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MissMoneypenny: This time its serious!!

Hi there,

Started back on SW on Monday. Doing an eight week sponsored slim in work so have to NOT show myself up. Went to Boots on Monday for a print out of my weight. Already knew my weight and height so had a good idea of my BMI, but OMG my body fat percentage was 41%. That means I'm almost half fat - I think the other half is denial.

Anyway was working night shift Mon/Tues so heres a run down of what I've had since then. Please feel free to comment and hopefully point me in the right direction.


Monday 8th March
scrambled eggs with 3slices WW Brown Danish HEB
Jacket potato and beans
Pasta with roasted veg (Onion, red onion, peppers, mushrooms tossed in 1 tbsp blasamic vinegar and fry lite) stirred through with 4 LCL HEA
Shape yoghurt
Special K bar (4 syns)
Stir fry noodles and veg with sweet chilli sauce (approx 3 syns)

I know this is a green day but had my other HE overnight (weird I know)

Tuesday 9th March
Oats so Simple plus milk HEA + B
1 slice hot buttered toast (it was at 6am after a very long night I'd been up since 7am the previous day) guess 10 syns

Mug shot thai style 1/2 syn
3 slices WWdanish brown, beans and eggs HEB
Pasta and Veg left overs with 2 LCL
1/2 HEA + milk in coffee 1/2 HEA

Night shift finished - whew!!

Will post again for Wed/Thur
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Now fully functioning after some sleep.

Wed 10th March

Porridge and milk HE A and B
Mugshot 0syns
Special K bar (4 syns)
Shape yoghurt 0% fat
Beef savoury rice with frylite fried egg on top - delish!
Home made spag bol (sauce had mince but loads of free veg - onions, mushrooms,celery, grated carrots, tomatoes) with side salad
Total 0% yoghurt with white options stirred through (2 syns)

Feel like I'm eating too much though
Thurs 11th March

42g weetabix crunchy bran HEB
Yoghurt and fruit
Left over spag bol from wednesday
Chicken wrapped in bacon with potato bake (layers of potato and onion with ccicken stock - roasted so it goes crispy on top) with sweetcorn and Iceland broccoli/cauliflower in cheese sauce (4 syns for 1/4 packet)
Special K bar 4 syns and yoghurt for supper

Trying to stick to EE or Green
Friday 12th March

42g crunchy bran with yogurt and fruit HEB
Sweet thai savoury rice with egg and salad
Dark chocolate options 2syns
Chicken tikka with rice salad (boiled basmati with peas, sweetcorn, pepper, red onion, cucumber, carrot and tinned pineapple - dressing was the pineapple juice, sweet chilli dipping sauce and white wine vinegar) Made a huge big bowl so reckon no more than 2 syns per portion.
Had side salad as well.
Home made raita approx 1syn
SF raspberry jelly whisked up with total 0% yoghurt 1/2syn per portion.

Thats 5 1/2 syns for the day. Still think I'm eating too much though. Also struggling to use HEA as I drink black tea and don't like milk in cereal. Think I'll have to start having a slice of cheese on toast for supper.
Been in work Sunday and yesterday. Tend to prepare bulk meals so have the same each day (I work 12 1/2 hour shifts). I find if I'm organised I keep on track even when there are Thorntons chocolates floating round the ward.
Feel very proud of myself for resisting though!!

