Mission to shrink part2

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  1. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    So where to start...
    last year I weighed just over 22st on cambridge I went down to just under 14st. now I am 15.12 tomorrow I start on s&s packs arrived today and im in the zone ready to jump on the roller coaster that is vlcd. This is the last time I will finish what I started!! this will be the rantings of a diet crazed women desperately seeking thindom. ive never been thin battled with the bulge and lost for years. mainly because despite my size ive always had far too much confidence for my own good. im doing this because my mum has always been over 20st and has had 4 heart attacks on top of this she has diabetes and other weight related issues which meams she has poor mobility ( dedicated member of the mobility scooter crew) and takes so many pills she rattles. as harsh as this may sound ive always looked at her wondering how could you do that to yourself?? Then I realised I was no better just luckier, ive 2 beautiful daughters who I want to be there for not as someone they need to look after, but someone who will always be there to look after them. a role model that is determined, strong and most importantly healthy.

    so thats me wish me luck, this maybe a bumpy manic and at time and emotional ride but hey ho away I go. onwards and downwards . Lets av it!!!:D
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  3. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    morning 1.

    stayed up way to late last night faffing around now at work and sooooooooo tired, totally hanging. may need a strong coffee I know its not supposed to be allowed but a) never affected me before b) falling alseep at work never good.ah well not the best of starts however I am armed with a bar , a shake and 2lts of water.
    mini mission to finish my water by quitting time so anything this evening will be a bonus. I seem to struggle at first to get the water down but drink to shrink it must be done. feeling positive just really would prefer to be at home in bed mmmmmmmmm bed lol!

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  4. marthacol1988

    marthacol1988 Gold Member

    Found u ya crazy lady :)

    Hope ur doing great today and we are all behind u

    Can't wait for the lbs to start dropping and all the progress pics


  5. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    evening 1

    OH really doesnt get it he picks me up from work within 15 mins he has a big tasty in his mouth moaning I have to eat!! really ...dont get me wrong I know he is a chubby chaser but holy s@#t cant he wait a day before trying to throw me under the train!!! rant over.
    in other news today was ok not in ketoland (ive checked) current loss 0.02 I know its been 24 hours but im not know for patience or completely rational behavior when on a mission. ive managed 3.5 litres of h2o not including coffee. drank copious this morning as almost fell alseep at work boooo.so much for my early night absolutely shattered but not a wink to be had 6am is gonna hurt!!! day 1 doneish with no major news

    hope your all having a good one :)

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  6. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    day 2

    off to a bad start managed to sleep through not 1 not 2 but 5 alarms so late for work yay!! not only late but now its light and I've woken up I now have the realisation I resemble wurzel gumage again yay! currently in the office looking like ive fallen through oxfam backwards result! !!
    1.5 lts down a nibbling a bar sulking in the corner feeling sorry for myself. hopefully the day improves......:confused:

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  7. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    yay feeling rubbish all of a sudden headache genral bluck with a slightly spinny over tone whoo hoo. I forgot how much the first few days suck!!!

    must get guzzling that water see if I can perk myself up a wee bit (pun intended) lol

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  8. marthacol1988

    marthacol1988 Gold Member

    Lovely ketosis :)

    Hopefully u get a better sleep tonight and feel much better tomz. How's s&s going?

    How long does it usually take u to get into ketosis?

    Keep going ur doing so well

  9. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member


    Dig deep and you'll soon be through those first days and coasting along. I'm doing hour by hour delaying of packs this week and it seems to be working for me but there have been some tense moments. If you can get through that moment where it all feels like an emergency then I've found I can go on a bit longer.

    Good luck for day 2
  10. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

  11. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    Day 3

    1 bar and 1 ltr down. feeling really short tempered today . feel like giving my boss a high five (in the face with a chair!!) seriously testing my calm its fine bonus of all this water means I have inforced walk away to the loo breaks which I think has saved her today :mad:

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  12. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    just had chicken and veg with a mild curry pack as sauce. it was yummy possibly slightly to much veg but hey ho could be worse not like I added chips chocolate and cheese so im happy enough.

    after my rather grumpybum day ive chilled out. house resembles a war zone but im home for the next 4 days hence I will declare war on the house and keep busy, just not now lol

    bath tiddlers then more chilling book and bed awesome. I may mince around looking busy put a load of washing on clean the loo who knows!!

    you cant say I dont know how to party on a friday night. sparkly water jammys and the remote lets party lol

    hope every is having a fabby day:)

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  13. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    friday night strikes again picked at chicken boooooooooo. I dont get it why do that bad shrinky very bad shrinky!! line drawn going to bed maybe a week of poxy early shifts has resulted in tiredness which in turn inspired munchin.????
    who am I kidding everything results in munchin again ripping myself off with a its not that bad bargain. true it could have been a bottle of vino and a huge chinese mmmmmm which would have been much worse but still doesn't make it ok!!

    enough ranty whinge line drawn ,socks pulled up to the armpits , tomorrow is a new day :banghead:

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  14. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    Don't stress too much, it's not going to affect ketosis. It could have been much worse!! Hope you're feeling better x
  15. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    yesterday was a good day today however was going great untill half a packet of doritos managed to sneak their way into my mouth!! seriously how does that happen so now back to square 1 the day befor official weigh in way to self sabotage!!

    angry, frustrated and just annoyed with myself:banghead::(

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  16. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Hey hun aww draw a line hun tmo is a new day ;) and welcome to the forum :)....u can do this hehe hpe u have a better day tmo...like clin sed take each hr by hr :) xx
  17. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    nice one 3 after eights also seemed to join the party??? get a grip and go to bed , back away from the kitchen!!!!!!


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  18. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Here to subscribe....you're writing style made me smile xx
  19. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    now in bed feeling most sorry for myself but tomorrow is a new day starts a new week. I dont know why I would do that grr but hey ho. failure is giving up sucess is carrying on regardless.

    in the eye of the the diet implode hold on this could get bumpy!!!:what:

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  20. ClaireCat

    ClaireCat On a mission for boobs!

    Subscribing :)
    im still laughing at you high fiving your boss, in the face, with a chair lol x
  21. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    Right so weigh in moment of truth deum roll please drrrdrrrdrrdrrr (lol) 8lb off get it!!! however I am aware last nights maddess may take a day or two to catch up with me boooo but yay 8lbs off get in.:D:D:D:D

    today will be easy as im with the OH all day and theres no way id give him the satisfaction of seeing me wobble! he can eat whatever he likes and struggles to put weight on and thinks weightloss is easy "put down the fork" makes me sick, he is supportive in his own special (I mean proper special) way lol.:p

    onwards and downwards must not be grumpy snappy or wobble az this will result in"it that bloody diet u know" no its because im right your wrong im trying to be polite but your a total k@#b sometimes! lol did I mention we are off car hunting today oooooo the joy and perpetual bliss im feeling id rather stick hot sharp pointing things in my eyes but hey ho.:eek:

    have a fabby day ladies

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