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Missy3's Lipotrim - stage 2: nxt 3 stone!

Day1 today of my second stage.. Lost 3stone 2lbs in 9 weeks, from end of August 2010 - November 2010. In the 8 months since I have gained 12lbs! which is completely awful.. but in saying that i have had a lot of sickness and a broken foot.. so been lazy and in bed.
I had always intended to have a part two of my journey, I just never had a specific start date. But its today :) I just came to the realisation that 12lbs in 8 months is not a road I want to go down at all, and if it continued I'd be back to 16+ stone and not only would I be completely disappointed in myself after 9 weeks of hard work.. for a waste of the £340+ it ended up costing me.

So I've had my first shake.. and it was completely fine.. which is quite strange cos I usually don't get a liking for them until a few weeks in and ketosis has taken over.. but i'm thinking the taste has a lot to do with my determination.. I am committed and 'in the zone'.

Dates to aim for: My bf is graduating on July 4th so I would like to have lost my gained 12lbs and maybe some more by then.

Ideally I kinda want 3stone loss altogether and be done wit this once and for all.. which im thinking should take me 3 months.. Hopefully 9 weeks like last time but i'm aware that as the weight goes down it'll be slower. so 3 months from today brings me to: 29th August. Just 3days over a year in total to ultimately loose what i hope to be 6stone.. albeit with an 8month rest in between.

It'll totally be worth it thou!
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Day two probably hasn't been the best, finishing off college work from early o'clock, and then in too much of a rush out the door to grab any shakes for my test, but i'm home now and about to have my 1st shake of the day. feel quite hungry now and the smell of stew from downstairs is making me want it. But off to have my shake. I need my 12lb gone that i gained, at least! then i'll be a teeny bit happier :)
So day three went fine, none of the normal headaches and it wasn't particularly harder than the other days.

Day four is also going well, really hungry earlier but probably cos i had exams and didn't have my first shake until quite late. Had a sneaky weigh in but don't wanna rely on it and get my hopes up just in case.

lol i always like a sneaky weigh in keeps you going gd luck with it glad to see you are doing well in the first few days i start today
good luck with it! hope it goes well
Day 5 isn't so good, feeling really faint, but i know thats normal.. but i cant be taking it easy today as ive so much to do. Shakes run out on monday and ive no idea how ima pay for new ones yet :( lets hope a job comes along


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well done, im motivated by your initial loss....go 4 it

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