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Mixing shakes without a blender! A solution!

I've devised a cunning method of mixing my shakes without using a blender!.

It works better with hot shakes than cold, but I can get then 95% lump free. ie: I have a hot choc mint shake next to me now and have 7/8 full stop sized lumps on top, which I think is pretty impressive:D

My technique? Well add half your water and mix with a fork for 20/30 seconds until you have removed all the powder from the bottom and sides of your jug and it's mixed as well as you can, then (and this is my secret weapon!), beat the mixture using a Magic Whisk Magic Whisk UK just like you were beating an egg. 30 seconds of this (well 15 before adding the extra water and 15 after) and you have a pretty well blended shake without the use of noisy blenders:)

Thought I'd share as I know some of you have problems mixing shakes at work or with neighbours late at night;)

I think you can get the whisks in Lakeland and Robert Dyas too.
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i've just got one of those hand blender things. i usually put a couple of ice cubes in aswell. don't get any lumps, well maybe a few if i'm rushing. then just rinse under tap - job done. i'll try your method though. just looked at your weight loss, keep up the good work.
I've got a hand blender, but can't always be bothered to get it out assemble it and clean it:D, so I'm devising quick easy ways of mixing them (as well as finding the flavours where I don't mind eating lumps:eek::D:eek:).

Unfortunately my hand blender is an older one so it wouldn't cope with ice without imploding, and also I can't bear ice cold drinks - even my 'cold' shakes have to be room temperature:rolleyes:


French Honey
I've got one of those magic whisks too :) Bought mine last time that I was doing CD because we travel a lot and I didn't want to have to take my electric one with me. The best one so far though is the battery operated one that I have (yes, we're a 3 whisk family, 4 if you count the big one for making cakes :) ) it's made by Bodum and is very good, but does sap the batteries.
mine was only a cheap one for a fiver from morrisons, nowt flash. i just leave it on the side, make sure i've unplugged it though as i have a vision of my 6 year old going whats this mammy (aaaarrrrr) years ago i got a slim-fast beaker with the measurements on the side and a lid, i suppose i could use that aswell, just shake up and down for 30 secs. anyway i'm back on the diet after 3 weeks off, thought i could sort myself out. nope, put 3 lb on. so i should see if i can keep being a good girl before i discuss how the best was to make them. i can smell chicken downstairs, it's doing my head in.

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