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Mombasa, Kenya


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We've had to cancel our LA/Vegas trip due to finances
but have now booked to stay at the Diani Sea Lodge resort in Mombasa, Kenya instead :D So excited.

But we need some help and tips as we have never been before. We're going all inclusive and want to know what kind of spending money to take for 2 adults and 2 kids, 16 and 12.

Any tips would be great.
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I've never been. However you may want to investigate excursions etc. on the net and see how much they'd cost. Being all-inclusive means you don't need to worry about cash for food & drink.


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I went to Mombasa when i was 13 with my family. We stayed at the Bamburi Beach Hotel (i think it's not too far from Diani Beach Hotel) :)

I loved the holiday - it was FAAAAANtastic :D I can't advise you about spending money as it's been over 15 years since i was there, and i was a child at the time so didn't really take any notice anyway :)

One thing i'd advise you to do is go to Bombolulu - it's a centre were disadvantaged and disabled adults make crafts and sell them in the gift shop to earn an income. They make some amazing things! I ended up buying a stuffed monkey who i still have, who i called Bombolulu :D But they sell ceramics, carved statues... all sorts - it's really worth a visit!

Hope you have a lovely holiday! :) xxxx
I've spent a few weeks in Mombassa, one thing is be prepared for your heart to break! The second, really don't leave hotel/complex without a guide. You kind of get, well many other 'guides'.. i can't really explain it!

Diani beach is stunning, but beware of the beach boys. I was floating in the pools trying to nap, when 'you ride camel!' kept being shouted at me! haha. I stayed in the Voyager Beach Hotel :) Hope you have a lovely time! And watch out for the side affects of the malaria tablets ^.^
Hi We stayed at Shelly Beach Mombassa. It was fabulous.
First carry a bag of £1 coins around with you, from landing at the airport to the arrival at the hotel we spent a fiver, £1 to the toilet attendance who pass you the loo rolls, the security who pass you through the xray, the van driver who loads your luggage, the reception at the hotel then the boy who carried our luggage to the room. We were all inclusive and those people work solid 7 days a week 14 hours a day one week on and one week off. Get friendly with the staff and they will take you to their village and their bush bars, local beer Tusker, lovely. worked out at 50 kenyan shillings, the exchange rate was mad, we went to mombassa to draw some money out of the bank it spat out loads and loads of notes, talk about panic it was hilarious, the local driver was "mama Papa, get in the PeerJot very quickly!!! (peugeot) Akuna matata (Thank you) Jambo (Hiya) Mama (you) Papa (Him). Take loads of cheap T shirts and just cheap English stuff, anything to do with football, Mombassa has a football sponsored by a millionaire from Blackpool, and they all love Man United. Take lots of pencils, crayons and drawing books, your heart will break you will want to give them the world, our luggage was nearly empty coming back of our clothes but full of useless trinkets, do not be conned by the beach boys/girls they will annoy you and chase you if they have a carved elephant for 7 it will be 5 up the beach. the Sea safari was great you walk out to the reefs, organised trips were brilliant and very safe, we did a tamarind dow boat trip at night it was fab, and a dolphin dow trip another day to a private island. All in all a fantastic holiday. But just be aware of all the sad stories like every county there is always a sad side, homelessness, poverty, and violence etc, but stay within the confines of the complex and if you do go out be with other people. Have a fab time xxx PS do not drink the water and do not take the ice - Beware of mombassa botty, lots of diacalm needed unless you constitution is that of a pig!!

Just read yours again, there is so much to do regarding the kids, wether its water sports or playing in the pools, Everything was all inclusive, we took £100 cash in the first instance and the only reason we took out more the second week was for pressies and duty free, it really is cheap to eat out, but the hotel food was fab, three times a day three courses. take lots of mozzy spray - we tipped the bar boys and the hotel waiter who looked after us so well, and the maid who did our bed everyday with some fab designs in rose petals. God I could go on it was fab - The claw of Africa will drag you back!!
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