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missyb - first week down!

Hello ladies...


I am just tipping the scale at 16st, so yours truly has put on a whopping 10lbs since last weigh in :mad:

I figured that instead of following my other thread and going "oh yeah, tomorrow I'm going to be back on it" and then disappearing into the internet ether, I would start a new thread where I could get my a$$ kicked at regular intervals.

I'm annoyed at myself for getting so far (my lowest weight was nearly 15st) and then screwing it all up. There really are no excuses and no amount of saying "new job, stress, no time, stress, etc" is going to cut it - you girls manage to live your lives working and with stress and not resorting to sholving your face with food!

It's going to be hard - at the moment my job is quite manual (in so much as an admin assistant can be filing and photocopying all day) and I'm suffering from tiredness a lot but I HAVE TO DO THIS.

I have nothing to aim towards, no work functions or parties for Christmas (I'm not sure the Probation have Xmas parties :D ) but I want to have lost 3 stone for Christmas. That would mean I would be 13st, and then I can jog along for 10st by the summer of 2011, and hopefully when I get married in the Autumn ;)

Rob has said if I stick to WW between now and Christmas he'll get me a super special present, so that is one motivation (although I am not really materialistic). I just want to get back into the swing of WW without thinking about it - I have a good job which I enjoy and I want to compliment my life by a) not eating chit and b) not drinking too much alcohol.

Anyway, see this as a new start, as a new member, not as an old one gone wrong :D

Big love xxx
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you're not old or gone wrong hun :) you know we'll always be here for you. i dont wanna sound funny but 3st is a lot by xmas.. its only 13 weeks away - but i know if anyone can do it, it'll be you :) x
Welcome back Bex

Lovely to have you back again and as Jess already said 10lbs
is nothing major when you look back at what you have achieved
this year already remember that chicken.

Right goes off to polish my boots as butt kicking might be asked for
Definitely a$$ kicking is needed!

I've been so stressed out about work and stuff (we're being laid off) that I've just been eating whatever, as I said to Linz over BBM. :( I weighed myself and I'm 15st 12lbs, so not quite 16st, but not fecking far off!

I am going down Tesco this evening to pick up a bunch of WW friendly stuff to kick start tomorrow, and going to WI on Wedneday :)

Hey :)

Woo on the new start, and don't worry too much, you've still done really well from where you started so it can be done :)

I can sympathise on the stress over jobs etc, mine's going in november so I too can sometimes lose the plot cos I'm fed up.. tell you what, you kick my butt when it's needed (i.e now! ha ha ) and I'll kick yours when requested? (otherwise that would just be mean!) lol

take care :) xx
Sorry to hear that there's a possiblity of being laid off Bex
I know what that's like and it's very worrying indeed
hope you are okay otherwise
and getting back to grips with your diet plans
Well, as we thought, we were told on Friday not to come back on Monday, no funding, shizzle like that. Actually, it has come at an okay time because I have been feeling absolutely vile for days and over the weekend came down with a heavy cold and bronchitis type thing. Total pain in the a$$ as I had all these plans which had to be shelved, including making massive batches of food to freeze in preparation.

Needless to say this weekend I've not been pointing but I've not been eating a whole heap of food either, which is why when I weighed myself this morning at Boots whilst in town (and feeling like death) I was shocked to see 16st on the dot. Basically it means I've put on 10lbs since my last weigh in of 15st 4lbs and a whole whopping 12lbs since my lowest weight at the start of July :( I suppose it could be worse, I could have put the entire load back on but I am disappointed in myself moreso because I kept having intentions of losing weight and then giving up at the first hurdle.

Today I have eaten noodles and ice cream so not been very saintly at all but I just needed some comfort food. I'm sitting with several WW tabs in front of me and I'm going to do a shop online to arrive tomorrow with things I can make soups and meals with.

Am both dreading and looking forward to WI on Wednesday - dreading because the gain is huge and excited because it'll be good to get back into things again.

