Mmm... chocolate and peppermint!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by SuzySparkle, 17 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. SuzySparkle

    SuzySparkle Full Member

    Oh my word! I've just had a chocolate shake made up with a cold peppermint tea and there is only one word for it... YUMMY! I can't believe I've been on Liportrim for almost 19 weeks and never tried it - it's absolutely delicious! It's like having a mint aero! Just made up another batch of peppermint tea so I can have another one later! x
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  3. BetsyBotox

    BetsyBotox Silver Member

    It's nice that you've found something delicious so far into LT. You never know if you'd have found it at the beginning you may have become tired of it quickly!

    I hate mint and anything minty. Had a bad experience when really drunk. I was sick and ate a tube of toothpaste to try and take the sick taste out of my mouth. Ever since then the smell of mint makes me gag. Me brushing my teeth is a sight to behold!
  4. soon2Byummymummy!

    soon2Byummymummy! Silver Member

    OMG suzy i agree with ya its the only way i drink the choc shakes now it is lush!!!
  5. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Ive been dying to try this but was so scared id hate it thanks you've convinced me totally gonna try it 2moro!
  6. SuzySparkle

    SuzySparkle Full Member

    You've got to do it... it's gorgeous! I made a big mug of peppermint tea with sweetners in this morning and left it to go cold with the tea-bag in it so it was nice and strong. I then used it to make the shake up, it was delicious! I'm just about to have another one now! x
  7. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Thanks for the tip ill definitely not be putting in sweetners thou think id die from sugar overload hahaha!
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