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Moffgal's back and she means BUSINESS!

Hi everyone,

Don't know if anyone will remember me but I did start a diary back in May I think it was. Anyway things have NOT gone well :break_diet:

But last night i weighed in at my heaviest ever. I am just 1lb away from being 16stone (there, I said it) and I will not let that happen, I will not go up into another stone. I look awful, I feel big and sluggish and I've had enough.

I cannot carry on like this, I have to change. Oddly the sad death of Ms Winehouse this weekend really got me thinking about my current state and habits and whether I want to carry on feeling sorry for myself or do something about it and get my life back.

I have chosen the latter. It's going to be tough but I have to do this. I hope you don't mind me coming back here to ask for your support. Can't wait to get stuck back in and read all your inspirational diaries.

Today has been good so far, I'm on track, I've drunk lots of water and I'm off to the gym in a while.

I feel better for getting this down on 'paper' and taking ownership of where I've got myself to. Now it's time to do something about it.

Here we go!
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Morning, sun is shining and I'm feeling good! Went to the gym last night, stopped me picking at the kids leftovers and lurking in the fridge!

Today I've got some bits to do in town then I think I'll take the boys to the park. Tonight I have dance class to go to which I just absolutely love.

Tomorrow could well be a bit challenging. It's DS1's 6th birthday and we're having a bowling party. It's 12-2 so I've pretty much got to have lunch there. No idea what food they do, aside from the usual burger and chip stuff, hope there's some kind of healthy option. I am going to the gym beforehand so that's a plus.

Then we're hoping to have a BBQ for the kids tea. My aim is to not touch it and hang on for when we have dinner later. Going to need willpower of steel for that one i think!
just checked the website- yep, it's all burgers. Or chicken wings. Or nachos.

So DS1's birthday turned out to be a bit of a blowout day! He shares his birthday with his best friend and his mum invited us back to theirs for a bbq after the party. So the wine was cracked open, and her DH does the BEST homemade burgers ever!

Ah well, at least I had done a good workout at the gym that morning. I've been aiming to do some exercise every day and I've hit that target. Got interrupted by the inlaws during my rebounding workout yesterday but at least I did some.

Just seen some photos of my friend who I've not seen for ages and she's lost 7.5 stone since jan on Exante. Such willpower, I couldn't do it! But she's spurred me on, I want to post my skinny photos on FB too!
Bit of a tough week all round really. We went to the park on Sunday and the kids wanted Macdonalds for lunch. Normally I would have caved and gone for the usual big mac but I had a grilled chicken wrap instead. Can't find the PPs for this but it has to be better than a burger! It came with fries which I ended up giving most of then away as I just didn't want them and the wrap was really tasty and filling.

Lots of walking done too. DS2 needed a nap so I took him for a walk in the pushchair. Normally once he's dropped off I'm fine to stop walking but I decided not to and walked for the whole time he was asleep to get some extra activity in.

Too humid here yesterday to exercise.

The only thing I need to get a grip on now really is *ahem* liquid refreshement! not that I go crazy or anything but it's wasted PPs. And with both boys off school at the mo, driving each other and myself crazy, it's been nice to have a chilled glass of something at the end of the day when they're both in bed. Fortunately DH has said he's going to stop drinking in the week so I'm going to join him.

Weigh in tonight and I have no idea how I've done. I know I've done a LOT better than in recent weeks, but will it be enough for a loss?
2lb off, woohoo!!!!!

OK, so I've got the ball rolling.

Sorry to say this, but I'm feeling a bit lonely here, anyone want to say hi? OK if not, just writing this diary is helping loads, but it's be nice to speak to someone...
Hiya :) I'm pretty new around here so thought I'd come in and say hi. Congrats on your loss, sounds like you've been battling hard against the naughties to achieve it :D
Hi guys, thanks for stopping by!

I'm still on a bit of a high after last night, it's been so long since i had a decent loss! Determined to keep going and have another good week.

So today:
1/2pt milk 3
Cornflakes 4

Bulgar wheat salad 4
Ham 3
WW bar 2

Sardines with chilli and lemon 11
Potatoes 5
Salad 0

Couldn't believe how high the sardines were, but I've bought them now so ought to use them. They do look really yummy. I'm on 34 pp so I've got the pps for them.

Off to the gym in a bit as well. I have been alternating between cardio and resistance workouts but I want to get my cardio fitness up so sticking to that for a bit I think. At the moment I really struggle to finish the workout.