I'm not going to walk around thinking "I've lost 3+ stone" anymore as I think that gives me some kind of inherent license to pretend that because I've lost weight I've done well therefore I don't have to try, which is rubbish. I need to treat this as if 16st is my starting weight and 10st is my target.
Hey hun!
Im in a similar boat I guess. I keep making excuses about how my new diet restrictions means that i deserve to eat alot of the naughty things i cant have. and the stress of being in the final year at uni. its all bull. We just have to get on with it.
Im going to think the same as you. Forget the stone ive lost and kept off and start again as ive gained 7 pounds in about 2 months. It sucks.
Im here for you!


Sweet wrapper fetishist.
I'm not going to walk around thinking "I've lost 3+ stone" anymore as I think that gives me some kind of inherent license to pretend that because I've lost weight I've done well therefore I don't have to try, which is rubbish. I need to treat this as if 16st is my starting weight and 10st is my target.
You are so right Bex! That is exactly where I've been going wrong! I keep thinking 'Well I've lost loads already' and like you say it's like rewarding yourself even when you've not reached goal!

Totally agree with starting at the current weight and thinking about that as the start. Really good luck to you chicky - know you can do it, here's to new beginnings <chinks glass of iced water with lemon instead of beer> :D
I think that was my downfall of the last couple of months - Because I'd seen so many changes in my fitness ability and my general outlook to food, I just thought I would be okay. Also, I had two months when I was eating more or less whatever I wanted and didn't gain weight, to say it's caught up with me is a massive understatement!

I have done a big Tesco shop with all the foods I need to carry me through the first week, which is good as I also didn't spend too much. Although my official day of WI is Wednesday, which is the day I'll be going to the meetings, I decided there is no point putting it off and at least this way if a couple of pounds is water weight or whatever, it may go by Wednesday.

To be honest, as much as "normal" food is exciting and more liberating, I have felt very alienated eating things and not really knowing the points. I have been doing rough estimates and I know I have eaten well, well in excess of my points on a lot of days in the last month, combining both food and alcohol into the mix.

Possibly the only blessing of being off work is that I will be able to focus on WW for a time being until everything is sorted in my head. xxx


Mini-Addict :)
You'll get there hon, Ive had a bit of a week or so of that, the difference now being that we're aware when we're going off track and then do something to stop ourselves getting worse. Xx
I really enjoyed not knowing the points of things for a while and then i felt myself getting out of control. My weigh in day is also wednesday, but im not hoping for anything this week. Just not a gain! *fingers crossed*

Have you tried making a plan? Like thinking about all the time you eat bad things/over points. Times when it is hard?
If you do this you can plan what you are going to have, even if you dont plan a whole week of food (im not gd at aticking to it!) but ive seen that i need to have food/lunch at uni which is low in points. meaning i need to take it with me and that means i need to bulk cook some things to take with.
Also after dinner i like a treat, so im trying to find somethings that are small and giving my mum the control of them so that i cant eat them all at once as i really am a binger.
Have you thought about planning/


Mini-Addict :)
Hope you've been having a good Tuesday hon :) xx
Hey ladies. I had a terrible Tuesday (and Monday) - my laptop died and I had no way of getting online to track (my points calculator is borked too) so I felt like a fish out of water! I managed to do pretty much okay (bar the onion rings) but possibly just over points. My laptop is kind of okay now so hopefully I'll be about.

Other stuff in my life is less okay - I've got bronchitis and I'm supposed to be going to my meeting today at half 10 but I feel dreadful :( Plus my lovely darling cat is dying and I just want to stay in bed and cry. Which I may just do.
Oh hun, I really feel for you with the cat. My OH dog who i love as my own is also not well and im finding it really hard to come to terms with the fact that she isnt going to be around much longer. Im so sorry *massive hugs*
Sweetie *hugs*

Laura (the pooch) isnt eating, she is having to be force fed and is just staying in bed all the time. She is full of tablets hoping she will get better but if she cant eat on her own in 2 days then she has to go back. Its heartbreaking, im going to go see her quickly today but im upset and dont know if its best to jut keep my happt memories of her rather than see her suffering? :(
Sounds like Tilly. She's eating and everything which is why we've not taken her before, because she's old (13ish, she was a rescue) and seemed okay, but now she's peeing the bed and not able to walk, we've got to take her in.

I feel for my brother as he's on honeymoon and I reckon the vets will ask to have her put down :(

Hugs to you too sweetie xxx

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