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MiniMimi2091*Running strictly on fatttt!!!losin this stubborn stone - 10.6s goal!!!


running strictly on fat!
Hello everyone!!! I have been on Minimins for a while but just decided to have my very own Minimins Diary. I still have over 2s to lose so I will be here for a while (not to mention the maintenance bit)
As long as I remember I had some issues with my weight. I have been always dieting and never been happy with my weight 100%. Even when in college I was one of the slimmest girl in a class (I can see it now) I didn't feel good about the way I looked.
I am walking example for yo-yo dieting. At my lightest I was 9s7 (it didn't last long) and at my heaviest it would be 12s11. However, this year I broke all my records and after turbulent relationship I pilled up on pounds making it total 13s12!!!! As I am only 5''4 it is rather large number!
I have never felt so bad about myself before. At the end of August I made the decision that enough is enough and started eating sensibly. It did help me to get back on track and allowed me to lose first 6lbs. Because the loss was very slow I decided to join WW and after procrastinating for a while. I joined WW on 13th Oct. My first WI showed 13.6s and I was determined to get rid of this pounds asap. While researching point values for my meals I came across Minimins - gosh, I wish I'd known abt this site earlier. Not only offers great tips and motivates with success stories but it allows you to make a good friends and offers tremendous support 24/7.
I developed instant addiction to this site.
While browsing all different forums I came across Cambridge Diet and I was staggered with a speed ppl were losing their weight. I decided to give it a go and after brief research for CDC I booked my appointment on 1st of November. Got my set of shakes for a whole week and full of enthusiasm I started my CD week.
I am not going to dismiss CD diet as I think it's really effective and allows you to lose tremendous amount of weight in a very short space of time.
But I never had a sweet tooth in a first place, therfore switching to sweet shakes as a meal replacement was not very appealing to me. So it made me very limited in terms of choices.
And secondly I do go out with my friends a lot and especialy with Xmas coming I didn't think I could really stick to it 100%.
And obviously the cost - I could only justify paying £40 a week if I knew that I could stick to it 100% but sadly I couldn't.
I only managed to get through 3 days and yes, I knew about the ketosis and that it does get easier after first 3 days. I drink a lot of water and made sure I spread my shakes evenly through the day - just couldn't force my body into it.
Yet, still I am following several girls on Minimins who managed to stick to their CD plan and I am in full awe for anyone who can actualy stick to it and show amazing results on their journey.
So, after my week (ok 3 days) on CD I decided to return to good old WW and I am sticking to it since then.
But, since my rather extensive research into how CD works I decided to add a little bit twist to my WW plan.
So I did cut all possible carbs and managed to wean myself of sugar and voila - I suffer no cravings and I think it's a very simmilar effect to ketosis with exception that I can actualy eat normal food and drink occasional glass of wine (that's one of the treats I am not willing to give up)
WW side of my diet allows me to be flexible about what I am eating making sure that I am able to save some pts for night out, etc. CD/Atkins side of diet makes me aware of the importance of water intake along with choosing protein based food over bad carbs. I have as much fruits &veg as possible and meat based meals incorrporating 0 pts veg (pepper, aubergine etc)
I can honestly say that I do enjoy this new way of eating. I am hoping that I'll be able to curb my portion sizes permanently.
Of course I still go out with friends and have a big dinner but I would not beat myself up - just get back on my diet next day. I am always craving bad food after night like that but this only reconfirm the idea behind being able to stabilise your sugar and carbs cravings.
So, only 14 days to Xmas - I still hope to lose last 6lbs to be reach 12s. Then having time off for Xmas and back to the healthy routine straight after.
I am 2 and 1/2 stone away from my goal but I am positive that I will make it by May 2010 - right in time for my Bday.

Thank you everyone for all the support so far - it is very much appreciated.
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Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hi Mini, ur doing so well and have given so much advice and encouragement to myself and others on here.
Like yourself I tried the CD and lasted about 10 days, 1st week i'd lost 14 lbs, which is obv amazing and did really spur me on but into the 2nd week I was beginning to gag at the shakes and really missed eating food!!! needless to say i put the stone and more back on!

