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Mix2Max vs Extra Easy

I have just been going through my SW pack in an attempt to figure out what i can eat with a bit more oomph in it (I feel a weekend binge coming on :( )

so thought about extra easy... but cant find anything on it in my books???
I did find a book on Mix 2 Max??

So am a little confused now... M2M means i can have a "green meal" for say lunch... and a "red meal" for dinner? but dont mix red and green in each meal? and i can have full quota of HExtras?

So Extra easy... thats when i can mix free red and free green foods in each meal... but how many HEs are you allowed on that? ive heard some people say only 1 of each?

eeek... confusion...

Am thinking of having a late lunch of quorn burgers or sausages with beans and egg... free on green...
would it be free on extra easy too?

also thought about having the cheesey meatballs for supper (free on red using hex A for cheese... ) but if i had them wiht pasta would it be an extra easy meal? coz couldnt have a red day if having beans for lunch?

argh... I think im looking into this a bit too deeply!!! can someone put me straight please!! :)

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Extra Easy

Hi I am on Extra Easy. You can eat all the Free foods on both red and green and choose 2 HEs per day.

If you choose a food that has a sin value count the lowest sin for Extra Easy.

Hope that helps
extra Easy

For a clearer answer on Extra Easy click on Forum Leaders you will then see a list. On the right hand side you will see Irene H go to the right box and choose slimming world.

Two boxes will appear go the the second one " advice...." by Squiddie a really good explanation there.
good luck


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I do mix2max and love it

Its 2 hexA's and B's only three meals of which you choose and superfree inbetween meals or sometimes i have egg with crackerbread if hungry inbetween.

EE is one of each but make sure you have 1/3 of superfree food on every meal you eat. hth's


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I'm biased! EE is what it says on the tin! Slimming for dummies! You hardly have to think! Why put yourself thro the worry?


Lover of Extra Easy
I'm biased! EE is what it says on the tin! Slimming for dummies! You hardly have to think! Why put yourself thro the worry?
I agree 100%. I will never do anything else as it's so easy!
My consultant has told us the 1/3 superfree food at each meal is not necessary though it may speed things up. I don't always do it and I am still losing.
I may be slower than the ideal but I am perfectly happy as I don't have to think about it and don't feel deprived of anything.

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