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ML yoghurts - advice ?

Good Morning :)
Now that muller yoghurts are unsuitable - Im thinking I could have a better weight loss if I dont have them. Which is the best to get? I buy the big tubs of 0% plain greek yoghurt but its the vanilla and toffee ones I like as well.
Are these a no no too?
I've used vanilla extract but I can hardly taste it.
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Got to do it this time!!
Try sprinkling in sugar free jelly crystals and mixing it in - really nice!


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While you're losing weight with them, I'd carry on!


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You could also try the WeightWatchers toffee and vanilla yoghurts, last time I looked they were allowed (but please correct me if I'm wrong!). And they come in smaller pots :)
I stir in sugar free jelly crystals to low fat natural yogurt. A little goes a long way! Results in a lovely fruity flavour. I usually have many different flavours on the go. I sometimes make little tubs up to freeze - also nice as a desert and take a long time to eat.
After trying many, many different vanilla extracts I have found that the Madacasgan vanilla extract is far superior to the others. You need less and it's a lot stronger. It is a little more expensive (99p vs. 79p at Sainsbury's) but I found mine lasted longer than the ordinary vanilla extract, so worth the price. That with sweetener really does taste of regular vanilla yogurt.
There are other flavourings you can experiment with, you just have to search them out. My current favourite is coconut.

You could also try the WeightWatchers toffee and vanilla yoghurts, last time I looked they were allowed (but please correct me if I'm wrong!). And they come in smaller pots :)
Thanks anjuschka
Ive bought some of these today and the toffee one is much nicer than Muller one (more of a toffee flavour) :) so will be a nice change


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He's "off" all toffee and vanillas these days (in the UK) apparently BUT, if these ones are smaller than Mullers (which are double the size of the French ones he recommends), they've got to be better ;)


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Jo the WW even fulfil the 'no more than 40 cal per 100gr' rule that I picked up on ages ago when reading up on the french spec and all the Sveltesse yoghurts. Of course that was a year ago... Pot size 'conventional' small.
Thought I might have a go with the ww toffee as I love toffee! But the ingredients contain fructose and that's a no-no isn't it?

My current mix is total 0% with a dash of caramel da vinci (its really not as good as a genuine toffee yogurt but it does) or total with a dab of Walden Farms pancake syrup (more maple than toffee but fab - need some more almost run out!).

I'm pretty sure both are fine - I've posted the da vinci ingredients elsewhere, the pancake syrup is:
Triple filtered purified water, Maple flavour, Natural flavours, Maltodextrin (oh b****r it - I've just googled this and I think its bad), cellulose gum, salt, sucralose, potassium sorbate, lactic acid, beta carotine and caramel colouring.

Best go buy some more of the Josephs maple syrup which has only maltitol.


Dukan Ancestor!!

the general consensus is to avoid all syrups altogether, at least until Conso. We all made do with just sweetener, and cinnamon, or vanilla flavouring... And some people have discovered you can use FF/SF jelly to good effect as well (but it's not unlimited!)


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Sucralose is also a form of sugar so I agree with Anja, ditch the syrop for now...

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