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Modifying the diet?

I have a question..

What if I do a PP breakfast and dinner, PV lunch every day?
Do you think I will still be losing?

I will start a new job in a few weeks and have been to the cafeteria where they have lunch, the only thing I can have is salad, the rest is cooked in sauce.. I don't want to be sitting in my office eating alone every lunch time:(

Has anyone tried this? I know 1+1 works the best, but this way I will be having the same amount of veggies in 2 days overall..


Edited to add, I didn't notice I was in diaries section, is there a way to move this to general?
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** Chief WITCH **
To move the question, you need to contact a moderator.

Ref your question, my eyes went straight to your stats, and I'd be inclined to move into Conso, rather. You're very nearly there - it's unlikely that cafeteria food will always be Dukan friendly anyway, and you'll never be given enough protein with your salad - and eating salad now that it's cold isn't much fun!

Your BMI is well within the normal range, and a little more exercise could well assist now.

Just my thoughts ;)
maintainer, thanks for your post..
Actually I thought about going to something like pre-conso, without the celebration meals.. Will have to figure out how things are in the new job, I've been unemployed for a while now and became pretty lazy:eek: Don't know how I will have the energy to wake up at 5, walk the dogs, get ready for 10 hour shift! I don't want to be too hard on myself..
Where I live, weather is lovely after the hellish summer days :).


** Chief WITCH **
If you do decide to move into Conso, do your research first and get your menus planned. Starting a new job is often stressful and, out of ketosis, you'll be more easily tempted.

You've a few weeks to do your homework - Anja's Conso diary is worth reading from the outset. It sounds as if you'll be active so that's good. If you don't mind my asking, what sort of work do you do? (ever nosey me! don't feel obliged to answer!)
lol Jo, it is office work, I am in construction:)
I don't want to move to conso just yet, by preconso I mean PV every day..
I know I lost enough, I am just 0.5 kg from the goal in my head but DD calculated my true weight as 65. Also, my weight was/still is on the upper side of my body, I swear I looked like an apple candy! :D I have problems in my back and want to go as low as I can, but taking my time.. My body will reject to lose after some point, I read quite a few people moving to conso because they can't lose any more.. I will follow their lead:)
I am not suffering at all on the diet, just occasional craving here and there..
Also, there is the quitting smoking issue, I can't move to conso and quit at the same time, I will lose control. :eek: