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ProPoints Missyb - 2011 is looming, Propoints is here!

Hi everyone :)

I've not been on here for like, two months, and needless to say I've put a massive chunk of weight back on :( I'm now topping the scales at nearly 17 stone :mad: BUT! I only have myself to blame, and I'm damned if I'm going to go into next Christmas all lardy and feeling sorry for myself :D

I decided to rejoin WW today and embrace ProPoints - I've not even tried it yet (gives you a clue to how long I've been away!) so I'm going to go along to my last meeting and pick up the bits and pieces, and then go solo with Online membership because we need to save money - we have a flat to maintain and we're getting married on 18th May 2012 :D

I've got my 26th (yikes) birthday in January, so I've said I may have one day off plan on the day itself, but that's it! I want to be slim(ish) for the summer ;)

I think several of you have gone over to the Members section, but I have you in my saved threads so I'll try and keep up :D

Missyb xxx
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addicted to minimins
Congrats on your engagement! :)

And good luck with WW. You can do it!


The mother flippin'
Whoooo, keep us updated with wedding details :) I want to get married now, dammit! I think we're going to look into a loan at the beginning of next year (2012) then hopefully get married in 2013. It will take far too long to save.

I'll be doing propoints too so I'll be keeping an eye on your food for ideas.
We have a little saved up but it's going to be a really low key affair, probably abroad, so that should keep costs down (much to Rob's delight!).

I popped along to a WW meeting to find it was not on, so I'm going to have to order the ProPoints stuff off Ebay. Weighed myself this morning and it said 16st 12lbs so I'll take that as my starting weight, however disappointed I am!

Jess I will keep you updated on wedding details, but I doubt anything will happen for a while!



The mother flippin'
I would go abroad but Adam's not up for it. I just want to get married. I thought about having a wedding somewhere nice around here then just a party at our house, but even though it's a big house I have a huge family so the minimum guests we will end up having is 50 (that's bare minimum). I really want a nice barn or historical house or something but I can't find anywhere that will just hire the venue out and leave you to it. I will go anywhere in the UK but I just can't find anywhere! At the moment, it looks like it will be about £10000 at least :/
That's the problem - it's so darn expensive! Rob really doesn't want anything with guests (he's painfully shy and pretty socially inept!) unless it's very close friends or family, so going abroad sort of limits the number of people who can come (if any).

I've had a look at New York, seems to be quite a lot of recommendations for a Rev and florist/photographers etc over there by people who have already taken the plunge. We thought about Vegas but neither of us are particularly party people so doesn't really make sense!

MommaB - I hope the meeting is open :) xxx
Had a good day yesterday, 10 below points because I knew tonight was going to be a big one!

B: clemetines - 0ppts
3 x crumpets = 7ppts

L: Eat Smart soup = 5ppts
velvet crunch = 2ppts
go ahead cake = 2ppts
ham = 1ppt
cracker bread = 1ppts

D: daiirylea triangle = 1ppts (whoops, I fell asleep)
minin quiche = 6ppts
ham = 1ppts

anytime: 2 x bottles of beer = 7ppts
wine = 14ppts (whoops)

47ppts/37ppts (10 allowance used)

Well, it's NYE! xxx
Thanks nicole :) You've done so well whilst I've been stuffing my face!

Yesterday I had 28ppts out of 37ppts, mainly because I fell asleep after my dinner until midnight!

B: Porridge = 5ppts

L: Crackerbread = 2ppts
Chicken Noodle Soup = 1ppts
Velvet Crunch = 2ppts
Wafer Thin Ham = 2ppts
Dairylea triangle = 1ppts
Go Ahead bar = 2ppts
Apple = 0ppts
Clementine = 0ppts

D: Pork loin = 5ppts
Potatoes = 2ppts
50ml of light single cream = 2ppts
Light soy sauce = 1ppts
Mustard = 1ppts

S: Sugar free jelly = 0ppts
Chocolate digestive = 2ppts

28/37ppts plus 5 Activity Points.

Had a good day yesterday despite having a headache (brought on by too much cava and not enough food the night before) and went for a really long walk, even if we were walking slowly! We were out for about 70 minutes walking along the cliffs and then the beach :)

Today I am seeing my Mum for the first time in AGES and I'm really excited - we have some presents and cards over there that I've still not had a chance to open from Christmas so am wondering what we got!

Am going to plan out dinner and snacks on the tracker before hand because I won't be taking my laptop, and I've got the BB app on my phone for Propoints so hopefully that'll be okay if I have a snack extra. Better make sure Mum has some porridge and some green tea!

Have a good day everyone!

wedding wise you could always do something like Mauritius? My dad remarried over there and they got married under a canopy on the beach in the sun, surrounded by beautiful bouquets of foreign blooms and with the sea in the background.. i didnt get to see it at the time but it looks beautiful in the photos!

do you want to be at goal then for your wedding next year or would you be happy still if you were a bit off it? x
Sounds lovely Rach - I've not looked there but will keep it in mind :)

Well, I've got about a year and a half to lose 6.5 stone, so it's doable before I get married - I'd like to think I would be at goal by the time we get hitched but we'll see how it goes :)

Yesterday was on plan fully, despite going to my Mum's and not having access to my tools. I had planned to make a quorn cottage pie but Mum doesn't really like quorn so I scrapped that - I wanted to cook for them all but no such luck! Managed to see my Auntie, Uncle and cousin as well when we went to a garden centre for lunch (I'd already eaten, so just had a diet coke).

Yesterday I had 28/37ppts. Today is much of the same, Porridge for breakfast, I had a Morrisons Chilli Bowl for lunch for 7ppts and an alpen bar and pineapple. I need to make sure I don't eat too much fruit but I'm obsessed with pineapple!

