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Mixing diets


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Has anyone thought about or tried mixing diets?
I love doing SW but recently I've been thinking there's some things in my freezer like a chicken pie that I'd very much like to gobble but is v. high in syns!
I was thinking that maybe doing SW on a day to day basis but then maybe WW or calory counting or something on days when fancy something isn't doable in syn allowance rather than having a flexi syns day?
I was even thinking that maybe a kind of backwards EE would work, have only super free foods as free and then use the highest syn value for everything else but have a much higher daily syn allowance. (I havn't actually done WW but I'm thinking this might be similar?)
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I've never tried it but I don't see how mixing diets could work.

You don't need to eat all your chicken pie in one go, you could share it or have a small piece at a time; obviously whilst it's still edible:p

Or you could eat what how much you want to and take it out of your weekly syn allowance:D
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I don't think it's a good idea but i remember that when I first started my weight loss I couldn't decide which plan to follow SW, WW or calorie counting. I'd done all of them before but just couldn't decide which one. I thought that as long as I was on a diet every day, it didn't matter which one, as long as I was in control. I did different diets day to day for the first few weeks and my weight came off alright, but i did have a lot to lose.

All diets work on the calories in v calories out principle, so i decided that as long as I used all my allowance each day it was fine so I'd use all my points on a WW day, all my calories on a calorie counting day and all my syns etc on a SW day - no saving for the wekend. As time went on I found myself having most SW days so stayed with that.

As I said before, it's not that I'm saying it's a good idea, but i do think it would work, and if it works for you then all's good.

It helps to be fully fluent :) in all the diets though.
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I cant see how it would work when the diets are so different and work based on very very diffferent rules.

Mixing like that would just totally confuse you and your body. As HH said, why not just have a bit of pie or do your Syns weekly if that helps but mixing on a day by day basis just really isnt going to work
I agree!!!

When you are at the maintenance stage it may be ok to be more flexible, but not in the early days of losing.

I am sure you can work the odd bit of pie into your eating plan lol. Maybe buy a smaller individual one? Or try making your own, so that only the pastry is synned, you could use one of the free pasta sauces and chicken, mushroom etc to fill it.

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