So now in 5th week of ww and was a bit wobbly the last couple of days but been to the gym this morning and got my self kick started to be 100% good again!!

hope you have a fab day Mini..x
hey mini, your yo yo ing sounds alot like me! at my heaviest i was 13.02 after just having my little boy and although after a few weeks of not being able to eat like i was when pregnant and running around caring for a new baby i did loose weight but that stopped at 11.11 and thats when my ww journey began. im the same height as you too!

goodluck with your weightloss journey, sounds like it wont be long before you've cracked it x


Green tea advocate!!
You have your own diary!! :) You're doing a cracking job on WW and i think everyone appreciates the support you're giving on here - i know i certainly am!! :D xx


running strictly on fat!
Thank you for your replies - it made me happy that someone actualy read it LOL
Today I am doing OK (so far anyway) so won't be boring you with my food selection. Ow, maybe apart from the fact that I discovered minced meat which only have 5% of fat in Waitrose.
This surely will be my favourite from now on.

Just wanted to share my story with you. I went for a short internal training today. Our trainer, 40ish lady, was brilliant and had the most amazing attitude, full of life and very engaging. However, the first thing you'd noticed about here was fact that half of her face was disfigured including not much muscle control in one of her eye.
To me personaly, it was a lil bit uncomfortable to sit there and stare at her. Seeing someone like that outside - I would most definitely avoid eye contact and "pretend" I don't see it....

In closed environment and especialy for someone delivering the training this option was not possible so everyone was looking....

And then it dawned at me - it was not her problem - it was actualy MY problem that I reacted in this way. There is big taboo about ppl who look different and we choose to ignore their existence...
The thing which made me think was this lady's career choice. And there was me sitting there with all my insecurities about my look, with my lack confidence.
Someone who struggles to deliver presentation in front of wider audience only due to being overly self aware.
Someone who focuses on the way I look and think three times about what other ppl might think/say/do as a consequence of my choices.

I sat there and felt very very ashemed of myself. Thinking how much we are limiting ourselves and allowing society to put so much pressure on us and dictate what's normal and wha't not. It's all in our head!!!! And we voluntary feed this thoughts, believes and insecurities allowing our precious time and all opportunities pass us by.
I know we can't change it straight away but even if we manage to stop for a moment and see things in different light. We are all on a journey to improve the way we look and to become healthier ppl so maybe, just maybe we should celebrate and appreciate the smallest things in our lives more often.
It's just dawned on me that is not about goal - it's about enjoying every step of the journey. I
t's about being kind to ourselves - outside world is harsh enough...
I know this post is not about dieting but it's very important for my personal transformation and wl journey. Thank you for reading


In the 10s at last!
Well done hun its took you only 4 months to lose all that weight & gain 3 silver sevens!
Me? ha! i started at the end of january & its now december & ive only just managed to get my fourth silver seven!:D

Good luck with the rest of your journey....im sure i will still be on here next year (hopefully maintaining:eek:!) x


running strictly on fat!
Well done hun its took you only 4 months to lose all that weight & gain 3 silver sevens!
Me? ha! i started at the end of january & its now december & ive only just managed to get my fourth silver seven!:D
Charly - you are only litteraly 4lbs from your goal!!! And it does gets more difficult the closer you get to your goal.
Well done - I should catch up with you around March :innocent0001: (as long as I can survive this festive season without causing too much damage)

Talking about festive season. I have been out most of the nights this week catching up with friends and having really good time. The downfall - yep, it proves that I really don't have enough will power to say no while out. I was actualy quite proud last week thinking that I've managed to get a grip with my portion control and felt very confident that my new healthy habits are long-lasting...
Yep, the moment I have a big plate full of naughty food in front of me my portion control goes out of the window. Haha...The only good pattern is the fact that I actualy stop on this one meal - in the past that would be followed with big dessert and possibly a pint.
Last night we went to our favourite pub and there was absolutely nothing healthy on the menu since pub salads are usualy as bad as everything else in that place.
Well, I guess I have to be a wee bit stricter with myself to see any loss this week.
Today, back on the strict plan
B: box of blueberries (2) + mocha (2) + papaya (1)(in no particular order)
L: dust :rotflmao: (maybe apple or two)
D: Christmas party - two courses meal - will xcercise my will power there - wont even try pointing - will cost me whole weekend in the gym (me thinks)

I have to run straight back from work and have my hair done, nails and fake lashes fixed haha
I am so xcited - more about dressing up than abt the party (girls are strange human beings I know) but nervous at the same time because I need to squezze so much into very short time.
Anyhoo, hope you are having good day today!!!
Happy Friday everyone xxxx


Green tea advocate!!
L: dust :rotflmao: (maybe apple or two)
Oh my god - hilarious!! :crazy:

I always call my Wednesday night meeting 'Fat Fighters' to my OH lol - my leader is in no way like Marjorie tho haha!!
Hey Mini!
Glad to see you finally have your own diary, and I'll definately be by to catch up. I've just realised we have the same amount left to lose too, according to your ticker thing... 41 pounds... Race ya!?! lol...


running strictly on fat!
I've just realised we have the same amount left to lose too, according to your ticker thing... 41 pounds... Race ya!?! lol...
Race indeed!!!! I am in xxx

Hello girlies,

I am just popping here trying to catch up with all the posts but I might leave it until at work tomorrow :)

It feels like festive season has already taken over my life entirely so I think I will aim for STS until end of this year and then start afresh all over again.