Tonight we've got mustard wrapped chicken and potatoes with veg for dinner, worked out I should have about 10ppts left over after that if I want a yoghurt or a snack. I've not actually got any snacky bits in the house, so maybe I'll look at getting something I can have as a treat tomorrow.

Not done so much exercise today as my back is killing me, but I did 30 minutes of brisk walking so I guess that's something.

i love pineapple too but if you eat too much, it thins the enamel on your teeth.. so does diet irn bru, as i found out when i did a fad stint of nothing but fruit and diet irn bru when i was in school and then visited the dentist :p

if you'd put quorn in, would your mum defo be able to tell the diff? x
Thanks for telling me that Rach, I wouldn't have known it otherwise and I don't want to ruin my (finally) straight teeth - I'm very protective over them, heh.

Mum probably wouldn't have tasted the difference, but once she knew I was cooking with Quorn she went all squiffy eyed so I figured it would be easier to just do the other menu!


I've had a bit of a difficult day today - yet AGAIN I'm having problems going to the toilet (I had real massive problems before Christmas) and despite taking dissolving laxatives I'm not going, which is a) making me feel like crap and b) meaning my weight loss (if since Sunday) isn't showing. A SP suggests I HAVE lost weight, but I think it would be more if I could just go and have a poo! (TMI SORRY!)

I've just been feeling low in general today - I walked past a mirror whilst in Next earlier and I just thought WTF, you look horrific - fat and horrible and blergh. Hopefully after a couple of weeks on plan I will be settled again and feeling better, and I know it's always the first week that is the hardest getting used to everything again.

Today, anyhow:

B: Porridge = 5ppts
L: Turkey & Ham Subway = 7ppts
Apple = 0ppts
D: Stir Fry = 13ppts
S: Veg Soup (homemade) = 1ppts
WW Chocolate Slice = 5ppts

I made a big batch of soup earlier, to save money and to have something to eat as a snack if I'm feeling hungry - I bung a load of veg in with some stock and then put a tablespoon of curry paste in to make it a bit spicy - but for 1ppt its delish! Dinner was stir fry but I over pointed that as I didn't have half of it and I didn't half the oil or the soy sauce so would be about 10ppts really, but best to overpoint.

We walked the 3 miles into town earlier - I'm finding it really hard exercise wise at the moment, my back is KILLING me and is so painful a lot of the time - I should see the doctor really about getting some anti-inflammatories but they usually bugger my stomach about (make me constipated) so I don't want to really get any, oddly I prefer to just ride the pain instead of taking medication. I've got to go back and get a prescription anyhow so I'll ask then.

Tried to find some boots today in the sale but couldn't for love nor money - there were a nice pair in Brantano but they were £100! I don't think so!

I think I'm going to get an early night tonight as I was up uber early - half five! Sitting with a green tea and Rob is watching the television, I think I'll go and relax in a bit.

you might find once you drop a few lbs that your back pain eases a bit? i know its not the answer you're looking for but hopefully it might mean you dont have to take the AFs which make you anti-loo xxx
Hey Becca

Nothing like a wedding to get you feeling motivated. I am tipping the scales at a massive 18 stone at the moment. I joined ww 2 weeks before Christmas and lost 8lb in the first week. I really couldn't be arsed counting points over Christmas so am feeling like a right heffa at the minute but I have a weigh in this Friday so am trying to reverse at least some of the damage. I am a bridesmaid for one of my best friends in August so really got to focus on losing weight so I don't feel fat next to the slim bride and the other teeny bridesmaids.

I cannot wait to see what I look like slim. One of my friends is doing ww and has lost 7 stone so far with about 1 more to go. She looks amazing. Keep going - it can be done :)
Thanks Star, and well done on your weight loss so far! A wedding certainly spurs you on, I managed to lose four stone for my brothers in September but then put on another stone, whoops!

Rach I'm hoping that's the case, I do think it's just winter because my M.E is always pretty rubbish during this time of year.

Well, I weighed in today after my first week - a loss of 6lbs! I'm quite happy with that, I know it would be more if only I could go to the ruddy loo! Still not been, taking dissolvable laxatives and that's not working (it usually does) so I think I might ring the docs in the morning and see what they say. I'm taking three sachets which is the maximum amount for constipation and I'm tempted to take some laxatives pills but a bit worried. Hohum.

Got sausage casserole type thing for dinner, but not overly hungry so I'll just eat what I can - if I don't eat I'll feel crap too. Did 30 minutes on the Wii this morning because I didn't feel well enough to go for a long walk, glad I didn't as I was really struggling walking home from the shops - pretty pathetic really!

Thank the lord! I went to the toilet this morning - I swear it was the medicinal wine that did it (although I doubt I needed the bottle). I'm now 2lbs lighter...haha.

Yesterday I had 41ppts out of 36ppts, so used 5ppts of my weekly - I doubt I'll touch them now because I've got my birthday next week and want to practise damage limitation! We're going into Norwich for thai food which I'm ridiculously excited about as we're going to the best place in Norwich, apparently!

Today I think I'm going to Norwich to see Mum and my friend and then we've got homemade fish and chips for dinner - yumyum.

Have a good day everyone :) xxx
I'm struggling a bit with guilt today - I feel really bad for two reasons for drinking the wine; first because it's a whole fecking bottle and I feel a bit grim today and secondly because it was 18ppts! I know I have the 49 weekly points but I feel crap for eating (or drinking) them. I'm worried I'm not going to have a loss this week because I'm guessing I won't lose the week of my birthday.

I went for an hours walk this morning and I'll go on the WiiFit later, but I wish I didn't feel so damned guilty!


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