Mix A mousse disaster!!!!!


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Do not, please do not, Put a tub of the mix a mousse in your bag without putting it in a little bag first!!!

My handbag turned into a snowman and then turned into superglue as it got wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bloomin lid fell off, oh got to laugh. Its everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day x x
LMAO @ turned into superglue.

Sorry for you Vicky but made me smile.

Its ok mike, I was laughing so much my sides hurt!!!!

New handbag, why did I not think of that!!!!!!! Im off shopping v soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh so funny, at least I have a few scoops left, I did think about scraping it up and sticking in a shake but with all the bits at the bottom of my bag its not a good idea!!!

Hi Vicky

Enjoy the shopping trip. I never pass up an excuse for a new handbag, so go for it!

Don't forget a pack of plastic bags while your shopping. The ziploc ones are useful if you can get them.
Definately a new handbag!

Couldn't stop laughing as I imagined the MAM everywhere ..... when I read the title just thought you'd added too much water to make the mousse.
oh no! I hope it wasn't a favourite bag and that there was nothing important ruined in it. I can't help wondering why you carry it around in your bag though
Its not a normal thing to carry it round, honestly:p

I just thought that I would bring it to work and have something different, bad idea!!!!