mock potato pancakes

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    OK, I nicked this from a local dukan forum. Another way to get your allocation of oat bran. I made them and they were surprisingly good, the aroma was wonderful, might be a good sub for flat bread or tortillas. That said, I've not found anything (yet) that will make me give up my muffins so my oat bran always comes from them!:D

    125ml water
    2tbsp oat bran
    1 tbsp wheat bran (optional)
    1 egg
    1 small onion, finely diced
    3-4 cloves garlic, pressed through garlic press
    Pinch each of salt, pepper, crushed caraway seeds (powder if you can get it), marjoram

    In a pan, stir oat bran and wheat bran into water and bring to the boil, cook for about 3 min. Let cool. Meanwhile, dry fry the diced onion until golden and set aside. Once the bran mixture is cool enough, add the egg, onion, garlic and all seasonings and mix well. You should have a thick-ish pancakey batter that is very fragrant! Don't be afraid of the garlic!
    Spray a non-stick pan or add a drop of oil and wipe, then spoon on the batter and fry on both sides. I made 7 small pancakes, but you could go for 2 large-ish ones or however you want.
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    bumping this as I want to try it and can't copy it down just yet. x
  4. Alcofrollic

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    This sounds delicious!

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