diet coke

    Dinner: Roast chicken, followed by cottage cheese with sweetener & a drop of almond flavouring. Smelt & tasted amazing!

    Water: 2L, but don't think I spread this out evenly enough throughout the day.
  10. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    subscribing. Good luck!
  11. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Attack - Day 4 (2.1.14)

    Well... I can definitely say things have got better today. All the crappy feelings I've had over the last few days have disappeared, and I'm finally feeling full of energy.

    Also checked the scales today and have lost 7 pounds since I started!!!! I'm in shock! Dr D predicted a loss of 5lbs in the whole 6 day attack, which I was over the moon at the thought if - so you can imagine how I feel now. I know it's water weight, but I'm not complaining - it had to go!

    Breakfast: Iced latte (espresso, skimmed milk & sweetener - woke up late!)

    Lunch: Savoury Dukan galette, topped with a tsp of tomato purée & some shredded roast chicken. Followed by a cottage cheese cheesecake I made (not the most successful ever).

    Mid afternoon: Diet cola & roast chicken

    Dinner: 'Creamy' chicken curry (sauce made with spices, garlic & quark - it was AMAZING!)

    Water: 1L so far. Not enough! Going to try & drink a bit more before bed!
  12. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Thanks Sam_Dodd! Good luck to you too!
  13. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Dr D, knows what he's talking about, well done xxx
  14. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Thanks! Dr D definitely does know what he's talking about!
  15. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Well done on the loss :) xx
  16. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Thanks LeahB! :)
  17. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Attack - Day 5 (3.1.14)

    Today's definitely been the best day of attack so far - no headaches, no tiredness & feeling great.

    Lost another lb yesterday too, so I'm v pleased.

    Am a bit worried I'm overdoing it on the eggs - am averaging 3 a day, when the good Dr only recommends 2. I don't have cholesterol problems, but still. Am going to make a conscious effort to reduce this over the next few days.

    Breakfast: Iced latte (espresso, skimmed milk & sweetener).

    Snack: FF greek yogurt with sweetener

    Lunch: Scrambled egg & chicken

    Mid afternoon: More chicken & diet coke

    Dinner: Dukan burgers - EL mince & oat bran burgers, topped with homemade sugar free BBQ sauce & wedged between savoury oopsie rolls - OMG! This was sooo delicious.

    Water: not enough... Need to grab a couple more glasses before bed.

    Roll on the last day of attack tomorrow - can't wait for cruise on Sunday! Never thought I'd be so pleased to eat vegetables! :)
  18. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Well done again :)

    Mmm veggies, can't wait! Today's random craving was rice crispies?! Weird what we miss when on Dukan lol xx
  19. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Haha... I know! OH was eating After Eights today, and the smell was amazing. Wouldn't normally go near them, but they smelt lush! Think I need to get some peppermint flavouring going on -I've promised myself some kind of minty chocolate mousse once I can get my mitts on cocoa powder (roll on Sunday!).
  20. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Mmmmm Minty Choc Muffins Flippin Heaven xxx
  21. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Mmm that sounds amazing :) would love some chocolate might have to buy some cocoa powder tomorrow to have a hot chocolate :) xx

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