Getting the aircon in my car regassed today as well- woohoo!
Morning all, so glad it's cooled down today! Have stripped everyone's beds and grabbed their jim jams so we can all have a nice clean fresh cool nights sleep tonight- aaaahhhh!

So as it's raining here I'm taking the boys to softplay this morning. Love that, as DS2 is finally big enough to get around the place without my help, so that'll be me sitting with a cuppa and my Kindle chilling while they play, lovely.

Need to fit in some activity at some point. I may have a go at 30 day shred which I've been too scared to try so far. Or failing that I'll have a bounce on my trampoline. I've got dancing tonight so I'll be doing something active later regardless.

cornflakes 4
milk 3
toast 3

bulgar wheat 4
ham 3
ww bar 2

Not sure about dinner yet, but it'll be something quick and light before dancing. I've got a couple of portions of chilli and spag bol in the freezer so I'm thinking of chilli 6 and a big side salad.

Got all the windows in my house open to get a breeze going through.
So an OK-ish weekend. Daytimes have been fine, it's the evening meal and vino that have sent me off track somewhat.

Friday night I went to a Jamie at Home party. Which was fine till my brother offered to drive me home, so I could have a drink- oops!

Last night was OK, but I gave in and had a plate of gnocchi which I didn't even dare to point!

But on the positive side I went to the gym on Friday, hoping to go today after taking the kids swimming, and I've been good with my propoints during the day.

a friend of mine has just posted some photos of me on facebook- nothing like seeing yourself as you really are for motivation!
Here to follow :) xx
Hi carly, nice to see you!

Very good day yesterday- took the boys swimming, went to the gym, walked home, lots of exercise going on! And for the first time I managed to get through my cardio workout without too much trouble- only a week or so ago I couldn't do it all and had to stop!

Don't know if it's just in my head but I do feel like i've lost. A sneaky weigh on my scales earlier in the week showed 2 off, hope they're right.
Hope the scales stay nice :D x
I hope so too!

Not sure tho, really not sure if I've done enough. the boys have been stressing me out and so there has been wine involved, but I've done loads of activity. Could go either way.

Does anyone else have clothing issues at weigh in? Last week it was sooo hot and humid so I had a flimsy cotton sundress and leggings which weighed next to nothing. Right now I'm in cropped jeans and a cotton top, thinking of changing into leggings for a more accurate result!
I generally wear the same outfit lol! Hope wi goes/went ok cx
Well I'm going to be wearing the same outfit from now on- 1lb gain!!!!!!!

But like i said last week I wore something that weighed less than thin air, this week jeans. So I'm sticking with jeans from now on. And I'm guessing I STS in reality.

But I'm not going to let it get me down, new week, new start and all that. Gym this morning, food planned for today, just got to weigh my chicken breasts.

On the upside, my Jamie Oliver order arrived yesterday and OMG it is such gorge stuff! If you ever get the chance to go to a jamie at home party, then do it, it's fab. I'm now collecting a new set of crockery, can't believe I'm getting all excited about plates and bowls!
Hiya, just to let you know I'm back from my "travels" so now have time to read stuff properly!

That probably would have worked out to be an STS I bet :) Clothes are such a pain aren't they? Is it worth setting aside some special WI clothes?

I had no idea they did jamie at home parties- thought that was just for either ann summers stuff or make up lol! To be honest that sounds more like my kind of thing haha :D
It's really nice stuff, Dreamings, I could spend a fortune!

Got sabotaged by a friend on Weds. We were having a playdate and she had to nip into town for half an hour. She came back with 2 slices of toffee fudge cake! Grrrr, How do you get round stuff like that? I really didn't feel like I could say anything, didn't want to offend, she'd bought it specially.

Did dance class last night and worked hard! The routine we're doing is quite full on so we all worked up a sweat! I love that I've found something to do as a hobby that is good for me too.

Off to the gym this morning, then taking my eldest and a couple of his friends to see 'Horrid Henry' I've got some lovely ice cold red grapes in the fridge that I'm planning on taking with me and I'll take some fruities as well. Grab a diet coke when I'm there and I'll be set to avoid the kids sweets.

DH is out tonight and tomorrow so I can do myself nice healthy dinners.
Does ur friend not kno? I would have kicked off! My friends are mostly helpful.. Occasionally forgetful but take no for an answer... I would send her away with the other piece lol!

Hope the scales play nice this wk x

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