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Missy's Diary

Hi Guys, this is my first time on WW- just had all the books etc delivered and i am ready to go!!
I have about 1st to lose to get to the top of my target weight, so thats my first goal!!
I am a v stressed mum of one, just split up with my partner of 5 years, and i am trying to relocate to Devon with my little girl, i also own and run my own business. All the stress of splitting up with my ex has meant i have turned to food for comfort, so i want to get this first 1 stone as quickly as poss, new life, new body and all that;)
Anyway, thought i would introduce myself, i used to hang out on the SW thread but haven't been on any diet for the last 6 months, so thought would try WW instead!!
My weigh in day is Friday, so i will check back in over the next few days to let you know how i get on - wish me luck!!:)
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Hiya, Just want to say Good Luck. I know what you mean about turning to food when you're stressed. I do it too! I've just started WW this week too so fingers crossed for both of us x


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Hiya :party0019:

Welcome to the forum, I'm newish here too. Not new to WW though, I know it works but always seem to fall off the wagon. Im taking a different approach this time, relaxing more and not getting too obsessed about it. Before I'd aim to have lost a certain amount by the time I went to a certain party/reunion etc making me really motivated to start with but it'd never last. Now I'm just sticking to my points, taking it each day at a time and 4 weeks in its been fine. I know its still early days but I'll get there!
Hey Torquay!
Just wanted to say hello and welcome! I've only just finished my first week on this and into my second- wi on Tuesday. I don't go to classes, just weigh myself and try and make sure I stick within my points. I am like you though, stress makes me comfort eat...I'm sorry to hear you have so much going at the one time with the relationship ending but on the other side, it's great that you are starting a new life, running your business and looking after your daughter and your health! You sound like a success to me x
Everyone on this site is here for the same reason, we all want or need to lose weight and everyone is here to help! :)
So if you have questions ask them, if you have problems share them and when you have successes we can celebrate with you! x Best of luck Blondie!!!
Thanks for the support guys, i really need it at the moment!!
I am having a night out tomorrow night, my first one in ages, managed to get the MIL to have the little one, going to stick to vodka and slimline tonic, which i would normally drink anyway - as it will be only my 2nd day of WW i dont want to blow it, so am saving 3 points from today and will have a good breakfast and late lunch tomorrow so that i have enough points left to enjoy myself (get drunk!!) tomorrow night.
:D Torquay x


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welcome hun to ww.lovely to have you here,i wouldnt of lost my weight if it wasnt for every1 on here,feel free to contact if you need any advice xx
Day 3 of WW, im really enjoying the variety of food i can eat compared to SW where it was hard to have a balanced meal with the red day/green day thing.
Had a brekkie of fruit and a muller light which came to 3 points, lunch will be a chicken salad and dinner will be half a thin and crispy pizza from Tesco with a big salad, with a few low point snacks throughout the day - yum!!
Cant believe the weather, it hammering it down - was looking forward to a walk over to the nature reserve today, but looks like im going to have to do my Davina workout dvd instead :rolleyes:
Have a great day!
x Torquayx


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Ooooo somone else from my neck of the woods! ... hehe ..Just wanted to welcome you :) ...xxx
Had my weigh in yesterday and have lost 2lbs!!!:D
So, onward and downward to week 2 - this week i need to do more exercise as i only managed 2 dvd workouts last week, so this week will try and do 4 (i normally do 3 or 4 a week)
Also i havent been drinking enough water, i think its because im so full from the food that im not registering that im thirsty, so gonna try and get my 8 glases a day!!
I've got another 12lbs to lose by August (my first goal) and then i want to lose another 4lbs after that by 1st September (off on holiday to Portugal)
Hope everyone has a nice weekend
Torquay x


Going From Flab to FAB!
S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
Yay well done on your loss this week :)... I have a problem with drinking all my water to so i buy the flavoured water to try anf help me along a bit ... hope your havin a good weekend


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Hi honey, hope your well.

well done on your 2lb loss! thats excellent. Im sorry to hear about your split but you sound like your doing fabulously!!!!

Welcome aboard and if you need anything just shout!! x

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