Off to another party tonite again - going swimming beforehand so I can have some peace of mind while munching on a goodies.
Hope your weekend is going well - will catch up with you tomorrow xxx


running strictly on fat!
Back on track today - trying to limit my damage from last week.

This week should be much quieter and with me back to work is helping my routine.
So today trying to wean of carbs again since as soon as I started eating them (yep toasted bagel with butter!!! last nite - not to mentioned roasted potatoes and chips) I woke up this morning and was ....hungry!!! First thing in the morning was this hunger which in normal case scenario would have been followed with quick visit to McDonald or smthg simmilar. But since now I know exactly what's the reason behind it - I am not giving in and feeding myself on a low-carb again. Yep, it's not easy though.
But talking about consequences I am not expecting any losses this week - just praying for STS.
Hope everyone is doing well - have a good Monday xxx


running strictly on fat!
Brrrrrrrrrrr, cold Wednesday morning.
My scale removed cooperation with me and it looks like it's died. Will have to get new batteries - hopefuly that should do the trick.
So with no weight reading I am starting my day on rather shakey grounds. I am preocupied with my Xmas preparation. As mentioned I am going home on Monday only to come back two weeks later after New Year. I am trying to get all gifts in time and planning my New Year's outfit. Unfortunately I am limited as to how much stuff I can take with me. Damn airline restriction.
I was shopping for a cabin bag last night (not needed really but had this idea of traveling in style lol) And I am still chuffed with my find.
I found Samsonite black label by Alexander McQueen in TKMaxx!!!!!
Paid £80 for it - I would have to pay over £600 in a designer place.
One of these things which make you happy. £80 is still a lot cause I could find smthg half price but after buying number of "cheap" suitcases and ending with broken zips, cracked wheels etc. it seemed right choice to invest in a good quality one.
Anyhoo, I am on the mission today sending my Christmas Cards and sorting the rest of the gifts.
This all keeps me so busy and I don't even have a time thinking about my food intake. I am staying in control - just to make sure I am not going to blow all my efforts but I am no longer so strict with myself.
I need to make sure that no lasting damage will be done, simple as that - maintaing until next year. Because life is too short to not to enjoy ocasional carmelised williams pear in hazelnut frangipanes...LOL
Have a happy Wednesday!!! xxxx


Green tea advocate!!
Oooh!! New bag! New bag!! Sounds lovely. I have a real probelm with bags, i have hundreds in the spare room lol

Good luck with the Christmas Cards! Not long to go now! I agree with you on the Damage Limitation, i think i'll need a real push in the new year too :) hehe!! xx


In the 10s at last!
Have i missed something? where are you flying to for xmas & new year?

I shall be extremely jealous if its somewhere hot!


running strictly on fat!
Just managed to upload THAT picture which made me realised how FAT I was. I knew I no longer felt comfortable and could no longer find anything flattering but I managed to ignore the issue.
I have still almost 3s to lose but I am already feeling sooooo much better.

Have i missed something? where are you flying to for xmas & new year?

I shall be extremely jealous if its somewhere hot!
Nah, I wish!
Nowhere hot - my parents live in France now so I will be spending Xmas and New Year over there.
I am looking forward to skiing and ice-skating.
Just have to make sure I have enough warm clothes - it's unbelivably cold over there already x


In the 10s at last!
Just wanted to say the pic of you at the tube station is amazing! you look so skinny!
12st 6lb you say? at my heaviest i was 12st 4lb & i looked a right fat chuffer! I really do not carry my weight well at all:(

Bumped into a customer today as i was going into tescos & he said "bloody hell you look lovely after losing all that weight"....was a bit flattered but also embarrassed that i must have looked terrible before & the way people react to me now i must have looked mahoosive!!! x
What an interesting diary you see to be right on track. Hope you enjoy your holidays and come back ready to get down to your goal

Take care


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