Saturday 13th March

2 Morrisons 0 syn sausages, 2 dry fried eggs with tomatoes on 2slices brown bread (HEb)
Fruit and yoghurt
Home made beefburgers (done on the barbeque - In Scotland in March- it was sunny and they were delish. Had this with potato wedges and barbequed pepper, mushroom and onion skewers (3 syns for oil)
Home made chocolate pud with quark, dark chocolate, dark choc options and icing sugar (had no sweetner unfortunately) guess about 10 syns
Half bottle of red wine for mothers day 12 1/2 syns

Total syns for day 25 1/2 but had some to play with

Sunday 14th March

Magic porridge with extra greek yoghurt, banana and pear HEb
Rice salad with lots of veg, coronation chicken and salad (2 syns total)
Pasta with bolognaise sauce - with loads of free veg
Alpen Bar (3 syns)
Yoghurt. Milk in coffee HEa

Monday 15th March

Same as above but no alpen bar took fruit instead. Total syns for the day were 2 in the rice and coronation chicken
Tuesday 16th March

Fruit and yoghurt for brekkie. Decided on green day after this
Baked potato x 2 scooped out and mixed with dry fried onion and 56g cheddar 2xHEa - put back in the skins and baked until crispy. Really recommend this, really cheesy
Curry for tea with HEb chicken and HEb oil. Curry had split yellow peas and loads of veg. Had with basmati rice with onion, peas and mushrooms stirred through.
Special K bar for supper 4 syns

On my days off work trying to do at least an hour long power walk with dogs. Hate the thought of it but feel really proud of myself when I get back. Mind you have been falling asleep on the settee around 9 o'clock - much to family's amusement!!
Wednesday 17th March

Crunchy bran 42g HEb with fruit and yoghurt
Beef savoury rice and 2 dry fried eggs (sadly this is currently my favourite meal)
Fruit and yoghurt after this
HEb portion of roast pork with frylite roasties, peas, carrots and sprouts. Made it all with 1 tbsp oil and 2 tsp butter between 3 of us (4 syns) with gravy from granules (3.5syns)

Total syns 7.5 - I know it's not really enough but saving in case I have some wine later in week
Thursday 18th March

Fruit and yoghurt for brekkie. After this decided on green day
Chicken savoury rice and fried eggs for lunch with yoghurt for pud
Chicken fried rice for tea - use chicken and oil as HEb's
Cereal Bar from Morrisons 3.5 syns with options hot choc 2 syns
For supper I heated 2 tsp of raspberry jam (1 syn) in the microwave and stirred it through a muller lite vanilla yoghurt. YumYum

Total syns 6.5
Friday 19th March

Going to post todays menu now as in work all weekend.
42g Crunchy Bran with yoghurt and fruit HEb
Mince and Spaghetti Frittata HEa - this was lovely. I made it as the Gino D' Campo recipe on the recipes thread. Followed the quantities but added more veg to incorporate the third superfree. It made loads so will be able to pack it up for teas in work. Try it. I portioned mine into six huge portions and only used two HEa's for whole recipe
For tea we shall have homemade burgers with potato wedges, salad and some bacon/chicken pasta salad I have made for packed lunches over weekend.
Most probably will have a couple of yoghurts as well
Saturday 20th March

Magic Porridge with extra fruit HEb
Chicken and bacon pasta salad with extra salad. Followed by fruit and yoghurt
Mince and spaghetti frittata HEa
Special K bar (4syns)

Sunday 21st March

42g crunchy bran with yoghurt and fruit HEb
Chicken and bacon pasta salad with salad. Fruit and yoghurt. Milk in coffee HEa
Mug shot (0.5syns) with Quavers (4syns) and Special K bar (4 syns)
Really busy in work last night so just grabbed convenience stuff.

Trying to pad meals out with extra veg or salad and fruit. Think I'm following EE as it should be. Although not having enough syns but then not really hungry between meals. Planning a night off next weekend so sort of trying to bank syns for then!!
Monday 22nd March

Had a disaster today!! Started off alright with Beans on toast with 2LCL - HEb and 0.5HEa
Savoury rice and eggs with yoghurt
Cereal Bar 3 syns
Mince and spaghetti frittata with salad. Then decided to go to shops decided to have a night off and managed to have a bootle of red wine (24 syns) two toffee crisps from a multipack (16 syns) and half a big bag of kettle crisps (19 syns)

Total syns 62 - eeeekkkk :(

Have to be good today although son's birthday so must resist cake

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