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I usually do mix2max as I can never decide which day to do ... and I like to have my full quota of HE's!

I've started having mug shots for brekki most days as I really like something warm and syn free ..... do you think that having these every day will slow weight loss? I suppose I'm asking if its 'too much' to have as a brekki??

For lunch I'll be having spicy mince (which is basically chilli without the kidney beans) followed by banana and toffee mullerlight and for dinner this evening I'm having steak with canarian potatoes and salad. Possibly followed by a couple of glasses of homemade sangria.

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mix2max is no longer a SW plan. However, I never did mix2max in the old days - so do not know if that is just the same as Extra Easy - I am sure someone on here will though!


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Oh, I was told by my consultant that if it worked for me, to keep on doing it!?!? Is that not the case then??

Its not the same as EE, you have to choose whether you're having green or red at each meal, you can have 2A's and 2B's a day and inbetween meals you can only eat syns, superfree foods or HE's .... anything synned has to be done so at the HIGHER syn value.


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Ah yes - I remember. I guess if it works keep doing it - but a lot of the n00bs on here won't know mix2max.

You could switch to EE, and have mince with that chilli and cut out 1 HEA and 1 HEB. Have you tried EE?


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some people have mugshots every day either for lunch or as snacks so i cant see it being a problem, maybe just try it for a while and see how the weight loss goes
i also like mix2max as well and shall carry on doing it from time to time


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Not all MugShots are free anymore! Check with your consultant as she shouls have informed you of the changes.


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Nothing wrong with carrying on with M2M if you find it works for you but I question having a mugshot for breakfast regularly. Variety is very important so I wouldn't recommend someone have anything every day let alone a mugshot. And I know that it's free but it's not that great nutrionally or something that will set you up for the rest of the day is it? And you've not got a lot of fruit and veg action going in your meal plan. So for what's it worth I would try having something else for brekkie - if you want something hot and syn free what about porridge or rice pudding with lots of fruit?
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I would certainly carry on doing mix to max if it works for you....just because SW don't promote it anymore doesn't mean it doesn't work!!!
I have been thinking of following again myself.......and the other plan that was around at the same time, though I cannot for the life of me think what that was called now!!! I need to go through my library of SW books through the ages!!! lol
I wonder why SW didn't really push those 2 plans when they were introduced like they have EE? Afterall they are all actually very similar. the plan which name escapes me (someone please tell me!!) was very much the same as EE......red and green day food together on a plate but only 1/3 and the other 2/3 superfree foods.......looks like they have just re branded actually now I have written it down!!!

Anyway, to answer your Q's....carry on if it works but I do agree with a post above that variation is the key!!!


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Success Express!!

I agree, today there isn't much fruit or veg action ..... although usually there is.......... I snack on fruit throughout the day and usually have veg with lunch and dinner.

I just like something that I don't have to think about ... or prepare! lol (I'm just bloody lazy tbh)!

Might give the homemade rice pudding a try, I can imagine that being quite nice in a morning and I spose I could prepare it the night before and just reheat it in the micro at work!



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I didn't realise Mix2Max was no longer official on SW! I quite often have M2M days... Ah well, think I will carry on as I am!


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I still have some mix2max days too, they still work :)
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